SS: here are the three main martial arts of armed bujutsu ( martial arts with emphasis on spiritual development ) .. when we look into the sky the most prominent constellation is orion the hunter . not only is orion the “astral light” with it’s upraised arm but also he is an archer, and Pleiades’s is his arrow .

SS: the highest ranking samurai were expert proficient with the use of all these weapons from horseback . their horses are intelligent and know who their rider is and will throw the unknown causing much havoc, therefore, only high ranking samurai called “mounted samurai” were allowed to fight from horseback.

The Art of the Sword — “Living Soul of the Samurai”  The early japanese “deified” their swords and gave them kami names. It was not difficult to understand “how that a sword that has saved life, destroyed enemies, and performed other marvelous deeds tends to be regarded as a living being, full of strange, protective power, and therefore kami . Kami expressed in a single ideogram a variety of meanings related to tutelar beings or things divine. Thus it is not surprising to find that japanese tradition animistically linked the sword to ‘lightning’ . — Secrets of the Samurai

The Art of the Spear —  Naturally there were many samurai who specialized in the use of the spear. According to literature of bujutsu, an expert spearman trained in any of these schools was studiously avoided not only by single warriors but even by groups of warriors whom he could scatter with an intricate, yet impenetrable and deadly circular dance . — Secrets of the Samurai

The Art of Archery — For centuries the bow and arrow was “the chief weapon of the fighting man of japan”. The method of training widely adopted by the warriors their offspring being presented with bamboo grass horses and a bow in childhood . Kyujutsu was actually considered ” an essential branch of education the habit of shooting from horseback while in swft motion so as to deliver an arrow accurately in any direction was diligently cultivated” .