To the Maruts (the Storm-gods).

1. Let your voice-born 1 prayers go forth to the great Vishnu, accompanied by the Maruts, Evay‚marut, and to the chasing host, adorned with good rings, the strong, in their jubilant throng, to the shouting power (of the Maruts).

2. O Maruts, you who are born great, and proclaim it yourselves by knowledge, Evay‚marut, that power of yours cannot be approached by wisdom, that (power) of theirs (cannot be approached) by gift or might 1; they are like unapproachable mountains.

3. They who are heard with their voice from the high heaven, the brilliant and strong, Evay‚marut, in whose council no tyrant 1 reigns, the rushing chariots 2 of these roaring Maruts come forth 3, like fires with their own lightning.

4. The wide-striding (Vishnu) 1 strode forth from the great common seat, Evay‚marut. When he has started by himself from his own place along the ridges, O ye striving, mighty 2 Maruts, he goes together with the heroes (the Maruts), conferring blessings.

5. Impetuous, like your own shout, the strong one (Vishnu) made everything tremble, the terrible, the wanderer 1, the mighty, Evay‚marut; strong with him you advanced self-luminous, with firm reins, golden coloured, well-armed 2, speeding along.

6. Your greatness is infinite, ye Maruts, endowed

p. 364

with full power, may that terrible power help, Evay‚marut. In your raid 1 you are indeed to be seen as charioteers; deliver us therefore from the enemy, like shining fires.

7. May then these Rudras, lively like fires and with vigorous shine, help, Evay‚marut. The seat of the earth is stretched out far and wide 1, when the hosts of these faultless Maruts come quickly to the races.

8. Come kindly on your path, O Maruts, listen to the call of him who praises you, Evay‚marut. Confidants of the great Vishnu, may you together, like charioteers, keep all hateful things far 1, by your wonderful skill.

9. Come zealously 1 to our sacrifice, ye worshipful, hear our guileless call, Evay‚marut. Like the oldest mountains in the sky, O wise guardians, prove yourselves for him irresistible to the enemy.

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