SS: may 20th is secret order birthday and also the same day as a solar eclipse in the constellation of Taurus next to Pleiades the “arrow of orion” also known as the seven sisters and also sometimes called the atlantides . you can see Orion the archer pharoah standing on the banks of the river eradinus during the river games .. the western united states will see a full moon eclipse which i was hoping we would have an eclipse on my birthday this year and we don’t even have to fake it .

SS: on that day p1 benu bird will be just above the “beehive cluster” in the middle of the beehive crown .. the benu bird traveled all the way from the phoenix constellation through northern triangle and hercules to reach the “beehive cluster”.. how it will look in the future we will have to see, how this comet has maintained brightness for a long time .

Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20 The first solar eclipse of 2012 occurs at the Moon’s descending node in central Taurus. An annular eclipse will be visible from a 240 to 300 kilometre-wide track that traverses eastern Asia, the northern Pacific Ocean and the western United States. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, that includes much of Asia, the Pacific and the western 2/3 of North America.

“I go in like the Hawk,and I come forth… like the Bennu, the Morning Star ( the planet Venus… or Sirius )… of Ra; I am the Bennu… which is in Heliopolis” “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.”.

Mayan Astronomy Whereas the Egyptians studied the movements of the Hyades, Orion and its companion star Sirius, the Maya were more interested in the nearby Pleiades star-cluster. They viewed it as the warning rattle of a great cosmic serpent, which seems to have corresponded to the ecliptic. The head of this serpent was the sun and they believed that it was the source of all life on earth.

Mayan Astronomy The Maya made daytime observations of Venus. Venus had a psychological effect upon the Maya and other Mesoamerican cultures, it has been shown that the Maya were timing some of their wars based on the stationary points of Venus and Jupiter.

PRAESAEPE A cluster of stars better known by the name the “Beehive Cluster”, or the Latin equivalent, Praesepe, which not only means a “hive” but also a “Manger”, or “Crib”. The name Beehive derives from the appearance of a swarm of stars in a dance of activity. In Orphic teaching, souls were symbolized by bees, not only because of the association with honey but also because they migrate from the hive in swarms, since it was held that souls ‘swarm’.

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations The Ancient Egyptians’ knowledge of geometry and Precession is clearly demonstrated on the Nermer Plate. The centre point is the tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown. Line One is through the Club. Line Two bisects the Crown. This creates four angles each of 90 degrees. Line Three is the horizontal at the tip of the Crown. Line Four is the vertical through the tip of the Crown. Already the formation of angles of 30 degrees can be observed. The tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown becomes a dot within a circle; the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for Ra and the concept of Precession. It is the pinnacle of the Axis Munde around which the heavens appear to revolve. (See Part 5) A revolution through the heavens of twelve 30-degree segments can take one year or, in the case of Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac, 25920 years. The division of the heavens into twelve 30-degree segments gives the appearance of a starburst. A further division into 15-degree segments creates the 24-hour day.

SS: the above starmap is the lunar eclipse in the mayan hunab ku region .. every solar eclipse is either prededed or followed by a lunar eclipse within two weeks which i call the eclipse sequence .. every eclipse sequence always has either the solar or the lunar portion of the eclipse in the mayan hunab ku region .

SS: in previous blog we talked about eddies .. which i happen to go to a school call itt tech where they teach electronics engineering before i went to the network academy.. when i went into that school i have already founded my dual hyperdimensional physics model of the astral light and etheric hyperdimensions .. so when this tech school i learned all about electric flow, electrons actually flow from negative to positive, and all about sine waves, oscillations, and frequencies and applied it to my physics model … and also about eddies causing power loss in transformers power supplies .

Partial Lunar Eclipse of June 04 The first lunar eclipse of 2012 occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in southern Ophiuchus about 6° northeast of Antares (mv = +1.07). It is best seen from locations in and near the Pacific Ocean (Figure 3). Most of the Americas will experience moonset before the eclipse ends while eastern Asia will miss the beginning of the eclipse because it occurs before moonrise.

MAYAN BEE GOD The Bee image of a flying god has to be related to a stinging element. Ophiuchus has a blocky appearance with a pointed roof. It has two extra areas on each side where the radishes appear to fit. The area on the left stretches out into the Milky Way, just about where there is a break in the star formation. It gives the appearance of bees either coming or going from a hive. The two places that use a bee-god image most prominently are near the sea coast at Tulum, and in the Mississippi area of the US.

REFILE – CHANGING CITY OF LORETO TO PROVINCE OF LORETO A man tries to catch a Paiche in this file photo in the jungle province of Loreto in the Amazon region. Peruvians are raising a giant Amazon fish and sending it abroad to answer growing cries for sustainable seafood in haute cuisine. Farm-raised, fresh-water Paiche have journeyed from the murky Amazon to restaurants in cities from Houston to Paris. The low-fat, mercury-free white fish may soon be available at select U.S. grocery stores. REUTERS/Handout/Roberto Baratti/Paiche Amazone (PERU – Tags: ENVIRONMENT)