SS: varuna wr106 moon which is currently near the beehive cluster in the beehive crown region of the sky . i stated earlier that the moon and venus is the astral light, that venus was the astral light and the moon it’s mirror . i also explained that all moons are mirrors . in my thinking varuna and quaoar go together .

SS: now because this astral light is a proven phenomena by science then that means we cannot keep pretending that it does not exist or just whenever we remember to think about it, all of reality is really an illusion and is also beehived . at the end of the day all of illusion is destroyed and only consciousness lives again the next night .

New world rivals Pluto Thursday, 24 May, 2001 At 900 km (550 miles) across, Varuna is only slightly smaller than Charon (1,200 km or 750 miles in diameter), the tiny moon that orbits Pluto (2,400 km or 1500 miles in diameter), the most distant of the Sun’s planets. The data also indicates that Varuna is more reflective than most other small worlds for which accurate measurements are available – though it is less reflective than Pluto or Charon.

Above is artist rendition of the dwarf planet TNO (20000) Varuna as it would appear as an ellipsoid.. Image: NASA Below is artist rendition of the dwarf planet TNO (20000) Varuna as it would appear as an ellipsoid.. Image: NASA

Varuna (the Coverer or Binder), The Mysterious Law of the Gods

Varuna presides over the relationship of man with the gods. He is the ruler of the “other side”, of the invisible world. The sudden favor of the gods and the elements, their unaccountable cruelty, cannot be understood. The behavior of Varuna, who rules over the invisible, cannot be foreseen; hence he appears a dangerous lord, a despot. “He is the owner of the magic-power (maya) through which forms are created. He represents the inner reality of things, higher truth, and order in their transcendent aspects, beyond the understanding of man. His absolute power is felt during the night and in all that is mysterious, while man-made laws, represented by Mitra, rule the day.

Although usually linked with Mitra, Varuna is occasionally invoked alone and is the uncontested ruler (samraj) of the Adityas. He is everywhere, in the universe and around it, pervading all things as the inner law and order of creation. “He bound together the hours of the day and established the morning with magic art. He is seen beyond all things. He is the creator and sustainer of the world, having inherited the prehistoric function of the sky (Dyaus). He established and maintains natural and moral laws, expressions of the cosmic order. His laws are unassailable and rest upon him as on a mountain.

As the King, Varuna is the justice-giver, whose duty it is to punish the guilty. He catches the evildoers and binds them with his noose. “The Lord who punishes is Varuna. He is the King whose duty it is to punish.” He is “the binder”, whose envoys are watching over both worlds, whose spies are ever at work. He gives freedom to the sinner who repents.

In later mythology Varuna came to be relegated to the position of a god of death. Indra, the ruler of the sphere of space, took precedence over him, the ruler of the sky. In the Mahabharata and all later texts Varuna appears as the lord of the waters, and ruler of the sea and the subterranean waters. He is the giver of rain, of hydropsy, and has been the owner of the soma. He rules over the rivers and their genii. The serpent gods, the nagas, are his subjects. He also rules over the anti-gods. He is the regent of the western direction. His domain is the western ocean. He also rules over one of the lunar mansions.

The name Varuna may come from the root vr, meaning “to surround, envelope, or cover.” It refers to the sky, all that veils or covers, all that is mysterious, cryptic, hidden. Varuna is also the lord of the causal waters that surround the world. The name Varuna can also be derived from the root vr, “to restrain”, “to check” referring to the god’s character as the giver of punishment. “He covers all things or binds, hence he is Varuna.

According to the Vedas, Varuna has four faces, one which is like the face of Agni. He has a tongue, he eats and drinks. His eye, shared with Mitra, is the sun. Sometimes he has a thousand fierce eyes. He winks; his breath is the wind. He has arms and beautiful hands, as well as a shining foot. He is splendidly dressed, wearing a golden mantle. Two armed, he stands on the back of a swan. His right hand shows the gesture of removing fear. In his left hand he holds a noose made of a serpent. -The Gods of India

SS: on 21 dec 2010 there will be a lunar eclipse in the orion stargate with the moon and varuna .. it is the orion stargate because it is the upright torch of the lightbringer .. it is one of two places where the milky way intersects with the ecliptic . it is the astral light .

SS: below is the secret order sage vyasadeva .. he is the authority on mahabharata warfare .. there is none who know more about it than him since he was there and recorded it .. he knows what happened last night during the atlantean war too .. he also divided the vedas .. he is hindu but when you learn of the mahabharata war then understand why hinduism is the third secret order science with egyptian and mayan .

Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 A total eclipse of the Moon occurs during the early morning hours of December 21, 2010 (for observers in western North America and Hawaii, the eclipse actually begins on the evening of December 20). The entire event is visible from North America, Greenland and Iceland. Western Europe will see the beginning stages of the eclipse before moonset while western Asia will get the later stages after moonrise. During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon’s disk can take on a dramatically colorful appearance from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and (rarely) very dark gray.