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Of the Secret Order Andromedan Psylon Resurrection Technology






SS: i am going to show the secret order resurrection technology using Battlestar Galactica psylon resurrection ship and resurrection hub. maybe it will help to visualize the beehive resurrection technology i have been describing for years. this technology i am going to describe was captured from the andromedans last night by the secret order when the entire Andromeda fleet was destroyed during the proto-star ignition.

SS: quick overview of psylon resurrection technology. the resurrection ships orbit a planet and psylons that die in the world download into the resurrection ship and continue to live maintaining all memories of past lives.  the resurrection hub is a central point that connects to multiple resurrections ships orbiting worlds or traveling with fleets.

SS: which is which in my beehive resurrection technology ?? the two resurrection ships represent the two stargates orion and the galactic core hunab ku and northern triangle high house.. the downloading to the resurrection ship is the path of the milky way road i have been describing of the ancients. first we travel the river eradinus until we reach the foot of Orion and travel the belt of Orion to the upright torch of Orion in the ecliptic which represents the astral light.  if this were BSG then one could re-enter the world from here the solar stargate or solar bark of the ancient egyptians.

SS: this solar bark resurrection ship can travel yet further following the path of the Milky Way road till reach the courtyard of the Atlantean High House in the mayan hunab ku stargate at the galactic center. this is the black hole stargate st the center of the Milky Way galactic core blackhole is connected to a black hole Cygnus X1 in the Northern Triangle, the atlantean High House through entanglement. from the high house one can reach multiple other worlds using egyptian solar bark space ships that travel viz the stargates.

SS: what is the difference between reincarnating back into the world from the solar stargate resurrection ship and entering the world from the resurrection hub ?? the solar resurrection ship one does not require to be tuned ‘Soul of Earth” it only needs to reach the astral light, and one can only reincarnate within linear time, or in other words never back into the past or future of a TIMELINE. entering the world from the resurrection hub one can enter the world at any point in TIME of the world of it’s past or future and that incarnation into the world has the power to change the entire TIMELINE

SS: Ailester Crowley was one who changed the TIMELINE.. comet Holmes* exploded into mega-outburst as big as the sun when he was 17 and then his writings and work spread throughout the land.. and hidden in mounds of what i call fluff is secret order intelligence data . AC arrived into the world in the past AFTER the enchantress queen arrived back at the High House..

SS: how about seeing the enchantress priestess after she arrived back to High House and then entering the world and seeing her before she died ?? to the primitive mind this might seem impossible .. the TIMELINE changed in 2004 boxing day tsunamii earthquake gravity wave and Holmes* reignited mega-outburst larger than the sun in 2007 again.  how many secret order are moving in and out operating in this world ?? well that depends.

In structure, the castle of feudal times had evolved into a sophisticated and, eventually, practically impregnable fortress. It was generally designed as a series of “concentric compounds” isolated from each other by ramparts, moats, or walls”. and comprised such an intricate network of courts and passages that if one compound were lost to an invader, it could be recaptured from either side or totally on its own without substantially weakening the defensive strength of the other compounds. — Secrets of the Samurai

Think also, o my Son, of this Image, that if two States be at Peace, a Man goeth between them without Let; but if there be War, all Gateways are forthwith closed, save only for a few, and these are watched and guarded, so that the Obstacles are many. —Liber Aleph by the A.’.A.’.

Two closely orbiting black holes in a galaxy about 4.2 billion light-years from Earth emit wavy jets while the third black hole in the trio is more distant, emitting linear jets. Research shows these kinds of systems are more common than originally believed. Image released June 25, 2014.  Roger Deane (large image); NASA Goddard (inset bottom left; modified from original)

This simulated image demonstrates how small the Milky Way would look from the location of ULAS J0744+25, nearly 775,000 light-years away. Visualization Software: Uniview by SCISS Data: SOHO (ESA & NASA), John Bochanski (Haverford College) and Jackie Faherty (American Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Institute’s Department of Terrestrial Magnetism)

Battlestar Galactica Resurrection HUB (BSG Screen Capture)

Battlestar Galactica Resurrection Ship (BSG Screen Capture)



SS: how does one reach the egyptian solar bark ?? well this is all explained in ‘string theory’ and ‘m brane theory’ .. one must develop their ‘scalar potential’ (consciousness) and free itself from the brane (illusion).  this path was shown by the atlantean ancients theory that one must reach the sun by traveling to each orb until one reaches the solar stargate.

