SS: the great planetary alignment of 2011 continues near the xena priestess planet and mega-comet which will culminate into the month-long mega-eclipse next month starting with the first solar eclipse on 01 june followed by the hunab ku beehive region eclipse near the nunki star and lagoon nebula rose and ending in another solar eclipse on 01 july .. on another note cannot wait for the new dark matter data from NASA’s new Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer cosmic ray detector launched by endeavor yesterday morning .

MORNING PLANETS: The Great Morning Planet Show of May 2011 is only half over. There are still 14 mornings to go. The show’s second act began on May 16th with three bright planets hovering over space shuttle Endeavour: “I witnessed the launch of Endeavour early Monday morning and was greeted by this scene when I arrived at NASA’s VIP viewing site on Banana Creek,” says photographer Tom Cocchiaro of the New Hampshire Astronomical Society. “It was as though the Gods were watching over Endeavour as it sat perched on the launch pad in the early twilight hours. Too cool for words.”