SS: after the comet murakami outburst near saturn earlier this month a dragon storm has developed on saturn and now they are calling it a mega-storm . we need to learn more about this phenomena . what is causing the dragon storm on saturn .

SS: did you know that the weight of saturn is so light that if we put it into the earth’s ocean it would float . that is amazing . sounds like a science experiment .. add a drop of sulphur into the vial and watch all the gases separate one floats, one stays in middle, and one or two sink . so the brown dwarf was separated into four gas giants .

This Dec. 24 picture from the Cassini orbiter shows a huge storm on Saturn as a bright-colored whirl on the planet’s disk. The raw, unprocessed image, which was received and released today, also shows the dark shadows of Saturn’s rings on the disk. NASA / JPL / SSI