SS: this path is shown in the hermetic kabbalah in which one passes from earth through the middle pillar which reaches the moon. on each side of the middle pillar are two stumbling blocks of the devil and the other of death. passage along one will lead to madness while passage along the other will lead to death. both the right and the left hand paths are of illusion. only the middle pillar through the moon leads to the solar stargate through the loops of venus and mercury.

SS: once the “scalar loop” reaches the sun it will arrive in the courtyard of the hunab ku ‘norma jean’ stargate where the heart is weighed upon the ‘Scales of Maat’ where the heart must weigh the same as a feather. in other words the scalar loop must be vibrating at the same frequency as the ‘Soul of Earth’ to pass into the Summer Triangle or atlantean High House.  where reality of TIME and SPACE is much different than this world of illusion.

SS: for all intents and purposes this world is a computer generated illusion reflection.  it is a polarized world (polestar polaris) and has tetrahedron regeneration properties (polestar thuban non-polarized geomagentic energy) which is a reason for how two trees, or at least not a lot of trees look the exact same. although it might be possible to notice two trees appear exact copies of each other.

SS: these two polestars are the merger of two hyper-dimensions thus they each have their own set of laws.  this world is governed by the laws of polarity or etheric and the laws of “non polarized geomagnetic energy) astral light . the third set of laws governing this world is polestar vega (astral light consciousness including beehive consciousness). the hive technology myths of the ancients tell us that at the end of the day all of illusion is destroyed and only consciousness lives again.

“Closed loops of strings do exist .. and one kind is responsible for gravity and is called a graviton. Because the closed loop has no loose ends to tie down it can escape to higher dimensions thus making it appear weaker than the other forces of nature ..” — The Elegant Universe

“String theory concentrated on closed loops like rubber bands but after M Theory everything we see around us like matter and light is made of open ended strands and the ends of each string are tied down to our three dimensional membrane.” — The Elegant Universe

Learn then of me the Secret Mystery of Illusion, and how it Worketh, and other Holy Law that is its Nature, and of thine Action therein; for this is an Arcanum of the Wisdom of the Magi, and proper unto thee that dwellest in the Land of Understanding. —Liber Aleph by the A.’.A.’.

A composite image of the supernova SN 2010jl within its galaxy shows X-ray observations from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (in purple) and optical data from the Hubble Space Telescope. SN 2010jl appears as the bright purple spot at the top of the galaxy. ( NASA/CXC/Royal Military College of Canada/P.Chandra et al); Optical: NASA/STScI)


    Of the Andromedan Remote Viewing Technology




    SS:  in this video from 2007 NASA says that they do not know what these orbs are that they regularly see near the space station . the NASA representative says they have tried to chase them but cannot catch them and they cannot pinpoint where they originate..what NASA really believes or this video is beside the point as I did not make the video.i am only using it to research the hypothetical andromedan remote viewing/monitoring technology.

    SS: NASA says they chase these orbs but cannot catch them .. basically they are attempting to catch a ‘mirage’ it is there but it is not there . one can always see a ‘mirage’ in the distance but one can never seem to arrive at the ‘mirage’ they see in the distance because it is not really there. and i believe that is the case we have here with these orbs. they are ‘mirages’ of something that is there but really isn’t there.

    SS: i will use advanced particle and hyper-dimensional physics to explain this phenomena. the first thing we must understand is what is a ‘Higgs Boson Field” ?? a ‘Higgs Boson Field’ is a field of consciousness. when the gases collapse and a galaxy first forms into existence the ‘Higgs Boson Field’ is the first thing that crystallizes into existence. Within this ‘Higgs Bosun Field’ is polarization and outside of this field is non-polarized wave-form potential of energy. a particle only exists as a wave-form potential until it enter the ‘Higgs Boson Field’ at which time it begins to polarize and become physical by gaining mass. what this implies is that there is another dimension beyond our ‘Higgs Boson Field’.

    SS: now that we understand that every galaxy has a ‘Higgs Boson Field’ and that outside this field is a reservoir of waveform potential energy which exists in another dimension. some maybe might call this ‘dark energy’ . i suspect there may yet be even another hyper-dimension beyond the ‘dark energy reservoir’ that separate galaxies.. when we look out from our world we perceive what is within our “sphere of sensation”. the term “sphere of sensation” is a secret order term to describe the perception of consciousness which has been used for over a hundred years.

