SS: this diamond was just found over the weekend in arkansas. this region is cherokee lands. my tribe is called the “lost cherokee” of arkansas which “lost cherokee” is pronounced in native cherokee ” u-le-na-hi-dv  tsa-la-gi ” .. the cherokee were hived by their ani-kutani chiefs . that is the reason behind the legend about the bee god in the mississippi region .

SS: it was found as the moon was at closest point to earth in many years so they named it the “silver moon” diamond . in book 777 by the A.’.A.’. which is based upon a golden dawn manuscript called “the book of correspondences” the white diamond corresponds to crown or the lamp .. this one must actually correspond with the “astral mirror” since it is lunar and the moon is the reflecting mirror of the venus astral light .. being found under the supermoon makes it’s correspondence even more likely this is an “astral mirror” diamond . mermaid priestess uses an astral mirror in the mermaid priestess maps .

Arkansas Couple Find 2.44-Carat Diamond Mar 21, 2011 1:23 PM  An Arkansas couple finds a flawless 2.44-carat white diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro.  The big find was made on Sunday afternoon according to a State Parks official. Due of the gem’s silver white color, and because it was discovered during the weekend of a full moon “supermoon” event, the couple named their diamond the Silver Moon.