SS: i going to say this again do not go to japan in your lifetime .. don’t wine and dine in japan .. tokyo is completely radioactive and so is all the food and water there .. if you go to japan then you are the one who made the conscious choice to do something that you knew you shouldn’t do .. i do not tell anyone to go to japan so if you go then is your own fault and no one else. some people like to blame their problems that is their fault on other people .. i notice that the penguin church and its followers especially like to attempt to blame on others .

SS: 10-22-13 UPDATE: the penguin church would have us believe that this and other earthquakes should be worshiped of his god and of course for men of science and those who really know this would not be truth at all because this earthquake was caused by man using mahabharata weapons .. and other natural earthquakes can be scientifically explained but we save that for another blog because in this update i want to tell everyone that any data coming out by president Obama’s federal govy should be questioned. Instead of helping japan to solve this catastrophe crisis with funds or expert knowledge or any kind of technical help he has been sweeping this and other catastrophes (louisana sinkhole) under the rug. it has been almost three years and these catastrophes prove that the obama admin is incompetent and cannot handle a world crisis. instead he sweeps them under the rug and attempts to cover them up . obama’s federal govy is lying to us to cover up these catstrophes instead of handling them.

SS: as for turning earthquakes into holy rollerism’s we have to ask ourselves where is the pedophile’s god during these ongoing world crisis ?? we have radiation leaking into the pacific ocean for three years now and i think it is time to use science to solve this problem instead of waiting on the penguin church because obviously the little pedo-penguin isn’t praying hard enough..

SS: 02-10-14 UPDATE: i have added a japan radiation map dated 01 april 2011 .. in this map we can see that tokyo was very high levels of radiation during the catastrophe .. on 28 july 2012 i warned people to not go to japan that the radiation levels there were much higher than the media was saying they were .. during a catastrophe you must practice and use basic common sense. japan is in very bad shape and so is the usa downcurrent and downwind from this. that is why i have a real hard time watching obama running around having a great ole time as playing president while ignoring this japan catastrophe which looks like a slow poisoning US. another problem is with obama admin is that Putin has recently offered to ‘clean up” and obama continues to ignore this problem. i believe it is because it is worse than we are being told and that is not what obama wants to do with his presidency is clean up catastrophes ..  the only opportunity obama is really giving us is the opportunity to die from cancer .. it is very simple everyone WE NEED A NEW LEADER .

SS: 04-24-14 UPDATE: here is a video of a more realistic extent of the radiation contamination in japan. of course the real extent of the contamination has been covered up because encompasses all of northern japan including tokyo. some people enjoy japan however i believe that until new technologies are researched that neutralize radiation contamination then northern japan is not very safe. there are many people in denial about this catastrophe and that is understandable due to it’s massive scale and potential civilization ending consequences. it is a nightmare hard to face yet if it is not faced then it only continues to get worse.

Russian President Putin links gays to pedophiles 19 January 2014 MOSCOW — Making another favorite argument against homosexuality, Putin noted with pride that Russia saw more births than deaths last year for the first time in two decades. Population growth is vital for Russia’s development and “anything that gets in the way of that we should clean up,” he said, using a word usually reserved for military operations.

A Panther Chameleon sits on a branch at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Saturday, June 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

Sakurajima has spewed ash, lava more than 600 times (Fox News Video)

A volcano in Sakurajima, southern Japan erupted on Tuesday (July 24) spewing volcanic ash onto Kagoshima City. The volcano erupted at around 7:15 p.m. local time (1015 GMT), causing ash to cover roads, delaying trains and forcing the closure of a road on the southern part of Sakurajima island, local media said. Residents of Kagoshima City donned face masks and swept away ash on the roads. The volcano has erupted over 600 times this year and is expected to continue its intermittent eruptions, according to the Meteorological Agency. The Agency has maintained its volcano warning at level three out of five possible levels. A level five would signal the evacuation of residents near the crater, while level three warns people not to approach the volcano. Mount Sakurajima is one of Japan’s most active volcanoes.