    SS: the hypothetical andromedan technology i am describing is an advanced technology laser that is able to project through the higher dimensions that i describe. they are hyper-dimensions because there is no TIME or SPACE. therefore the laser is projected into this higher hyper-dimension. when something exists within these higher dimension like the dimension of ‘dark energy’ that surrounds our galaxy then it does not actually have mass. however .. it will reflect itself into our ‘Higgs Boson Field’ as a ‘mirage’ .. we perceive it as an orb due to polarization of the ‘Higgs Boson Field’ .. we do not actually see the laser because it exists in the higher dimension, we only see it’s reflection or a mirage.

    SS: i have talked about in previous blogs that the andromedans are concerned about the progress of the local lifeform. the reason for their concern is that their brown dwarf system was destroyed last night when the proto-star ignited and much of their technology is scattered throughout our solar system.. you see the secret order destroyed the invading andromedans last night and their technology now belongs to the secret order..

    SS: the reason the andromedans can only monitor us right now is because when their brown dwarf was destroyed so was their wormhole connection to our galaxy and solar system .. the brown dwarf system is what allowed them to enter our solar system without brane collision and awaken the life form soul to start to develop.. this is the reason why our galaxies are now in collision because they have no other choice than to collide branes and interact with us .. i have been saying this same thing for many years: “the more we achieve tonight the stronger we will be tomorrow night” –SS .

    NASA | Take a “Swift” Tour of the Andromeda Galaxy Sep 16, 2009 NASA’s Swift satellite has acquired the highest-resolution view of the neighboring spiral galaxy M31. Also known as the Andromeda Galaxy, M31 is the largest and closest such galaxy to our own. It’s more than 220,000 light-years across and lies 2.5 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. Between May 25 and July 26, 2008, Swift’s Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) acquired 330 images of M31 at wavelengths of 192.8, 224.6, and 260 nanometers. The images represent a total exposure time of 24 hours. Some 20,000 ultraviolet sources are visible in the image, including M32, a small galaxy in orbit around M31. Dense clusters of hot, young, blue stars sparkle in the disk beyond the galaxy’s smooth, redder central bulge. Star clusters are especially plentiful along a ring about 150,000 light-years across.

    The space shuttle Endeavour and International Space Station shine front and center in this amazing (and historic) photo of the two vehicles docked together as seen from a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Astronaut Paolo Nespoli snapped this view and others during the first-ever photo session of a shuttle docked at the space station. (NASA Handout)

    Laser Imaging Through Obscurants (LITO)The Laser Imaging through Obscurants (LITO) system is an eye-safe imaging system that uses range-gating, our narrowband optical filters and polarization discrimination to allow for visualization through obscurants such as rain, fog, smoke, and haze.

    Imaging through clouds  Published on Jul 30, 2013 This video is shot using our patented LITO system from a DC3 aircraft flying at 2500 feet above the ground. The image is a bit blurry and bouncy because we shot this from inside of the plane through the door opening as the plane was banked at 20°. The video illustrates that we can see through heavy cloud cover whereby the pilot would have no idea what was on the ground below him at this time using either his vision or other types of imaging sensors. The system is being developed by NASA to image runways and such under heavy fog conditions.

    firelidar Jul 30, 2013 This video is taken with our Patented LITO technologies systems. The video is taken through Flames and smoke. You can see the outline of the flames and smoke in the frame. We are currently marketing this as a device to help firefighters, perimeter security people, and others see-through obscuring conditions.



      Of the Andromedan Brown Dwarf Etheric Tunnel

      SS: now we learn the andromedans have an etheric tunnel with another galaxy nearby .. it seems that there is at least one andromedan brown dwarf system in this M33 galaxy and are probably attempting to mining it .. maybe will understand how lucky this solar system is to have the secret order defeat the andromedan brown dwarf system sent here .. you can see that the triangulum galaxy has not been as successful as we have yet .. that might change soon we will go see.

      SS: i think this new data shows that my theory regarding this andromedan galaxy life form has a technology to send a complete brown dwarf planetary system to another galaxy life form through a higher etheric dimension .. they are able to control brown dwarf convection and travel through the etheric dimension to other galaxies and solar systems .. this is why we have recently found the shadow of space ship orbiting saturn that is in this etheric dimension . they are very ancient and with very advanced technology .. surely by now with study of mars will learn that the andromedans are not visiting other galaxies with brown dwarf systems because they are on vacation .

