SS: Comet Schwassman-Wachman 1 has undergone multiple outburst now for weeks and has now formed a beautiful pearl in the sky … view an image of the schwassman-wachmann pearl in the sky here .. it is at the beginning stages of the renewed outburst and the pearl effect may grow. just below the comet can be seen a spiral galaxy. it is beginning to look like last years decade bright outburst .

SS: the skymap above shows the position of the sw1 comet which i call the “vanguard comet” due to it’s orbit being so small we can always see it and how it outbursts right at the right moments.

SS: the alignment of the moon, venus, and benu bird “heart soul of ra” is in two days on 29 Mar 2011  .. the moon is moving into alignment now.view the skymap below to see the alignment venus and the moon are moving from right to left along the green ecliptic line while the benu bird is moving upwards where it will pass directly through the delphimus loop this summer ..

“I go in like the Hawk,and I come forth… like the Bennu, the Morning Star ( the planet Venus… or Sirius)… of Ra; I am the Bennu… which is in Heliopolis” “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.”.