SS: holiday seasons coming a little time goes by and the penguin shoplifting ring is back at it .. we know why apple products are on the top of the list of things to steal because they can fetch a good price on craigslist .. so everyone really need to watch their ipads, ipods, and iphones this season. places like best buy and walmarts are some favorite places to hit for these kinds of items .. you can see for yourself go to craigslist in your area and type in ipad . you will see all kinds of people selling all kinds of ipads many of them brand new in the box . some of these are stolen .

SS: the thieves are not going to miss out on the easy money this season .. they need pay for their stuff like gas and insurance for their cars and things like that… these criminals shoplifting might seem like a minor crime but many times their criminal activity will grow into other things especially when they believe they get away with it.  as can see last friday a walmart anti-theft  officer was gunned down by a fleeing thief so be careful this holiday season.

“Apple picking” (the theft of Apple products) is growing crime trend in the U.S.

Walmart employees in Margate are mourning the loss of a popular loss prevention officer after he was gunned down by a fleeing thief Friday night.