      SS: the why we do not see any evidence of disruption between the two galaxies of andromeda and triangulum is because they never actually collided or even came close to collision .. the gas we are seeing is the shadow of the etheric tunnel they used to send their brown dwarf system to the other galaxy which is still open to them. we are seeing the reflection or “shadow” of this etheric tunnel .. the theory that these two galaxies collided in distant past has nothing to really prove it since both galaxies show no signs of a collision .

      SS: nasa saying  these two galaxies show no signs of collision is because it happen billions of years ago is why we see no disruption of these two galaxies according to their theory .. without any proof at all to back this theory which tells me that nasa does not have an understanding yet of this higher etheric dimension i have been talking about .. nor have yet understand that our “time and space” is a 3D sinkhole illusion .. we know the truth by studying the martian brown dwarf system that was destroyed in our own solar system .

      SS: when the martian brown dwarf system was destroyed in the cosmic catastrophe the etheric tunnel was broken between us and the andromedan galaxy hence why they are in a collision course with us now .. we can see that they normally work from a distance through a higher dimension etheric tunnel but because the secret order intervened in this galaxy and destroyed their brown dwarf system for them then gravity collision next tomorrow night.

      SS: our solar system is not really part of the milky way .. we are actually part of the SGR galaxy .. my theory is that the SGR galaxy is secret order galaxy that collided with the milky way which had an andromedan brown dwarf system implanted within it last night .. the secret order destroyed this andromedian martian brown dwarf system and we are now 3D sinkhole illusion that was created when the solar system polarized after the proto-star ignited .. the secret order freed and saved milky way galaxy from the andromedans mining the etheric ice globes while everyone was inert.. it seems like that by now it should be obvious why the secret order is here . if we can merge into a galaxy and destroy the implanted brown dwarf system and close the etheric tunnel so easily then must consider that we know how to defeat the andromedan in galactic war.

      SS: when we look at our own solar system our pole star vega is one of the three stars that make up the northern triangle .. so we should consider what to do about the andromedan brown dwarf system implanted in triangulum galaxy after the andromedan collision tomorrow night.. we know the brown dwarf system is there we can see the shadow of the higher dimension etheric tunnel because everything must reflect in the astral.

      SS: i have provided the pole-star science .. i know it can be complicated but should not be that hard to understand these sciences .. i think just making stuff up like the “lunar splat” theory that contradicts the “pluto splat” theory when neither theory is right and proven wrong is not going to defeat the andromedans tomorrow night ..  and now we have the “M31 M33 galaxy collision” that never really happened .. this time proving my brown dwarf system traveling through a higher etheric etheric dimension theory as true by comparing andromedan interaction with triangulum galaxy and what we see in our own galaxy and solar system .. until science understands these pole-star sciences then there is no chance of surviving the encounter tomorrow night with this ancient advanced andromedan life form and we know this because how inert the milky way galaxy was before the secret order intervened and we can see how triangulum galaxy is also inert without dwarf galaxy SGR brane collision to free them. “the more we achieve tonight the stronger we will be tomorrow night” — SS

      ” An example of a quasicrystalline pattern is shown in fig 2. It lacks the precise regularity you would see in a true crystal, which would look more like the kind of grid you would see on a piece of graph paper. The most elegant way of explaining the pattern of molecules in these strange materials is with a projection —- a sort of three-dimensional shadow — of a higher-dimensional crystalline pattern, which reveals the symmetry of the pattern of a higher-dimensional space. What looked like a completely inexplicable pattern in three dimensions reflects an ordered structure in a higher dimensional world. ” — Warped Passages by Lisa Randall

      NGC 5544 is galaxy in the constellation Boötes. Interacting galaxies, NGC 5544 and NGC 5545. Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

      This artist’s impression shows a gas “bridge” between the Andromeda Galaxy, or M31, on the right, and the Triangulum Galaxy, or M33, on the left. Photo By Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF

        Of the Andromeda Brane Collision

        SS: i have talked about in many of my blogs of the  imminent brane collision with andromeda .. according to super string “M Theory” worlds or universes are actually branes with multiple dimensions and these worlds can collide and their collisions causes something like a big bang .. we can see the next brane collision because it is reflected in the astral .

        SS: this is what happen last night when the martian brown dwarf world entered our solar system our two worlds or branes collided and the cosmic catastrophe occurred .. we can see the outcome of this collision turned out unfavorable for the martian world and the reason it they failed in their mining operation of our solar system is because the secret order gave them a surprise just like they are going to be surprised again tomorrow night when we collide with andromeda .

