SS: this is some research i have been working on for several years . the details of what happened last night . when i say last night i mean a different “TIME ZONE” not this one. in the previous “TIME ZONE” the sun had not yet become a sun, it was still in it’s protostar stage . that means that the sun wasn’t hot, it had a planetary disk of charged space dust and cometary debris .. the laws of physics were different than they are in this “TIME ZONE” because it existed in the space dust planetary disk . this “TIME ZONE” did not exist until after the great cataclysmic event that resulted in the destruction of the martian world but also the polarization came into effect as the protostar ignited exploded sending all the debris out to the oort cloud .

The Earth-Moon system during the Late Heavy Bombardment period Submitted on 23 Jul 2009) Abstract: The Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB) period is the narrow time interval between 3.8 and 3.9 Gyr ago, where the bulk of the craters we see on the Moon formed. Even more craters formed on the Earth. During a field expedition to the 3.8 Gyr old Isua greenstone belt in Greenland, we sampled three types of metasedimentary rocks, that contain direct traces of the LHB impactors by a seven times enrichment (150 ppt) in iridium compared to present day ocean crust (20 ppt).

SS: unfortunately the martian planet, nor did its brown dwarf that it orbited that gave it heat survive .. mars took at least one at hellas basin and possibly two major impacts that resulted in several supervolcanos going off at the same time . in the map above u can see the supervolcanos they were in eruption and the canyon leading down from these volcanos was actually carved out by this massive lava flowing from the supervolcanos .

Superplume Concept Applies To Tharsis Area On Mars Like Africa, Tharsis bulges out relative to its surroundings, Baker noted. Also, Tharsis shows evidence of a long history of tectonic activity, with faults, rifts, valleys, igneous plateaus and other spectacular features that are similar to the expression of Earth’s suspected superplumes, Dohm said. “

“There are volcanoes that would sit on top of the state of Arizona and stand 17 miles high. The canyon system would stretch from New York to Los Angeles, really dwarfing the Grand Canyon,” Dohm said. “This is the major heat engine of Mars. And it’s probably over 3 billion years old.”

Symmetries of volcanic distributions on Mars and Earth and their mantle plume dynamics “The high level of symmetry of Mars’ volcanic distribution may be the result of a focusing of seismic energy from a major impact in the Hellas area that formed the Hellas basin and may have triggered the onset of volcanic activity in the greater Tharsis area.”

“On the basis of these calculations, we venture to propose that the volcanic history of Mars reflects the transformation of a bipolar mantle plume structure into a single megaplume by the process of plume-plume collision acting in concert with the deep Martian phase transitions. This transformation might have overcome the original pattern induced by a major impact forming the Hellas basin.” — JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 103, NO. E12, PAGES 28,587–28,598, 1998

Impact-induced Martian mantle plumes: Origin of Tharsis “Tharsis could have experienced a large impact early in Martian history (Schultz & Glicken, 1979; Schultz, 1984; Schultz & Frey, 1990). Recent studies suggest that this hypothesis is plausible from a geodynamical point of view (Reese et al., 2002; 2004). Large impacts at the end of planetary formation are a statistically inevitable consequence of accretional dynamics (Wetherill, 1985,1990; Weidenschilling et al., 1997; Chambers & Wetherill, 1998; Agnor et al., 1999) and result in melting beyond the excavation zone producing an intact melt region with radius of the order of several impactor radii (Melosh, 1990; Tonks & Melosh, 1992;1993; Pierazzo et al., 1997).”

The biggest canyon in the solar system can be seen by merging hundreds of photos from NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter. The canyon system on Mars, named Valles Marineris, stretches as far as the distance from California to New York. Photo:/AFP

SS: i am going to focus just on mars in this blog .. here on mars we have knowledge that superplumes are part of the supervolcano eruption .. we can see for ourselves on mars a catastrophe involving supervolcanos erupting .the minerals that are found in the canyon match those found in volcanic lava flow regions on earth .. the theory that water carved this canyon is not correct, this was caused by the super volcanos eruption .. here is a video shows that mars had a super plume bulge near the volcanos and canyon that formed after the impact .

SS: the two strange asteroid moons circling mars are probably not really moons .. they are either space station that were in orbit and covered by so much space dust from however many years it has been, or they are hallowed out asteroids that were being mined by the martians . that is why they do not act like moons one of them is actually slowly circling closer into mars and will crash into the planet eventually like a dead satellite .  these martians were ten times more advanced than us and because of this our solar system has ancient artifacts from this race on mars ..

SS: whatever god the martians believed in at that time did not save them . they got owned . now this proof we can see it in the mirror .. it is also reflected on the earth at the cuban “scar” region .. it is actually scorpions .. this god who says that we just have to take his word for what he is going to do is not the truth . the martians thought their god was all powerful but apparently he was not powerful enough. since the past cannot be challenged i think instead focus on the present beehiving, and the future colonizing and bringing the martian planet back to life, and exploring artifacts .. that will give something to do instead of catastrophe . and in this way we will be stronger tomorrow night when we will all face the next brane collision which we already know is going to happen we can see it reflection .

“It was the most ancient tradition of the Atlantean Magicians that they were the survivors of a race inhabiting a country called Lemuria, of which the South Pacific archipelago may be the remains. These Lemurians had, they held, built up a civilization equal, if not superior to their own; but through a misunderstanding of magical law — some said the 2nd, some the 8th, some the 23rd — had involved themselves and their land in ruin. Others thought that the Lemurians had succeeded in their magical task, and broken their temple. In any case, it was the secret Lemurian tradition that they themselves represented the survivals of a yet earlier race who lived on ice, and they of yet another who lived in fire, and they again of earlier colonists from Mars.” liber li by A.’.A.’.