TIME TO SEE COMET HARTLEY: For backyard stargazers, the next few nights are the best time to see green Comet 103P/Hartley 2 as it approaches Earth for an 11-million-mile close encounter on Oct. 20th. Set your alarm for the dark hours before dawn, go outside, and look straight up. You will find Hartley 2 not far from the bright star Capella: sky map. Although the comet is barely visible to the unaided eye, it is easy to find in binoculars and looks great through a backyard telescope. Doug Zubenel sends this picture (Oct. 9) from the Monument Rocks National Landmark in Kansas:

“To photograph the comet, I used a Canon Rebel XTi digital camera with an 85mm Nikkor lens,” says Zubenel. “This picture is a single 2-minute exposure begun with the lens focused on the rocks, with a quick flash, then focus-shifted to infinity for the remainder of the time at ISO 800.”

NASA scientists say 103P/Hartley 2 is one of the most active comets they’ve seen; it has a big atmosphere and outgassing from jets in the nucleus. Amateur astronomers are encouraged to monitor the action and submit their images here.

SS: hartley tear moves into auriga the charioteer as it reaches closest point to the earth ..the chariot is the chariot of the sun-god .in egyptian astronomy auriga is associated with orion the archer so it is orion ( ” the bringer of light ” in egyptian astronomy ) who drives the chariot shooting forth the pleiades’s arrows .  in greek myth someone else tried to drive the chariot and the horses knew and the driver lost control because the horses threw him and he fell to his death and the process of throwing him cause much havoc in the land .

SS: orion with his upstretched arm is the statue of liberty and the torch is a place along the ecliptic in which the milky way intersects with the ecliptic . there are only two places this happens the other is the mayan hunab ku region . below is a starmap of the hartley tear at its closest point to earth at .25 au in the constellation of auriga . it is heading next into the orion stargate for a close rendezvous with the moon in the weeks ahead :

Hartley Tear near ” Queen’s Eye ” Algol in Perseus
The Moon and the Hartley Tear
Hartley still near Andromeda
Hartley Teardrop Fireball!
Hartley Teardrop racing by Andromeda
Hartley Teardrop Passing Spiral Galaxy in Andromeda
of the horse mounts of the hartley teardrop
The Hartley Rose and Cross Teardrop

SS: the chariot below is the chariot from the mahabharata war .. it is vyasadeva the secret order high priest who along with the elephant kanesh wrote the mahabharata and the vedas .. interesting the barbie diamond will be sold on the day as hartley tear nears closest point to earth .