of the Priestess Holmes* Megaburst


23 October 2007 Comet Holmes* MEGABURST

SS: Holmes* exploded in perseus in what is recorded as MEGABURST .. we have not seen this in our lifetime and the last time this did occurr was over a hundred years ago in 1892 .. this comet was the birth of the priestess .

HOT NEWS: Astronomers in Japan, Persia and Europe report that Comet 17P/Holmes is undergoing a spectacular eruption. The 17th magnitude comet has brightened by a factor of five hundred thousand or more during the past 24 hours becoming a naked-eye object in the evening sky. Look for a yellow 2.5th magnitude fuzzball in the constellation Perseus after sunset. [sky map] [ephemeris] [3D orbit]

STRANGE COMET: Astronomers around the world agree, Comet 17P/Holmes is one of the strangest things ever to explode in the night sky. It's a comet, yet it looks like a planet with a golden core and a green atmosphere: Chris Shur of Payson, Arizona, took this picture last night using his 12.5-inch telescope and a Canon XTi digital camera. "The comet was yellow and green, very bright in the viewfinder," he says.  Yesterday, Comet Holmes shocked sky watchers with a spectacular eruption, brightening almost a million-fold from 17th to 2.5th magnitude in a matter of hours. The comet is now visible to the naked eye--even from light polluted cities--high in the northern sky after sunset: finder chart.  The golden hue of Holmes' core is probably the color of sunlight scattered by comet dust, while the green fringe likely signifies an atmosphere rich in diatomic carbon and cyanogen (substances found in many green comets). There are reports that the fuzzball is expanding and taking on a lopsided shape--the first signs of a tail? Amateur astronomers are encouraged to monitor developments. After sunset, point your backyard telescope at the extra "star" in the thigh of Perseus.

30 October 2007 Holmes* MEGABURST

SS: a few days later as the holmes* beginning to rapidly expand the moon is near comet shwassmann-wachmann ..

EXPLODING COMET: "Now that the diameter of Comet 17P/Holmes has increased so dramatically, finding it is child's play," says Laurent Laveder of Quimper, France. "Even my daughter and my stepdaughter know where to find it!" Last night, he took this picture of the girls pointing the way: One of the many curiosities of Comet Holmes is the lack of a normal comet's tail. Since it exploded on Oct. 24th, Holmes has been almost perfectly spherical, more like a planet than a comet. Now, however, a tail may be emerging. "On Oct. 28th, I decided to take many short exposures to try to detect any hint of an ion tail," says Sean Walker of Chester New Hampshire. "Success! Note the faint, diffuse tail trailing off to the upper-left in this image:"  The emerging tail is even more distinct in a photo taken Oct. 29th by Pete Lawrence of Selsey, UK. "This is a 45 minute exposure (9x5 minute exposures) through my Vixen 4-inch refracting telescope," he explains. "The tail is extremely faint but is there heading off to the upper right of the coma. As the Moon moves out of the way, astrophotographers will have a better opportunity to focus on the faint structures that constitute that most important piece of a comet - its tail!" Readers, this comet is as bright as the stars of the Big Dipper, which makes it an easy target for backyard telescopes and off-the-shelf digital cameras. Point, click, and submit your images to Spaceweather.com!

11 November 2007 Holmes* MEGABURST

SS: Holmes* has been expanding very rapidly, here it is near the star Mirfak in Perseus ..


25 -26 December 2007 Holmes* MEGABURST

SS:  as the moon was occulting the beehive cluster, holmes* continued to expand in it's outburst as it near Algol ( the queen's eye ), we also see that comet tuttle has entered the picture and is making a close passage to andromeda ( queen's soul ) as well . this interesting because tuttle then dives down to the temple door below .

08 January 2008 Holmes MEGABURST

SS: Comet Tuttle is passing near the Temple Door after making a near passage of Andromeda last month ..

09 January 2008 Holmes MEGABURST

SS: Comet Tuttle is passing near the Temple Door after making a near passage of Andromeda last month ..

Holmes* is still in outburst near Algol " queens eye " .


21 January 2008 Holmes MEGABURST near " Queens Eye "

SS: after tuttle passed near the temple door Holmes* passed directly over Algol ( the queen's eye ) ..

it is obvious that this is this manifestation of a priestess ..

birth of the priestess



this temple door has three names:

UB313 Temple-Silverstar : i gave to this object this name upon it's discovery in 2003 .. i did this because it says right on the walls of the unas pyramids that quetzecoatl can name these objects anything he wants to because they were here before men or gods existed.

XENA : that was the original name given we all know who XENA is reference to the amazon warrior .. the moon of Xena they named it Gabrielle after her amazon sidekick .. priestess is  anamazon warrior .. she has to be warrior soul because the soul fights .

ERIS : this is what it is named now .. eris is sister of ares the god of war .


 SS: the priestess are pyramid builder souls and according to the walls of the unas pyramid the pyramid builder soul must manifest an this sacrifice must be made to build the pyramids:


1646a. djed en tem ir nefer ka ro ma re pon imi en
Telekinesis will happen because the Telekinesis Star has said, relating to Pepi II, "see to the Adept Mouth who is among us,
The Adept Mouth is served by all the Pyramid Builders, because of orders from the Telekinesis Star as their chief.

1646b. djui ef n shem en iob en en ef
so that when he (the Adept Mouth) calls upon us (the Pyramid Builders), we will go, and we will unite for him,"
The Adept Mouth will know that the Set of Nine Pyramid Builders will only descend upon earth once every 26,000 year precessional cycle of the earth's spin axis, and so he will not call upon it to do that more often.

1647a. hha netjeru neb mii iun mii iob
so that all the Pyramid Builders will manifest, come into existence and come united,
The verb 'hha' here means 'to descend or manifest' from Heaven. The Pyramid Builders will have to make this sacrifice in order to megalithically build the 4th, 5th and 6th dynasty Pyramids along with their Eastern Constructions upon earth.

1647b. mi nu iu en etjen iob en etjen en tem em iunu
like Telekinesis will happen because you all (the Pyramid Builders) have returned, and Telekinesis will happen because you all have united for the Telekinesis Star in the Spine,
Iunu, the Spine of Ancient Egypt, in modern Cairo.

1648a. djui ef tjen iut etjen
so that when he calls upon you all, you all will come,

Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara