Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 Impacts Jupiter

SS: the above skymap shows the first day of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts on jupiter .. the comet was captured into orbit around jupiter where it passed close to the north pole of jupiter and within two years slammed into the south pole of jupiter .. it is theorized that the comet disrupted and fragmented when it passed over the north pole of jupiter and this caused the comet to be discovered .

Mayan Astronomy
The Maya made daytime observations of Venus. Venus had a psychological effect upon the Maya and other Mesoamerican cultures, it has been shown that the Maya were timing some of their wars based on the stationary points of Venus and Jupiter. 

The Comet About to Smash into Jupiter

On July 7, 1992, Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 passed only 25,000 kilometers (15,500 miles) above the clouds of Jupiter, according to the latest calculations. The differential pull of the planet's enormous gravitational force on the near and far sides of the comet fragmented it into 21 or more large pieces and an enormous amount of smaller debris. It had been in a rapidly changing orbit around Jupiter for some time before this, probably for at least several decades. It did not fragment during earlier approaches to Jupiter, however, because these were at much greater distances than that of 1992; the comet probably approached no closer than about nine million kilometers in the orbit prior to that of 1992.

Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 as it appeared on 1993 March 30, a few days after discovery. This image was obtained with the Spacewatch telescope. Image credit: Jim Scotti, Spacewatch, University of Arizona.


July 16-22, 1994 Comet fragments slam into Jupiter giving it several "black eyes". In one week in July 1994, over twenty fragments of a comet plunged into Jupiter.

The Powerful Events on Jupiter in July 1994 The injection of energy and matter by S-L 9's "string of pearls" plasma queue, has created a new and excited energetic state on Jupiter that is reflected in a number of new developments which include: A reflective light echo from Jupiter's moons, a variation in decimeter radiation readings, an excited and unusual state of seismic activities, an increase of brightness in the radiation belts, an excited "glimmering Aurora", a detection of flashes of X-ray's and ultraviolet radiation, an excitation of the auroral process in the Northern Hemisphere, and a decreasing luminosity of Io's plasma torus.[3].

A Series of Large PlanetoPhysical Transformations. The doubling of the magnetic field intensity on Jupiter (based upon 1992 data), and a series of new states and processes observed on this planet as an aftermath of a series of explosions in July 1994 [caused by "Comet" SL-9] [12]. That is, a relaxation of a plasmoid train [13,14] which excited the Jovian magnetosphere, thus inducing excessive plasma generation [12] and it's release in the same manner as Solar coronal holes [15] inducing an appearance of radiation belt brightening in decimeter band (13.2 and 36 cm), and the appearance of large auroral anomalies and a change of the Jupiter - Io system of currents [12, 14].

Update Note From A.N.D Nov. 1997: A stream of ionized hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. is being directed to Jupiter from the volcanic areas of Io through a one million amperes flux tube. It is affecting the character of Jupiter's magnetic process and intensifying it's plasma genesis. {Z.I.Vselennaya "Earth and Universe" N3, 1997 plo-9 by NASA data}

20 August 1994 White Buffalo Miracle Born

Miracle, The Sacred White Buffalo Miracle, the Sacred White Female Buffalo Calf, was born on the farm of Dave, Valerie, and Corey Heider during the morning of August 20, 1994. Not an albino, she is considered to be the first white buffalo calf born since 1933. Furthermore, she is extremely important to the religious beliefs of many American Indian tribes. The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations (known collectively as the Sioux) are considered her primary spiritual guardians and she plays a pivotal role in the fulfillment of their most revered prophecies. Photo: White Buffalo Miracle..

The White Buffalo "And when she promised to return again, she made some prophesies at that time. One of those prophesies was that the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that it would be near the time when she would return again to purify the world. What she meant by that was that she would bring back harmony again and balance, spiritually. "

Rare Buffalo Considered Sacred by Some American Indians Dies Published: Sep 24, 2004 JANESVILLE, Wis. (AP) - A buffalo considered sacred by some American Indians because it was born white has died of natural causes at the age of 10, its owner said. The animal, named Miracle, drew as many as 2,000 visitors a day in the year after its birth in 1994. Miracle died Sunday and was buried in an unmarked grave, its owner, Dave Heider, told WCLO-AM of Janesville on Friday. "She meant a lot to a lot of people," Heider said. Although its hide became darker as it aged, some associated Miracle with the white buffalo of American Indian prophecies. According to lore, such an animal will reunite all the races of man and restore balance to the world. Some tribe members who visited Heider's rural southern Wisconsin farm to see the animal had expected its coat to someday turn from brown back to white. The female buffalo's offspring included four surviving female buffalo, all born without white coloring. AP-ES-09-24-04 2119EDT

HUBBLE SEES AURORAL EMISSION ARCS FOLLOWING THE K IMPACT FOR RELEASE: September 29,1994 This far-ultraviolet image of Jupiter taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (HST) shows narrow auroral "arcs" that appeared at northern mid-latitudes following the impact of the K nucleus fragment of comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9. (The dark K impact region is on the left limb, followed, from left to right, by the C, A, and E comet impact regions.) The image was taken on 19 July 1994, 45 minutes after the K nucleus slammed into the gas giant planet. The image shows arc-like auroral emissions near the western (left) limb at mid-latitudes in the north, and fainter but remarkably similar emissions near the K impact site in the south. The "arcs" are being produced by energetic charged particles, like the other auroral emissions, except that they appear to last less than one hour and they are at a location where Jupiter normally does not have aurora. They were apparently produced by the K impact, even though they appear bright in the northern hemisphere nearly 70,000 miles away from the impact site. The overlay of magnetic field lines shows the path of the charged particles near Jupiter (from a model based on Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft data), starting at the northern "arcs" and tracing the magnetic field back to the impact site in the southern atmosphere. (There is an overlay of a longitude/latitude grid to indicate locations on Jupiter). Aurorae, also known as the northern and southern lights, are produced by high energy charged particles, trapped in Jupiter's magnetic field, that cause atmosphereic gasses to glow. Based on comparison with ROSAT satellite X-ray images of Jupiter also taken at time of the K impact, astronomers know that the northern disturbance was brightest near the time of the K impact, and then faded. If HST images had been taken during the K impact, they would likely have shown far brighter arcs than those observed 45 min. later. ROSAT X-ray images of energy emissions from Jupiter during “K” impact of Comet SL9. (NASA/JPL 1994)



I am the mightest of the bulls, I am the forceful one among them, I am the twin braided locks which are on the head of the shorn priest, whom they of the sunshine worship, whose stroke is sharp. I am vindicated on earth, and the terror of me is in the sky - and vice versa; it is my strength which makes me victorious to the height of the sky, I am held in respect to the breadth of the sky, my strides are towards the towns of the Silent Land, I have gone and reached Wenu; I have ejected the gods from thier paths, I have struck down those who are wakeful in their shrines. I do not know the Abyss, I do not know the emerging earth, I do not know the red ones who thrust with their horns, I do not know the magician, but I hear his words; I am this Wild Bull who is in the writings.

Thus said the gods when they lamented the past: 'On your faces! He has come to you while the dawn lacks you, and there is none who will protect you.' My faults are in my belly, and I will not declare them: O Authority, wrong-doing is of yesterday, but righteousness is of today. Righteousness runs on my eyebrows on the night of the festival. 'The old women lies down and her land is guarded.'

- Egyptian Book of the Dead - Spell 84