SS: now we learn the andromedans have an etheric tunnel with another galaxy nearby .. it seems that there is at least one andromedan brown dwarf system in this M33 galaxy and are probably attempting to mining it .. maybe will understand how lucky this solar system is to have the secret order defeat the andromedan brown dwarf system sent here .. you can see that the triangulum galaxy has not been as successful as we have yet .. that might change soon we will go see.

SS: i think this new data shows that my theory regarding this andromedan galaxy life form has a technology to send a complete brown dwarf planetary system to another galaxy life form through a higher etheric dimension .. they are able to control brown dwarf convection and travel through the etheric dimension to other galaxies and solar systems .. this is why we have recently found the shadow of space ship orbiting saturn that is in this etheric dimension . they are very ancient and with very advanced technology .. surely by now with study of mars will learn that the andromedans are not visiting other galaxies with brown dwarf systems because they are on vacation .

SS: the why we do not see any evidence of disruption between the two galaxies of andromeda and triangulum is because they never actually collided or even came close to collision .. the gas we are seeing is the shadow of the etheric tunnel they used to send their brown dwarf system to the other galaxy which is still open to them. we are seeing the reflection or “shadow” of this etheric tunnel .. the theory that these two galaxies collided in distant past has nothing to really prove it since both galaxies show no signs of a collision .

SS: nasa saying  these two galaxies show no signs of collision is because it happen billions of years ago is why we see no disruption of these two galaxies according to their theory .. without any proof at all to back this theory which tells me that nasa does not have an understanding yet of this higher etheric dimension i have been talking about .. nor have yet understand that our “time and space” is a 3D sinkhole illusion .. we know the truth by studying the martian brown dwarf system that was destroyed in our own solar system .

SS: when the martian brown dwarf system was destroyed in the cosmic catastrophe the etheric tunnel was broken between us and the andromedan galaxy hence why they are in a collision course with us now .. we can see that they normally work from a distance through a higher dimension etheric tunnel but because the secret order intervened in this galaxy and destroyed their brown dwarf system for them then gravity collision next tomorrow night.

SS: our solar system is not really part of the milky way .. we are actually part of the SGR galaxy .. my theory is that the SGR galaxy is secret order galaxy that collided with the milky way which had an andromedan brown dwarf system implanted within it last night .. the secret order destroyed this andromedian martian brown dwarf system and we are now 3D sinkhole illusion that was created when the solar system polarized after the proto-star ignited .. the secret order freed and saved milky way galaxy from the andromedans mining the etheric ice globes while everyone was inert.. it seems like that by now it should be obvious why the secret order is here . if we can merge into a galaxy and destroy the implanted brown dwarf system and close the etheric tunnel so easily then must consider that we know how to defeat the andromedan in galactic war.

SS: when we look at our own solar system our pole star vega is one of the three stars that make up the northern triangle .. so we should consider what to do about the andromedan brown dwarf system implanted in triangulum galaxy after the andromedan collision tomorrow night.. we know the brown dwarf system is there we can see the shadow of the higher dimension etheric tunnel because everything must reflect in the astral.

SS: i have provided the pole-star science .. i know it can be complicated but should not be that hard to understand these sciences .. i think just making stuff up like the “lunar splat” theory that contradicts the “pluto splat” theory when neither theory is right and proven wrong is not going to defeat the andromedans tomorrow night ..  and now we have the “M31 M33 galaxy collision” that never really happened .. this time proving my brown dwarf system traveling through a higher etheric etheric dimension theory as true by comparing andromedan interaction with triangulum galaxy and what we see in our own galaxy and solar system .. until science understands these pole-star sciences then there is no chance of surviving the encounter tomorrow night with this ancient advanced andromedan life form and we know this because how inert the milky way galaxy was before the secret order intervened and we can see how triangulum galaxy is also inert without dwarf galaxy SGR brane collision to free them. “the more we achieve tonight the stronger we will be tomorrow night” — SS

” An example of a quasicrystalline pattern is shown in fig 2. It lacks the precise regularity you would see in a true crystal, which would look more like the kind of grid you would see on a piece of graph paper. The most elegant way of explaining the pattern of molecules in these strange materials is with a projection —- a sort of three-dimensional shadow — of a higher-dimensional crystalline pattern, which reveals the symmetry of the pattern of a higher-dimensional space. What looked like a completely inexplicable pattern in three dimensions reflects an ordered structure in a higher dimensional world. ” — Warped Passages by Lisa Randall

NGC 5544 is galaxy in the constellation Boötes. Interacting galaxies, NGC 5544 and NGC 5545. Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

This artist’s impression shows a gas “bridge” between the Andromeda Galaxy, or M31, on the right, and the Triangulum Galaxy, or M33, on the left. Photo By Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF