SS: many research pages from the last year has been added to the earth monitor .. i have been catching up on some past archives and this last year seems most important at the moment to bring current links .. although the earth monitor goes back to about the year 2000 only a few items currently appear in the online archives. this will slowly change as new past data is brought online as needed to prove certain phenomena . here is a list of updated webpages ( click the links ):

2010 iceland volcano eruption
2010 chili quake
2010 haiti quake
2010 soloman islands quake
2009 mount mayon eruption
2009 samoa quake
2009 home reef eruption

SS: this is only a small portion of data but these are key important events. with these pages we can prove the hermetic axiom ” As Above, So Below ” .. you do not have to just take my word for it the proof is in the research pages . like the soloman’s island quake tsunamii followed within days of a lunar eclipse, and a couple days later the big haiti quake occurred just before the hunab ku solar eclipse . . the big pacific wide tsunami caused by the chili quake occurred during the decade bright outburst of comet schwassman-wachmann 1 in the beehive crown .. and the iceland volcano eruption occurred during an outburst of a comet near the polestar Thuban and during geomagnetic storming . these are the natural phenomena not caused by man-made mahabharata weapons .. we can however see how the man-made phenomena begins to interact with the natural phenomena as the gulf oil from the methane blowouts began to near cuba and haiti and the east coast of florida causing something that was already bad to become worse .

SS: we can see from this research that the hermetic axion ” As Above, So Below ” is proven. although people are unaware of the fact that scalar activity is involved with some certain objects in the heavens, or that the sun interacting with the earth’s magnetosphere causes the earth’s core to heat up and fuel volcanic eruptions . being unaware of these facts does not make it not so .. when the research can show it over and over again then it cannot be denied and must be viewed as a true theory . you do not have to just take my word for it you can view the research for yourself. who unlike some they expect us to just take their word for everything they tell us without any proof whatsoever . tonight we will live on truth .