SS: the newly discovered MEGA-COMET boattini is inbound from dwarf planet xena and due to arrive into the inner solar system sometime between 2016 and 2020 .. we discovered it so far out that we are not even sure of the exact arrival although 2016 is the date atm. we are talkin about 6-9 years lead time . we have never before discovered a comet with this much lead time.

SS: the above two images are of the 2007 great comet p1 mcnaught during the day and at night .. i have uploaded these so we can visualize something to compare with what we are talking about. p1 mcnaught was estimated to reach 1 magnitude and when it arrived just as i predicted it became much brighter, it reach -5.5 magnitude daylight visible comet in 2007 ..this was just before @britneyspears comet holmes* manifestation ..

SS: i want you to visualize a this because the incoming MEGA-COMET is going to make this comet look a baby comet .. the only other comet we ever discovered with such a long lead time was great comet hale-bopp in 1995 which arrived in 1997 .. it spent two years in a spiral formation in the hunab ku .. below is a picture of  the planet-sized hale-bopp as it approached from it’s great distance before it arrived as the famous twin tailed kachina comet that we all know:


SS: so now we have discovered a comet 6-9 years lead time. no one is talkin about it because we never discover anything like this before. we have nothing to compare too . it has to be a massive object at least planet-sized and likely larger .. this is why i am calling it a MEGA-COMET . they are predicting it to reach 0 magnitude which is easily nakid-eye look up in the sky and you will see it . like p1 mcnaught i predict it will reach negative magnitudes and be daylight visible due to it’s great size and the fact the inner solar system is highly charged with electrons due to the suns magnetic field configuration broken north and south polarity.

SS: hale-bopp was 1.3 au from the sun at its closest, this object will only reach 8au from the sun unless the orbit changes . 0 magnitude at 8 au ?? we really need to know the size of this object . if it is planet sized it will begin to form a spiral coma at 2 – 3 years before its arrival . why can i predict it will be bright as i say ?? because it is the PRIESTESS QUETZECOATL COMET, see below:

SS: the first thing i want to do is zoom back in time to 2003 where we find MEGA_COMET boattini is right next to the priestess dwarf planet xena .. click the starmaps above to see its closest point to xena in 2003 and it’s location still near priestess dwarf planet xena nov 2010 .

SS: next year the PRIESTESS MEGA-COMET will reach the ecliptic where every month the moon will pass by it. click the starmap above to see an example in nov. 2011 where it will be in a tight alignment with the moon and jupiter .

SS: i am only do a few major events at the moment, the next one being in 2015 when the PRIESTESS MEGA-COMET will sit nearly right on top of Algol which i call ” queen’s eye ” .. now this is in 2015 and our earliest possible arrival is in 2016 . however latest orbital indicate also possible arrival in 2019 – 2020 . depending upon the size of this object it should have at least develop its spiral coma by 2015 . we will need to watch it . there are a lot of unknowns because we have just discovered it.

SS: if the object arrives in 2016 it will definitely be active next to “queens eye ” .. it still could be with a further out perihelion but a 2016 solution results in a massive bright object near “queens eye ” .. the problem is we do not know it’s exact perihelion . as of today perihelion is oct 2016 which places it still very near “queens eye ” and in 2015 it will already be developing .. this is still high above the ecliptic and will be clearly nakid-eye visible at night and during the day . if it is 2019 – 2020 then the mega-comet will be near polestar in draco .

SS: in any case we need more data .. we need orbital solutions to precisely find perihelion, and we need to learn how big this object is. if it is larger than a planet then we have a MEGA-COMET and we will witness what myths are born from .. there are unknowns but every time a comet has ever come from the hunab ku or from somewhere like this dwarf planet xena they always put on a show and this one is already predicted due to orbitals and current magnitudes to reach at least 0 magnitude when it arrives. like great comet p1 mcnaught if it is brighter and reach negative magnitudes and become the comet like none before it .. the PRIESTESS QUETZECOATL MEGA-COMET ..  we must leave past failures behind to move forward into the day as the quetzecoatl boattini will rose and shine brilliantly in the sky .