SS: the penguin church has been exposed again in blatant lies. the penguin church claims that physics says that we need lots of energy to create matter and this is proof of penguin church god ..i call it the penguin church god because it is a cult church based on deception such as penguin church deception of physics that is simply not the truth .

SS: according to M Theory a universe will form from nothing . the reason is because of the existent of “gravity” .. it takes no energy to create a universe .. a universe will form all by itself and the true reason it will form is because of the existence of the Astral Light .. venus being the astral light (gravity) and the moon it’s mirror (etheric) .

SS: science is finally proving what the secret order has said for over a hundred years the astral light is two-fold .. the earthy and fiery is the gravity .. and the fluid and gaseous is the “ethereal strands” web-like filaments .. it is the astral light that creates matter .. and now advanced scientific equipment has proven the secret order theory and polestar science .

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist,” — Hawking

Second, because of the curious fact that gravity has negative energy, it takes no energy to make a universe. Despite the colossal amount of energy contained in every atom of matter, it is precisely balanced by the negativity of gravity. — Gribbon

Missing matter found in deep space ” The ethereal strands of hydrogen and oxygen atoms could account for up to half the matter that scientists knew must be there but simply could not see, the researchers reported on Tuesday. “It is kind of like a spider web. The gravity of the spider web is what produced what we see,” Shull said in a telephone interview. “It’s very thin. Some of it is very hot gas, almost a million degrees.” This is where the dark matter comes in. The dark matter is heating up the gas, Shull said. “Dark matter has gravity. It pulls the gas in,” Shull said. “This causes what I call sonic booms — shock waves. This shock heats it to a million degrees. That makes it even harder to see.” The atoms of oxygen are in a stripped-down, ionized form. Five of the eight electrons are gone. It emits an ultraviolet spectrum of light that instruments aboard FUSE and Hubble can spot, Shull said. These web-like filaments of matter are the structure upon which the galaxies form, he said.”

This illustration shows how the Hubble Space Telescope searches for missing baryons or normal matter, by looking at the light from quasars several billion light-years away. In an extensive search of the local universe, astronomers say they have definitively found about half of the missing normal matter, called baryons, in the spaces between the galaxies. (NASA/ESA/A. Feild – STScI/Handout/Reuters)

” To return to the main magical theory, the Quintessence, said they, or Universal Substance (which some strove to identify with Hyle, others with the Luminiferous AEther) is the two-in-one, liquid and solid, the former part being also twofold, fluid and gaseous, and the latter earthy and fiery. The combination of these four phases of Zro accounted for the universe. This quintessence is Zro in some state unknown and incalculable. Some expected to find it in its twelfth state, some in a seventeenth, others in a thirty-seventh: all this was pure guesswork. ” — Liber Li by A.’. A.’.

Clouds along the horizon in Birmingham, Ala., on Friday (Dec. 16).  Clouds along the horizon in Birmingham, Ala., on Friday (Dec. 16).  Clouds along the horizon in Birmingham, Ala., on Friday (Dec. 16). Credit: ABC 33/40 in Birmingham

SS: we are on the subject of gravity i have never seen a tsunami like this one before seen last week .. this is a different kind of tsunami . i suspect it has arrived from the canary island gravity wave .. what we are seeing in this cloud formation is the reflection of the gravity wave tsunami .. we saw the compression scalar loop gravity wave at canary islands and here is the propagated wave reflection. which we need to remember this happen during the enchantress sungrazer solar graze and eclipses .

How Gravitational Waves Lead to Space-Time Ripples: Gravitational radiation causes a strain on the fabric of space-time transverse to (i.e., extending across) the direction in which its waves are propagated. As they strike, say, the Earth, the waves will stretch the fabric in one direction, while along another, they compress it.