SS:  in this video from 2007 NASA says that they do not know what these orbs are that they regularly see near the space station . the NASA representative says they have tried to chase them but cannot catch them and they cannot pinpoint where they originate..what NASA really believes or this video is beside the point as I did not make the video.i am only using it to research the hypothetical andromedan remote viewing/monitoring technology.

SS: NASA says they chase these orbs but cannot catch them .. basically they are attempting to catch a ‘mirage’ it is there but it is not there . one can always see a ‘mirage’ in the distance but one can never seem to arrive at the ‘mirage’ they see in the distance because it is not really there. and i believe that is the case we have here with these orbs. they are ‘mirages’ of something that is there but really isn’t there.

SS: i will use advanced particle and hyper-dimensional physics to explain this phenomena. the first thing we must understand is what is a ‘Higgs Boson Field” ?? a ‘Higgs Boson Field’ is a field of consciousness. when the gases collapse and a galaxy first forms into existence the ‘Higgs Boson Field’ is the first thing that crystallizes into existence. Within this ‘Higgs Bosun Field’ is polarization and outside of this field is non-polarized wave-form potential of energy. a particle only exists as a wave-form potential until it enter the ‘Higgs Boson Field’ at which time it begins to polarize and become physical by gaining mass. what this implies is that there is another dimension beyond our ‘Higgs Boson Field’.

SS: now that we understand that every galaxy has a ‘Higgs Boson Field’ and that outside this field is a reservoir of waveform potential energy which exists in another dimension. some maybe might call this ‘dark energy’ . i suspect there may yet be even another hyper-dimension beyond the ‘dark energy reservoir’ that separate galaxies.. when we look out from our world we perceive what is within our “sphere of sensation”. the term “sphere of sensation” is a secret order term to describe the perception of consciousness which has been used for over a hundred years.

SS: the hypothetical andromedan technology i am describing is an advanced technology laser that is able to project through the higher dimensions that i describe. they are hyper-dimensions because there is no TIME or SPACE. therefore the laser is projected into this higher hyper-dimension. when something exists within these higher dimension like the dimension of ‘dark energy’ that surrounds our galaxy then it does not actually have mass. however .. it will reflect itself into our ‘Higgs Boson Field’ as a ‘mirage’ .. we perceive it as an orb due to polarization of the ‘Higgs Boson Field’ .. we do not actually see the laser because it exists in the higher dimension, we only see it’s reflection or a mirage.

SS: i have talked about in previous blogs that the andromedans are concerned about the progress of the local lifeform. the reason for their concern is that their brown dwarf system was destroyed last night when the proto-star ignited and much of their technology is scattered throughout our solar system.. you see the secret order destroyed the invading andromedans last night and their technology now belongs to the secret order..

SS: the reason the andromedans can only monitor us right now is because when their brown dwarf was destroyed so was their wormhole connection to our galaxy and solar system .. the brown dwarf system is what allowed them to enter our solar system without brane collision and awaken the life form soul to start to develop.. this is the reason why our galaxies are now in collision because they have no other choice than to collide branes and interact with us .. i have been saying this same thing for many years: “the more we achieve tonight the stronger we will be tomorrow night” –SS .

NASA | Take a “Swift” Tour of the Andromeda Galaxy Sep 16, 2009 NASA’s Swift satellite has acquired the highest-resolution view of the neighboring spiral galaxy M31. Also known as the Andromeda Galaxy, M31 is the largest and closest such galaxy to our own. It’s more than 220,000 light-years across and lies 2.5 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. Between May 25 and July 26, 2008, Swift’s Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) acquired 330 images of M31 at wavelengths of 192.8, 224.6, and 260 nanometers. The images represent a total exposure time of 24 hours. Some 20,000 ultraviolet sources are visible in the image, including M32, a small galaxy in orbit around M31. Dense clusters of hot, young, blue stars sparkle in the disk beyond the galaxy’s smooth, redder central bulge. Star clusters are especially plentiful along a ring about 150,000 light-years across.

The space shuttle Endeavour and International Space Station shine front and center in this amazing (and historic) photo of the two vehicles docked together as seen from a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Astronaut Paolo Nespoli snapped this view and others during the first-ever photo session of a shuttle docked at the space station. (NASA Handout)

Laser Imaging Through Obscurants (LITO)The Laser Imaging through Obscurants (LITO) system is an eye-safe imaging system that uses range-gating, our narrowband optical filters and polarization discrimination to allow for visualization through obscurants such as rain, fog, smoke, and haze.

Imaging through clouds  Published on Jul 30, 2013 This video is shot using our patented LITO system from a DC3 aircraft flying at 2500 feet above the ground. The image is a bit blurry and bouncy because we shot this from inside of the plane through the door opening as the plane was banked at 20°. The video illustrates that we can see through heavy cloud cover whereby the pilot would have no idea what was on the ground below him at this time using either his vision or other types of imaging sensors. The system is being developed by NASA to image runways and such under heavy fog conditions.

firelidar Jul 30, 2013 This video is taken with our Patented LITO technologies systems. The video is taken through Flames and smoke. You can see the outline of the flames and smoke in the frame. We are currently marketing this as a device to help firefighters, perimeter security people, and others see-through obscuring conditions.