Scientists Watch for a “Hartley-id” Meteor Shower Oct. 27, 2010: On Oct 16th, a pair of NASA all-sky cameras caught an unusual fireball streaking across the night sky over Alabama and Georgia. It was bright, slow, and–here’s what made it unusual–strangely similar to a fireball that passed over eastern Canada less than five hours earlier. The Canadian fireball was recorded by another set of all-sky cameras operated by the University of Western Ontario (UWO). Because the fireballs were recorded by multiple cameras, it was possible to triangulate their positions and backtrack their orbits before they hit Earth. This led to a remarkable conclusion:

“The orbits of the two fireballs were very similar,” Cooke says. “It’s as if they came from a common parent.”

There’s a candidate only 11 million miles away: Small but active Comet Hartley 2 is making one of the closest approaches to Earth of any comet in centuries. It turns out that the orbits of the two fireballs were not only similar to one another, but also roughly similar to the orbit of the comet. Moreover, meteoroids from Comet Hartley would be expected to hit Earth’s atmosphere at a relatively slow speed–just like the two fireballs did.

Two fireballs with “Hartley-esque” orbits observed on Oct. 16th by cameras in western Ontario (left) and the southeastern USA (right). Credit: UWO/NASA/Bill Cooke.

SS: see the starmaps below of hartley in the stargate orion region yesterday and today .. this region is one of two places where the milky way crosses the ecliptic . the other is in the mayan hunab ku galactic center .. this is the upraised torch of orion of the astral light . so having the moon meet hartley well timed in this region is not coincidence just as the hartley fireballs above are not coincidence .. we have moon and hartley in the orion stargate and anytime we see a moon and a star this is the silver star ..

2010 Dec ISIS Queen Star Alignment
2010 Nov Hartley Tear Near Sirius the ISIS Queen Star
2010 Oct Hartley Tear Exiting Auriga the Charioteer
2010 Oct Hartley Tear Closest Point to Earth
2010 Oct Of the Charioteer and the Hartley Tear
2010 Oct Hartley Tear near ” Queen’s Eye ” Algol in Perseus
2010 Oct The Moon and the Hartley Tear
2010 Oct Hartley still near Andromeda
2010 Sept Hartley Teardrop Fireball!
2010 Sept Hartley Teardrop racing by Andromeda
2010 Sept Hartley Teardrop Passing Spiral Galaxy in Andromeda
2010 July of the horse mounts of the hartley teardrop
The Hartley Rose and Cross Teardrop

Huemac of the Strong Hands (another name for Quetzalcoatl) the young god is Quetzalcoatl, the original comet figure who is also called Ehécatl, the god of the wind. Other natural elements found as attributes of Quetzalcoatl are: Son of White Cloud, Serpent, whirling wind and a strange element that states: “when he walked he shook fire from his sandals.” This was thought to be “emblematic of lightning.” However, except for the Dragon/Serpent that was the comet, serpents crawl actually craw; along the ground.

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