SS: this is the atlantean high house which actually there is a high house and a “netherworld” as the egyptians called it . below the high house is the nether world which is actually the land .. i think that it is an etheric hyper-dimension and it has its own dimension of time that is different from this 3D sinkhole dimensions .. and there is an astral dimension as well.. this 3D sinkhole was caused by two hyper-dimensions colliding .

SS: to enter the netherworld must pass through the “norma jean” stargate as enter into the mayan hunab ku beehive region .. this is where the heart is weighted on the scales of maat (libra) ..from their travel into Ophiuchus beehive region where the bees enter and leave the hive (the netherworld) of the northern triangle home of the pole-star vega .

SS: what this really means is that the “scalar potential” must be freed from the brane (illusion) and become a “full-looped scalar potential” and this first part is done in the Phoenix constellation as it travels up the river eradinus to the Orion Stargate which is one of two places the milky way intersects with the ecliptic.. at that point the “scalar potential” travels the Road of the Underworld (milky way) to the “norma jean” stargate where the heart must weight the same as a feather .. in our scalar physics it means the “scalar potential” must be tuned to “Soul of Earth” . which our sun is actually part of Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy which we will go more into that soon .. we return to the astral light from whence we came .

SS: in the egyptian images below can be seen the mermaid priestess enchantress entering and leaving the “norma jean” stargate .. the ancient egyptians knew this that the priestess enchantress was a mermaid .. that is because Thoth is an atlantean and he probably told them all about mermaid enchantress priestess .. the book of the dead is from the walls of the giza pyramids which are the pyramids that aligned with the three belt stars of Orion .

In structure, the castle of feudal times had evolved into a sophisticated and, eventually, practically impregnable fortress. It was generally designed as a series of “concentric compounds” isolated from each other by ramparts, moats, or walls”. and comprised such an intricate network of courts and passages that if one compound were lost to an invader, it could be recaptured from either side or totally on its own without substantially weakening the defensive strength of the other compounds. — Secrets of the Samurai

Whatever theories as to its nature may have been formed by the Magicians were upset by a famous experiment. A most holy High Priest, a man who at puberty had insisted on immediate marriage with all the women of his house, a Magician who had formed four new compounds of Zro, and discovered how to pass matter through matter, was honoured by the great death. On reaching the last corridor, where the concentrated spirals of Zro vapour whirled up into the Presence of Atla, he bade farewell to the appointed listeners in the manner suitable to his dignity, and then, taking a last deep draught of Zro into his lungs, rushed into the antrum. They heard him cry aloud “O!” with surprise, and then with inexpressible rapture the words “Behind Atla, Otla!” which were, and still are, completely unintelligible. Their surprise was greater, when, seven days later he came striding past them without greeting. He went to his “house” and shut himself up, was never seen or heard again, but was assuredly living at the time of the “catastrophe.” This man founded a school of philosophy, or rather, it founded itself on what it supposed him to have discovered; and this school disputes with the orthodox the credit of the final success. — Liber Li

125: Muthetepti emerges from the great gate in the sky. 174: Anubis introduces Hunefer to the weighing of his heart against the feather of Maat. Anubis depicted a second time, checks the accuracy of the balance. Thoth stands ready to write down the result, watched by the monster Ammit, who gobbles down hearts laden with sin. — The Egyptian Book of the Dead