SS: this diamond is shaped like a tetrahedron goes on sale same day as barbie neck guard when hartley reaches closest point to earth oct 20 .

SS: there are two things that have the molecular bonding angle of a tetrahedron and that is water and diamonds .. it is because the tetrahedron is the ether and the ether is a liquid with no friction . because of this within the ether an oscillation will oscillate forever unless it is canceled by another wave that is opposite peak to peak than it .  it is the astral light which can set an oscillation into motion from nothing or it can cancel an oscillation like it does when it cancels a rogue wave .

SS: an example of this phenomena might be the soloman island earthquake tsunami which cause the haiti earthquake . the astral light caused an oscillation that canceled the haiti oscillation . the astral light feeds the astral oscillations so they will continue to oscillate long after the canceled oscillation stops oscillating .

The diamonds that make up the Bulgari Blue Diamond, a two-stone ring, are seen in this handout photograph October 18, 2010. AUCTION-JEWELS REUTERS/ CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2010/Handout/ (UNITED STATES – Tags: BUSINESS SOCIETY)

The Bulgari Blue Diamond, a two-stone ring, is seen in this handout photograph October 18, 2010. The ring, which was designed in the 1970s, is being sold from a private European collection likely for at least $12 million. The ring, which was given as a gift from the collector to his wife to celebrate their first son’s birth, was purchased for about $1 million in 1972. It features a 9.87 carat colorless triangular-shaped diamond paired with a triangular 10.95 carat “Fancy Vivid” blue diamond, the largest such blue diamond of this cut ever offered at auction. One in about 10 blue diamonds of this size has a color pure enough to qualify as “Fancy Vivid.” AUCTION-JEWELS REUTERS/ CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2010/Handout/ (UNITED STATES – Tags: BUSINESS SOCIETY)

” If we shrink down small enough we will find one extra tiny curled up dimension at every point in space. The idea that extra dimensions exist all around us lies at the heart of string theory. In fact, the mathematics of string theory demand six extra dimensions twisted and curled into complex little shapes. ”

“The tiny curled up six dimensional shapes predicted by the theory cause one string to vibrate precisely in the right way to produce what we see as a proton, and another string to vibrate in a different way producing an electron.”

SS: this is why the beehive crown has six sided star merged with five sided star . it is the astral and the ether together .. how else u gonna get a tear drop if u do not have a five pointed rose and six pointed cross .. we know that the rose and the cross is merging the five and the six .

11. Also I welded together the Flaming Star and the Sixfold Star in the forge of my soul, and behold! a new star 418 that is above all these.
12. Yet even so was I not deceived; for the crown hath twelve rays.
13. And these twelve rays are one.

A model displays a ring made of a pear-shaped vivid blue diamond weighing 5.02 (top), alongside a white diamond of the same shape weighing 5.42-carats during an auction preview at Sotheby’s in Geneva May 5, 2010.  REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud