SS: the above starmap shows all the most interesting objects found in the “northern triangle” which consists of three constellations of cygnus the swan, aquila the eagle, and lyra the lyr and swooping eagle . it is the main stars of these constellations that form this northern triangle with the polestar VEGA .. click on the starmap above to see the location of most interesting northern triangle opbjects and read about them below.

It should be noted that Deneb of Cygnus, part of the constellation called the Northern Cross, connects to the Summer Triangle together with Vega of Lyra. (The Peruvian Llama and its young) and Altair of Aquila. The Summer (Winter) Triangle was the apparent “hearthstones” of the gods, especially that of God L, or Ophiuchus as the god/constellation.

These stars are located below Ophiuchus in the Andes, but above that constellation north of the Equator. This configuration is the southern version of Sahagún’s clock coordinates. The three-stars are part of the Summer Triangle that may have originally portrayed the great bird figure on the Nasca Plains in Peru.

The emphasis here on the Summer Triangle leads us to the constellation below these stars, to a more familiar one found in Peru, that of Ophiuchus, or the god who holds two serpents, one in either hand and who wears a pointed hat as in Figure 2. On the plains of Nasca, an empty space that could relate to this constellation is an area of the constellation Ophiuchus, (the most important god of the Inca) flanked by one radish with a sword (#7) and the other with what appears to be a road (#6).

SS: i will start in cygnus the swan, the first image is called the crescent nebula which of course refers to the moon and is located next to the x-ray source blackhole cygnus x-1, the second image is of the veil nebula, i mention this because there could be many uses for a hiding ones identity or identities as in some egyptian pharoahs were known to have multiple souls. the second image of the egg nebula in the constellation of cygnus the swan i will go more into detail as it is an interesting part of cygnus and the northern triangle .

SS:  i spoke about how the non-polarized vortex of energy ( called serpent power ) rises from the polestar in draco in constellation of the dragon ( coiled dragon serpent power ) to the summer triangle where it is first pacified in the constellation of cygnus the moon swan .. here in this book called The encyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and motifs we can read about this swan egg . pass through the pacifying moon before passing through the solar stargate.

SS: once this serpent power is pacified by the lunar node it then becomes the flying eagle and then descend again as the swooping eagle of the polestar VEGA as causing a certain graviton consciousness of lyra the scalar harp .. when we follow the milky way south we find ophiuchus also known as the beegod due to it’s blocky appearance and the milky way appearing as bees coming and going from a hive .

SS: this egg is also an alchemical symbol . it is used in egyptian, incan/mayan/aztec, and hindu ancient sciences .. which the polestar science i describe above is also an alchemical science .. we can see that the alchemical egg symbol is that of an egg with a coiled serpent around it which perfectly describes the polestar science i have described above regarding the non-polarized vortex energy of the polestar in draco and the rising of this serpent power to the moon swan egg of the northern triangle where it is pacified before descending again as polestar VEGA.

SS: here in this book called Max Ernst and alchemy this egg is referred to as the philosophic egg or alembic vessel and is lunar .. it also mentions the alchemical queen as being lunar which we find this pretty much everywhere the lunar moon goddesses .. which the priestess queenBee is a moon goddess, a secret order priestess as described in book 777 and other hermetic texts .. however, priestess queenBee will be found at Sirius which the egyptians did connect with the polestar VEGA because as VEGA is setting in the west then sirius is rising in the east .. the reason being both are full looped gravitons but also eclipsing binaries .

SS: the next place of focus will be the constellation of lyra in which reside the polestar VEGA . the first image is the ring nebula which consists of a white dwarf in the center of the gaseous nebula .. in the pyramid texts written on the walls of egyptian pyramids the “ring of soul” is spoken about many times .. i think it can be represented by many things and one these is a “scalar potential” of mind that is a full loop graviton that is not bound to the brain and therefore can escape to higher dimensions by merging back with the astral from whence it came and passing through the stargates.

SS: on the right side of the ring nebula is Sulafat and on the left is an eclipsing binary system like found in sirius called Sheliak .. when we talk about an eclipsing binary we mean that one star orbits around the other star .. the next object is called the double double .. it is a double star located near the polestar VEGA .

SS: now this summer triangle leads us to ophiuchus the mayan beegod .. and i am try to explain how priestess queenBee is form the full loop “scalar potential” of an eclipsing binary queenStar consciousness of sirius by this secret order silver star beehive polestar sciences we have the crescent nebula in cygnus and the polestar VEGA in lyra.

MAYAN BEE GOD The Bee image of a flying god has to be related to a stinging element. Ophiuchus has a blocky appearance with a pointed roof. It has two extra areas on each side where the radishes appear to fit. The area on the left stretches out into the Milky Way, just about where there is a break in the star formation. It gives the appearance of bees either coming or going from a hive. The two places that use a bee-god image most prominently are near the sea coast at Tulum, and in the Mississippi area of the US.