Srila Vyasadeva

"It was the most ancient tradition of the Atlantean Magicians that they were the survivors of a race inhabiting a country called Lemuria, of which the South Pacific archipelago may be the remains. These Lemurians had, they held, built up a civilization equal, if not superior to their own; but through a misunderstanding of magical law --- some said the 2nd, some the 8th, some the 23rd --- had involved themselves and their land in ruin. Others thought that the Lemurians had succeeded in their magical task, and broken their temple. In any case, it was the secret Lemurian tradition that they themselves represented the survivals of a yet earlier race who lived on ice, and they of yet another who lived in fire, and they again of earlier colonists from Mars."

-- Liber Li by A.'.A.'.

SS: vyasadeva is a secret order high priest who was present during and recorded The Kurukshetra War .. he is the authority on mahabharata weapons technologies . there is none who know more about them than him . this report is ongoing research into the Mahabharata Weapons .. there are few kinds but this research is focused upon man-made technologies of harmonics earthquake weapons, scalar hurricane weapons, and remote control weapons .

SS: i have more research available from the past but this is a good start. i felt with the recent methane blowouts it was time to begin to be sure the man-made mahabharata weapons were taken out .. so that instead of those who believe there use is power will now understand that their use always results in backfires and therefore is not power but disaster for them .. i have much more dtata to add to this research which will be added soon as time permits and i can dig the information up out of the vast archives .



Of the Bam Iran Quake + Chinese Methane Mine Blowout



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Mexicali Quake + Methane Mine Blowout

Mexicali Quake + Gulf Methane Oil Well Blowout