The Purifier

Lord-of-Wind (Vayu) - The Purifier

"When the powerful Vayu came, I stopped him with all my strength, for he easily breaks trees, mountains, and everything else. There is no being whose strength can be compared to Vayu. The Wielder-Of-The-Thunderbolt (Indra) and the Ruler-Of-Death (Yama), the Lord-Of-Wealth (Kubera), and the Lord-Of-The-Waters (Varuna) cannot stand before him; much less can you, O tree!"

The Gods of India (Mahabharata 12.528 [130]) by the Secret Order High Priest Vyasadeva

The Sphere of Space and The-Lord-Of-Wind (Vayu)

Between the earth and the sky , abode of the sun, in the intermediary sphere, or sphere of space. the dwelling place of the subtle beings whose king is the lord of the wind, Vaya.

Just as fire, the devourer, was the mouth of the gods, wind is their breath. In the Upanishads, Vayu appears as the cosmic life breath, The Mahabharata calls him the life breath of the world, the universal "spirit", impeeler of life and of the living. Vayu is also the substance and the essence of speech.  The name vayu comes from the root va "to blow".

Vayu is the purifier, the first to have drunk the ambrosia, the soma. He is an explorer, the messenger of the gods, the leader of sacrifices.

Vayu is also called the "wanderer" (Vata), "the one without whom one dies" (Marut), "the one by whom one lives" (Anila), "the cleanser" (Pavana).

In the Vedas Vayu is the friend of Indra, the thunderbolt,  and ride with him in a chariot of gold which is drawn  by a thousand horses and which can reach the sky. Vayu is pictured as a strong and powerful white man riding a deer. He holds a bow and arrows. All his attributes are white. Vayu is the father of the hero Bhima and of the monkey Hanuman. He is the king of the celestial musicians.

Photo: Drawing of the carving on the Hopi Prophecy Rock

Hopi Elders on the Art Bell Radio Show

Robert Ghost Wolf on May 27, 1998

Hale-Bopp was considered by the Hopi to be the "Twin Kachina",  the comet would be known by a red and a blue tail. It was a warning that this was what preluded the coming of the "Purifier." According to Hopi prophesy, if things were not the way they should be after the "Twin Kachina" comets passage, then the Purifier would come forth.

Comet C/1995 O1 Hale-Bopp Hopi "Twin Kachina" Comet...

Photo: White Buffalo Miracle..

Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 Miracle was born within a month after SL9 event..

Second White Buffalo born during passage..

I am the mightest of the bulls, I am the forceful one among them, I am the twin braided locks which are on the head of the shorn priest, whom they of the sunshine worship, whose stroke is sharp. I am vindicated on earth, and the terror of me is in the sky - and vice versa; it is my strength which makes me victorious to the height of the sky, I am held in respect to the breadth of the sky, my strides are towards the towns of the Silent Land, I have gone and reached Wenu; I have ejected the gods from thier paths, I have struck down those who are wakeful in their shrines. I do not know the Abyss, I do not know the emerging earth, I do not know the red ones who thrust with their horns, I do not know the magician, but I hear his words; I am this Wild Bull who is in the writings.

Thus said the gods when they lamented the past: 'On your faces! He has come to you while the dawn lacks you, and there is none who will protect you.' My faults are in my belly, and I will not declare them: O Authority, wrong-doing is of yesterday, but righteousness is of today. Righteousness runs on my eyebrows on the night of the festival. 'The old women lies down and her land is guarded.'

Egyptian Book of the Dead - Spell 84