SS: v1 was the stealth comet, it was undetected until it came around the sun and exploded just as it neared saturn .. the comet passed within one degree of saturn and remains still very close to saturn as it start to move towards it rendezvous alignment with the moon on 02 dec 2010.

SS: this comet is being compared to the 2007 holmes* outburst which was priestess manifestation comet .. the reason is that holmes* outburst was such a big event that we now compare outbursts to it .. the holmes* outburst was a once in a lifetime and probably multiple lifetimes event .. this particular outburst is more about timing since it exploded just as it near the “ring of soul” saturn .. following this outburst started the ten year early dragon storm .

SS: the first starmap above is 08 Nov 2010 whenV1 ikeya-murakami suddenly appeared out of nowhere and went in outburst near saturn . when comets go into outburst there is also an outburst of x-rays and scalar activity . an outburst will last for weeks so v1 as it forms a “triangle of comets” with holmes* and schwassman-wachmann 1 as SW1 is escorting holmes*to the hunab ku .. click the starmaps above for location of v1 near saturn .

SS: this starmap below is 02 dec 2010 shows the moon in alignment with v1 comet and venus, saturn, and holmes* in the sky .¬† the moon moves from right to left along the ecliptic so it will pass near both schwassman-wachman 1 and holmes* in days before . venus is the astral light and the moon is it’s mirror .

COMET OUTBURST: Comet Ikeya-Murakami (C/2010 V1) is definitely undergoing an outburst event. Italian astronomers Ernesto Guido and Giovanni Sostero assembled the following animation from images they obtained between Nov. 4th and Nov 9th: The sequence clearly shows an explosion in progress. “Only Nov. 7th is missing,” they say, “because of rare cloudy skies over New Mexico, where the remotely-controlled telescope we used is located.” Another New Mexico observer, Leonid Elenin, estimates the size of comet’s expanding atmosphere as 4×6 arcminutes. “There is also some evidence of two symmetrical jets emerging from the nucleus of the comet,” he says.

The behavior of this comet reminds many onlookers of exploding Comet Holmes in 2007. Researchers believe Holmes exploded when an icy cavern in the comet’s nucleus collapsed. Perhaps something similar has happened to Comet Ikeya-Murakami. The icy visitor from the outer solar system made its closest approach to the Sun in late October, so it has just received a dose of solar heating that could trigger such an event. Amateur astronomers are encouraged to monitor developments. Various reports put the brightness of the comet between 7th and 9th magnitude, invisible to the naked eye but an easy target for telescopes such as the Comet Hunter. It’s easy to find, too, little more than a degree from Saturn in the eastern sky before dawn. Set your alarm and happy hunting! [Sky maps: Nov. 9, 10, 11] [3D orbit] [ephemeris]

1650b. inetisen seped esen inetisen uash esen it is they (the Pyramid Builders) who will be sharp, it is they who will be exalted, Sharp in pinpoint concentration and exalted in high telekinetic powers.

1650c. inetisen ba esen ineti esen sekhem esen it is they (the Pyramid Builders) who will have the Soul, it is they who will have the Power, sekhem, the demolition Power of large scale Telekinesis.

1651a. inetisen rediu en esen hetepet di suten te heneqet kau apedu menekhet shes it is they (the Pyramid Builders) who will cause for themselves the hit upon Eye which the Mortal King sets in place of bread, beer, oxen, fowl, clothing and alabaster (as the ritual Eye),

1651b. inetisen shezep esen hetepu esen netjeru it is they (the Pyramid Builders) who will accept their divine offerings,

1651c. inetisen setepep en esen seteput esen it is they (the Pyramid Builders) who will choose for themselves their choice-offerings,

1651d. inetisen iriu en esen oabut esen it is they (the Pyramid Builders) who will create for themselves their food,

1651e. inetisen itj esen ureret it is they (the Pyramid Builders) who will seize the Gigantic Eye

1651f. em ob pesedjeti in the company of the two Sets of Nine Pyramid Builders. Macrocosm and Microcosm. –The Pyramid Texts by THOTH From the Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara