SS: in my experience it is very rare that cooperate . those martians we did not give them a chance to cooperate. we didn’t stay very long last night it was a little bit not very friendly .. we barely had time to get the emerald tablets wrote.. sorry for the mess we will be sure to get it all better soon .. tomorrow night looks like a tea party of fun hope everyone build a lot .

In accordance to custom, the combatants exchanged names and unsheathed their weapons, the three on one side facing the solitary opponent. The samurai, as calm as though engaged merely in a friendly fencing bout, advanced steadily with the point of his weapon directed against the opponent at the center of the trio, and apparently indifferent to an attack on either flank. The opponent in the middle gave ground inch by inch and the samurai surely stepped forward. Then the right hand opponent , who thought he saw an opening, rushed to the attack, however the samurai, who clearly anticipated the move, parried and with lightning rapidity cut his enemy down with a mortal blow. The left-handed opponent came on in his turn but was treated in a similar fashion, a single stroke felling him to the ground bathed in blood. All this took almost less time than it takes to tell. The opponent in the middle, seeing the fate of his comrades, thought better of his first intention and took to his heels. (Harrison, 71-72) — Secrets of the Samurai