SS: i am try to help smoothe out and develop this physics theory with my astral etheric theories .. the two images above shows “a particle with mass” traveling through what call the “higgs boson field” . i happen to read an article which had this video about this “higgs boson field” and realized they were actually talking about the etheric .

SS: let me describe secret order etheric: is a fluid liquid like water medium that uses tetrahdron molecular bonding which can change states from a crystalline ice state to a liquid state .. this etheric has NO FRICTION .. this no friction liquid etheric is important because within this ether vibrates the astral light “super-strings” oscillations . these oscillations once vibrating in this frictionless ether will vibrate forever unless another vibration exactly opposite peak to trough cancels the oscillation . diamonds, ice, water are the main objects that use tetrahedron molecular bonding .

SS: the etheric’s ability to change from water form into a crystalline ice form, or from a crystalline ice form to a liquid form can explain the “higgs boson field” theory . CERN describes the “higgs boson field” as a medium of snow. well that is very close to the secret order etheric medium that i have described as a frictionless water ice .

If we shrink down small enough we will find one extra tiny curled up dimension at every point in space.  The idea that extra dimensions exist all around us lies at the heart of string theory. In fact, the mathematics of string theory demand six extra dimensions twisted and curled into complex little shapes.

If we shrunk down small enough to fly into one these six dimensional shapes predicted by string theory we would see how the extra dimensions are twisted and curled back on each other influencing how strings fundamental ingredient of our universe move and vibrate ..

The tiny curled up six dimensional shapes predicted by the theory cause one string to vibrate precisely in the right way to produce what we see as a proton, and another string to vibrate in a different way  producing an electron. — Elegant Universe Briane Greene

SS: the secret order theory is that two multi-dimensional branes collided one being the etheric and the other the astral .. the strings are the astral and what determines their density is their vibration .. if it vibrates with the density of a proton then forms etheric ice shell of a proton .. this microcosmic scale is nearly identical to the macrocosm scale planetary formation theory that all moons and planets and pristine objects in the solar system have radioactive cores and etheric ice shells .

SS: this etheric has more properties that polarization forms 3d sinkhole and the etheric ice will change form from it’s etheric ice form into a solid form or into a liquid form .. the vibration of the astral string is what determines it’s formation as like the methane moon titan which it’s regenerating tetrahedron ice shell is forming tetrahedron liquid methane . something might be vibrating in the 3d sinkhole dimension and also the other dimensions too at the same time and even interacting and this interaction is why the regeneration properties of the etheric .

SS: CERN is saying that the denser the object the more it interacts with the etheric medium . that agrees with super strings theory and the secret order astral etheric theory .. that “higgs boson field” is a multi-dimensional etheric fluid . CERN said that interaction with this fluid causes that “vibrating super string” oscillating in this etheric medium to gain mass .. that is why it is regenerative because the etheric will continue to be a source for new etheric ice as it is changing form to liquid form or solid form as long as the “super string” is vibrating in the core.

SS: below shows what they call a “particle” which might be true but if it is not interacting with the “Higgs Boson Field” then it is probably a graviton astral state .. let’s call it a “wave form potential” or even a “scalar potential” because gravitons have special properties that allow them to travel into the higher dimensions and even travel to other 3d sinkholes .

SS: can also think of the “wave form potential” in this way . according to quantum physics something does not exist until consciousness perceives it .. until consciousness perceives it then it is still in it’s waveform potential form .. when it is perceived then it begins to materialize by the gravity oscillation starts to vibrate in such a way that it attracts etheric ice becoming more dense and like titan will develop depending on how the astral core develops .. as with titan it began to produce liquid methane . this “wave form potential” theory also applies to objects like comets entering the inner solar system for the first time .. they only exist as a higher dimensional “wave form potential” until consciousness perceives them .