SS: in the above starmap is the benu bird next to a star called ankaa in the constellation phoenix ..  this starmap is from last year when it was discovered . in the starmap is also of the beestingers .. last week the benu bird was in alignment with the moon and venus .. it will continue upwards where it will pass through the delphinus loop .

SS: when i think of something reborn from its own ashes i think of the pyramid builders . they manifest once every 36000 years. so i think we have the rebirth of something at the macro wasp hive level not just the micro beehive level .. of course it would be that way since the star418 beehive crown is both micro and macro .

SS: the 05 April 2011 starmap below shows the MEGA-COMET Boattini (quetzecoatl priestess comet) in alignment with the moon .. you can see the priestess planet xena below from where it comes. in the starmap can also be seen the benu bird still near venus . it is interest that tempel 1 is also in the starmap so it also was part of the alignment last month.

“I go in like the Hawk,and I come forth… like the Bennu, the Morning Star ( the planet Venus… or Sirius)… of Ra; I am the Bennu… which is in Heliopolis” “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.”.

Twelve Alligator now holds the staff of Venus, the Morning Star, the Bringer of Dawn. The possession of such objects confers status, authority, and the right to rule. (Brennan, p. 67)

The tupayauri, defined by Holquin as “the royal sceptre, staff, royal insignia of the Inca,” was the symbol of Imperial authority among the historical Incas. Tupa means royal in Quechua, while yauri is the Aymara word for copper. (p.127)