SS: what we are looking at in the images above is the “we love enchantress” comet that came through recently. you have to look very close at it to see it. the reason is because these two are pictures taken from my android phone of an hbo series called “game of thrones”. they apparently used images of the “we love enchantress” comet in their this seasons premier show while also giving it a red color. to see this for yourself you will have to catch the first show of this season of “game of thrones” or watch this power and grace trailer here where the screens below came from.. it was luck that i was even near a tv and happen to be watching movies on hbo during the weekend because i do not own a tv .. so this new data came to me or maybe we came together that i happen to be watching hbo on the night of the season premier. very awesome.

SS: now what they said in the show about this object was the following: that it is an omen, a sign of war and that they would be victorious in a coming battle. and then another said that it meant it was a sign of “blood” because of someones death in a previous show last season. and then they said it really means one thing … DRAGONS. or as they said “heralds the coming of the dragons”.

SS: that is amazingly interesting because they are echoing what i have been saying for years now. they are the “astral light” and the dragon is found in constellation of draco with the polestar thuban where the dragon rises to the cygnus the swan into the northern triangle where it is pacified and then descends back through the polestar vega in lyra as swooping eagle. the winged plumed serpent, quetzecoatle represented by venus is actually a dragon.

SS: now i will tell you what i think about it. i rarely watch tv but when caught this i was watching hbo movies cuz i rarely watch tv so when i am watch tv i will watch lots of movies. i actually saw this show three times cuz they played it three times in a row and is how i manage to get those two android pics above. i think it is great to see the “we love enchantress” comet in a show along with the truth about what this object means along with my enchantress priestess.

SS: compare the “game of thrones” comet with the “we love enchantress” comet below. if you look closely you can see the double tails of the enchantress white whale comet.. they used the comet in the show. i think everyone can see it is the “we love enchantress” comet. it really was truly a great comet. and great comets like this do herald the coming of changes and things .

In this image provided by NASA the Comet Lovejoy is visible near Earth’s horizon in this nighttime image photographed by NASA astronaut Dan Burbank, Expedition 30 commander, onboard the International Space Station on Dec. 21, 2011. (AP Photo/NASA, Dan Burbank)