SS: well we know the fake land frauds in the world will never go for this .. even though we have scientific proof to prove this . only the few will ever know the real truth .here in my atlantean protostar theory we can see that the solar system and everything in it existed before the gods of men were even a thought form .  the astral is attributed to the moon and venus which venus is the astral light and the moon its mirror reflection .. this is the dual properties of the astral light.

SS: you can see that our secret order science “main magical theory: the Quintessence” put forth over one hundred years ago has been proven truth by advanced scientific instruments .  the universe was created through the power of the non-polarized astral and polarization of etheric … in some physics theories they theorize two dimensions collided (which i think is the astral and the etheric hyperdimensions) which is basically the same theory as the “M” Theory of brane collisions .

SS: when a particle enters a Higgs Boson Field it polarizes and gains mass .. any particle outside of a Higgs Boson Field is non-polarized and has no mass . this suggests another dimension of “scalar potentials” of non-polarized waveforms exists outside of our Higgs Boson Field.

” To return to the main magical theory, the Quintessence, said they, or Universal Substance (which some strove to identify with Hyle, others with the Luminiferous AEther) is the two-in-one, liquid and solid, the former part being also twofold, fluid and gaseous, and the latter earthy and fiery. The combination of these four phases of Zro accounted for the universe. This quintessence is Zro in some state unknown and incalculable. Some expected to find it in its twelfth state, some in a seventeenth, others in a thirty-seventh: all this was pure guesswork. ” — Liber Li by A.’. A.’.

Missing matter found in deep space ” The ethereal strands of hydrogen and oxygen atoms could account for up to half the matter that scientists knew must be there but simply could not see, the researchers reported on Tuesday. “It is kind of like a spider web. The gravity of the spider web is what produced what we see,” Shull said in a telephone interview. “It’s very thin. Some of it is very hot gas, almost a million degrees.” This is where the dark matter comes in. The dark matter is heating up the gas, Shull said. “Dark matter has gravity. It pulls the gas in,” Shull said. “This causes what I call sonic booms — shock waves. This shock heats it to a million degrees. That makes it even harder to see.” The atoms of oxygen are in a stripped-down, ionized form. Five of the eight electrons are gone. It emits an ultraviolet spectrum of light that instruments aboard FUSE and Hubble can spot, Shull said. These web-like filaments of matter are the structure upon which the galaxies form, he said.”

This illustration shows how the Hubble Space Telescope searches for missing baryons or normal matter, by looking at the light from quasars several billion light-years away. In an extensive search of the local universe, astronomers say they have definitively found about half of the missing normal matter, called baryons, in the spaces between the galaxies. (NASA/ESA/A. Feild – STScI/Handout/Reuters)

This image provided by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center shows a diagram of the sun, the white dot in the center of the circle which represents the inner heliosphere encompassing the entire solar system. A tail of particles flows to the right of the heliosphere. The elongated shape in light blue, containing the inner heliosphere and heliotail, is the outer heliosphere, the region where the sun still has a small amount of influence. (AP Photo/NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center)