of the Priestess Tsunami Comet

14 June 2009 Lunar Priestess Tsunami Comet

here it comes from the etheric waters of aquarius the priestess tsunami comet .. i am calling it that because it was present during the tsunami and it outburst afterward .. he is going to move downwards and come in through the temple door:


28 July 2009 Priestess Tsunami Comet near Temple Door

i call this the temple door because it is the furthest dwarf planet out there that we know about . you can see the comet is just above the temple door as it enters . the temple door actually has three names .

UB313 Temple-Silverstar : i gave to this object this name upon it's discovery in 2003 .. i did this because it says right on the walls of the unas pyramids that quetzecoatl can name these objects anything he wants to because they were here before men or gods existed. this is the temple door talked about here:

Archeological corroboration of this ceremony was found several times in the wall paintings of chicken itza. One such painting shows the lower coil of the feathered serpent gods body forms the altar while the upper coils and head rise in front of the doorway of his temple.

pyramid builders build temples .. giant pyramids aligned with the stars with eastern constructs . this temple is a fortress too .. many fortresses and temples have several doors some secret . we can look up and see the moon and we see it occult and align with objects like this priestess tsunami comet so it is silver star temple .

XENA : that was the original name given we all know who XENA is reference to the amazon warrior .. the moon of Xena they named it Gabrielle after her amazon sidekick .. priestess is amazon warrior too .. she has to be because the soul fights just as we will see with this tsunami comet .

the priestess is the big one .. she should be able to have sidekicks like Gabrielle .. her sidekicks are also queens since she also is an amazon .. why would she do that .. so she cannot be cornered as easy . so that amazon priestess has sidekicks .

ERIS : this is what it is named now .. eris is sister of ares the god of war .

the silver star temple comes with an amazon warrior priestess .. of course we already know that from the priestess " soul of earth " blog. she is a pyramid builder soul .

26 September 2009 Priestess Tsunami Comet near Orion Nebula

the giza pyramids are aligned to orions belt .. where the pharoahs were to reach the duat and the imperishable star .. orions nebula is a place where stars are formed .. at the top of orions outstretched arm is the orion stargate where the milkyway meets the ecliptic .. it is only one of two places the milky way meets the ecliptic so it is a stargate region .. the other place is the mayan hunab ku beehive region .

we know this happened on the last weekend of 26th - 27th .. the priestess tsunami occurred only two days later september 29 when the priestess used her nuke powers on that date:

of the Priestess Tsunami

as the comet was moving away from orion it outburst:

16 October 2009 Priestess Tsunami Comet OUTBURST

when they outburst that is when they are fighting .. there are more x-rays .. they make changes at the quantum scalar level .. any change at that level cause and effect change the whole fractal system .. in the hydromechanical ether theory a vibration in the ether will oscillate forever because there is no friction in the ether .. it will stay in outburst about a week and two weeks .

this is the source it react to things .. these are part of creation because they existed before the world was ever born or god's of men existed .. they were part of the accretion disc of the protostar before the sun were even born into the sun .. the accretion disc is what cause the sun to become a sun . . so these are part of the source and the " soul of earth " .

this outburst occurred just as kukalcan was discovered and it looks connected due to both comets passing near the temple door one following the other . one entered and the other exit through temple door .

of the Kukulcan Rituala

Voyage to the Duat
adapted from the pictures of L.F. Husson in :
Piankoff, A. : The Pyramid of Unas, Bollingen Series, 1968.