SS: a vortex has been spotted during the eruption of the canary island underwater eruption .. i have a theory regarding “volcanic hotspots” that when the Schumann resonance is measured at a volcanic hotspot they measured “non-polarized geomagnetic vortex’s” at volcanic hotspots that cause an intensification of the Schumann resonance .

SS: that is a very strong vortex we are seeing in the ocean with the volcanic eruption and i think we are seeing one of the “non-polarized geomagnetic vortexes” and this would also mean there is an intensification of the Schumann resonance . these “non-polarized geomagnetic vortex’s” can cause a warpage of the earth’s magnetosphere and can even produce “gravity waves” by this distortion if you understand the twisting behavior of a “non-polarized geomagentic vortex” warpage cause “gravity wave” which is a warpage of “time and space” and also intensification of the Schumann resonance .

SS: now i have never actually seen one of these like this before .. i know what it is and looking at both images below are from two different days so this  is warping the magnetosphere causing a “gravity wave” .. and “gravity waves” do not travel at the “speed of light” but rather they travel at the “speed of thought” because the warpage is called “TIME DOMAIN” in which exist no time or space it is all thought .

Many versions of the Twin Myth must have circulated among the Mayas, but the only one that survives in a written form is the Classical K’iche’ version in the Popol Vuh. According to this version, the Hero Twins were Xbalanque and Hunahpu (Modern K’iche’: Xb‘alanke and Junajpu)

INCAN COAT OF ARMS In Peru, the colony of Orejones (long ears because of heavy, ornate earplugs as the Meso-Americans wore), came into a favored status with the Inca. One such group came from Mount Popo, sacred to the moon. They were from a tribe of Pacific coast slaves called Quillacas: Quilla = Moon. Their ruler was called Tacuilla: Ta = ?; Cuilla (or quilla) = Moon. (Osborne, p. 79.)

SS: in the skymaps i am showing “As Above So Below” and on the 17 and 18th amd 19th the ix chel-sehkmet “white debris cloud” has been coming into alignment with the moon near the beehive cluster .. i think there is a connection between the “white cloud” and the “gravity wave” vortex . we have seen other phenomena with this comet cloud increase solar activity and lightning earthquake now we have a “gravity wave” vortex . this is a very very rare “gravity wave” vortex so maybe very good NUKU’ALOFA opportunity will never know if u not NUKU’ALOFA . the pyramid builders have the soul and the power .

How Gravitational Waves Lead to Space-Time Ripples: Gravitational radiation causes a strain on the fabric of space-time transverse to (i.e., extending across) the direction in which its waves are propagated. As they strike, say, the Earth, the waves will stretch the fabric in one direction, while along another, they compress it.

Tsunamis create mysterious atmospheric waves: Scientists October 15, 2010 “The tsunami very effectively generates atmospheric gravity waves, and because they’re fast, those waves can effectively travel to the upper atmosphere,” said Michael Hickey, a physics professor and associate dean at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. As the atmospheric waves travel upward, they get larger. “Because the atmosphere decreases in density as you go up, the air molecules can move much farther without bumping into each other,” Galvan explained, adding that as the wave travels through thinner and thinner material, the larger its oscillations can get.

A whirlpool is seen in a stained area in the sea caused by submarine eruption in front of the town of La Restinga, on the south coast of the Canary Island of El Hierro October 17, 2011. The submarine eruption at El Hierro island is not a risk to the population and residents of La Restinga could return to their house in the next 24 hours, Canary Islands authorities said on Sunday. REUTERS/Borja Suarez (SPAIN – Tags: ENVIRONMENT DISASTER)

A water whirlpool is seen in a stained area in the sea caused by submarine eruption in front of the town of La Restinga, on the south coast of the Canary Island of El Hierro October 16, 2011. The Canary Islands authority has raised the emergency situation to red level 1 as the submarine volcano near El Hierro is spilling magma, however the risk to the population on the island is low, according to the Cabildo de el Hierro on Saturday after a scientific evaluation. REUTERS/Borja Suarez (SPAIN – Tags: ENVIRONMENT DISASTER)