Of the " Soul of Earth " Atlantean Scorpion

SS : the atlantean scorpion is the region around the cuban carribean region .. this region was called " sccarr " by the atlanteans ..

Similarly, there is one exception and one only to the rule of silence. It is the utterance of the 'Name' which it is death to pronounce. This word was constantly in their mouths; it is "Zcrra", a sort of venomous throat-gargling. Hence, possibly the Gaelic "Scurr" "speak," English "Scaur" or "Scar" in Yorkshire and the Pennines. "Zcrra" is also the name of the "High House," and of the graven image referred to above.

OF THE RACE OF ATLAS. by Aleister Crowley

SS: this " sccarr " is also reflected on mars ..

SS: The " atlantean scorpion " belongs to the male merman with comet hair in the below map: