SS: this is second time i saw ringed sunspot .. i saw one before on the sun when a white buffalo that only lived three months and was struck by lightening .. i recorded three days later the scalar potential enter the sun . there is a difference between the scalar potential of the white buffalo and that of a normal buffalo . the difference is that the normal scalar potential is bound to the brane illusion at two ends, the white buffalo scalar potential is a full looped . because it is a full looped scalar potential it will escape to the higher dimensions because it is not bound to the illusion .. this ringed-sunspot looks like a diamond ring .

SS: UPDATED: 07-21-13: nasa data shows that solar flares are powered by magnetic reconnection events that can produce coronal mass ejections.. the full looped “scalar potential” entering the sun formed a ringed sunspot and a magnetic reconnection event occurred powering solar flares coronal mass ejections .. this particular full looped “scalar potential” the white buffalo was unidentified.

The Heart of Space Weather Observed in Action July 15, 2013 Two NASA spacecraft have provided the most comprehensive movie ever of a mysterious process at the heart of all explosions on the sun: magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection happens when magnetic field lines come together, break apart and then exchange partners, snapping into new positions and releasing a jolt of magnetic energy. This process lies at the heart of giant explosions on the sun, such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections, which can fling radiation and particles across the solar system.

On Aug. 17, 2011, the sun emitted a solar flare and treated scientists to the most comprehensive view of the complex configuration of moving magnetic fields – a process called magnetic reconnection – which powered it. (NASA Goddard)

Mayan Astronomy Whereas the Egyptians studied the movements of the Hyades, Orion and its companion star Sirius, the Maya were more interested in the nearby Pleiades star-cluster. They viewed it as the warning rattle of a great cosmic serpent, which seems to have corresponded to the ecliptic. The head of this serpent was the sun and they believed that it was the source of all life on earth.

RING-SHAPED SUNSPOT: New sunspot AR1413 is emerging in the shape of a ring. This two-day movie from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sunspot’s geometric development:

FARSIDE ERUPTION: Sunspot AR1402, the source of last week’s X-flare and many beautiful auroras, is on the farside of the sun now. Although we can’t see it, the active region is still erupting. During the late hours of Jan. 31st, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory observed this coronal mass ejection flying over the sun’s western limb.

ARIZONA AURORAS: The geomagnetic storm of Jan. 24th produced some spectacular auroras around the Arctic Circle. Unnoticed by most observers, the Northern Lights reached all the way down to Arizona. In Payson, AZ, a robotic camera system operated by amateur astronomer Chris Schur captured the telltale green glow.

The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, are seen near the city of Trondheim, Norway Tuesday Jan. 23, 2012. Stargazers were out in force in northern Europe on Tuesday, hoping to be awed by a spectacular showing of northern lights after the most powerful solar storm in six years. (AP Photo/Emil Bratt Borsting)