SS: the above skymaps are the 04 june 2012 hunab ku lunar eclipse which followed marilyn monroe’s birthday by three days .. i have posted the constellation of “norma” that is located in the path along the milky way before entering into hunab ku beehive region ..enchantress priestess “norma jean” becomes marilyn monroe which also happens to be a requisite to passage into the hunab ku beehive region and into the northern triangle to the imperishable star ; the pole-star of the northern triangle.

SS: my enchantress is a mermaid priestess uses the astral mirror we can see her etched into the side of the planet .. obviously my enchantress priestess would have access to the stargate which we find at the constellation “norma jean” the scorpion enchantress priestess .. my priestess has not been taken serious and i feel that what happen to marilyn is exactly the same way that i have been treated .. my enchantress priestess is “norma jean” otherwise it is another fake fraud and this is how can distinguish between the fake fraud and the true enchantress.

SS: my mermaid enchantress priestess is the real priestess .. queen elizabeth taylor was not the enchantress priestess .. that is a big fraud lie because elizabeth taylor was not the enchantress priestess as we can all see my science i have proven this truth . my enchantress priestess must be treated well if this is her home .. which if my enchantress priestess is not treated well then maybe is another reason why i am here now to expose the fraud. treat my enchantress priestess well while she is here .. my enchantress priestess has “seven sisters ” so treat her well .

SS: today 05 June 2012 will begin the venus eclipse in the usa 3pm till sunset and it will end tomorrow 06 june 2012 on other side of the world at sunrise .. this venus eclipse will occur in another part of the sky near the Stargate Orion and Pleiades near where the solar eclipse occurred on 20 may that started this eclipse sequence.

Seen in the Kudurra (a Babylonian boundary stone) in the stage below ground sits the goddess Gulu, (the earth-goddess; also Ninmah, goddess of the underworld), where the cosmic serpent begins to rise. She is the patroness of herbs, healing, life, as her flowered garment shows. Hands lifted in prayer, she sits with her dog, defender of homes, while before her a Scorpion Archer mounts guard at the uttermost bound of the earth (cosmic sea), to defend against demonic powers and protect the rising and setting sun.

The moon is 37% obscured by the Earth’s shadow during the partial lunar eclipse above Sydney. The first partial lunar eclipse of the year provided dramatic scenes across Asia, with a clear moon visible to many as the event unfolded. (AFP Photo/Torsten Blackwood)

Skywatcher Tyler Leavitt took this shot of the partial lunar eclipse in Las Vegas, NV, on June 4, 2012. Photo By Tyler Leavitt

There was a partial eclipse over Austin Monday morning. The northern part of Earth cast a shadow, causing the partial eclipse over the ‘strawberry’ moon. KVUE-TV Austin Videos