        SS: lisa randall theorize that our three dimensional world with a fourth dimension of time is actually a sinkhole and that there are other higher dimensions and she is right .. we know this now too because we recently discovered a martian spaceship that appeared cloaked but really it is in the other higher dimension .

        SS: the dimension of time that is part of the higher dimensions is much different than here in the 3D sinkhole .. what appears as millions of years the martian brown dwarf catastrophe was really only just last night in the higher dimensions .. it is like going to sleep and waking up .. i think the hindus call the 3D sinkholes “kali eggs” .

        SS: i will tell you again what i always tell you .. we will interact with the andromedians in the next brane collision and they not coming here because they think we are a great vacation spot ..i tell you to build the secret order fortress .. build secret order warships .. you have three advantages, 1. you have the secret order and if we can defeat them last night then you can trust we can defeat them again tomorrow night .. 2. we have their planet and their technology now, and 3. you have yourselves, your still alive tonight lets stay that way tomorrow night .. “the more we achieve tonight the stronger we will be tomorrow night” — SS

        This illustration released by NASA depicts a view of the night sky just before the predicted merger between our Milky Way galaxy, left, and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. About 3.75 billion years from now, Andromeda’s disk fills the field of view and its gravity begins to create tidal distortions in the Milky Way. The view is inspired by dynamical computer modeling of the future collision between the two galaxies. The two galaxies collide about 4 billion years from now and merge to form a single galaxy about 6 billion years from now. Astronomers in a Thursday, May 31, 2012, NASA news conference announced that observations from the Hubble Space Telescope detail a long-anticipated galactic smash-up. Astronomers had seen the Andromeda galaxy coming at us, but thought there was a chance that its sideways motion would make it miss or graze the Milky Way. Hubble readings say there’s no chance of that.(AP Photo/NASA)

        The existence of giant membranes and extra dimensions opens up a new possibility, that our whole universe is living on a membrane in a much larger higher dimensional space. Within this higher dimensional space may be other membranes or parallel universes. Some of the parallel universes might resemble our own universe and some might be much different and ruled by a completely different laws of physics. These parallel universes would exist within the extra dimensions of the M Theory. — The Elegant Universe by Briane Greene

        ” An example of a quasicrystalline pattern is shown in fig 2. It lacks the precise regularity you would see in a true crystal, which would look more like the kind of grid you would see on a piece of graph paper. The most elegant way of explaining the pattern of molecules in these strange materials is with a projection —- a sort of three-dimensional shadow — of a higher-dimensional crystalline pattern, which reveals the symmetry of the pattern of a higher-dimensional space. What looked like a completely inexplicable pattern in three dimensions reflects an ordered structure in a higher dimensional world. ” — Warped Passages by Lisa Randall

        Are we missing a dimension of time? 10 Oct 2007 Could “hypertime” help develop a theory of everything? Roger Highfield reports A scientist has put forward the bizarre suggestion that there are two dimensions of time, not the one that we are all familiar with, and even proposed a way to test his heretical idea next year. Time is no longer a simple line from the past to the future, in a four dimensional world consisting of three dimensions of space and one of time. Instead, the physicist envisages the passage of history as curves embedded in a six dimensions, with four of space and two of time. “There isn’t just one dimension of time,” Itzhak Bars of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles tells New Scientist. “There are two. One whole dimension of time and another of space have until now gone entirely unnoticed by us.”

        Two-Time Physics (2T-physics) To help grasp the relation between 1T-physics and 2T-physics, consider the many possible shadows of a 3 dimensional object projected from different perspectives on the surrounding walls of a 3-dimensional room. A flatlander that can crawl and measure only on the surface of the walls would think that the shadows of different shapes are different “beasts” and move differently. Similarly, even though according to 2T-physics a unique dynamical system in 4+2 dimensions generates a large variety of 1-time “shadows”’, 1T-physics presents these “shadows”  in 3+1 dimensional space-times as different dynamical systems in terms of different Hamiltonians (different times).

        SS: this 2T physics theory i think is right. when the secret order said that they enter and leave this world through windows that is truth and i have shown in my blogs that a full loop scalar potential has different properties than one bound to the membrane illusion and will pass through the orion star gate and hunab ku into northern triangle to reach the imperishable star.

        SS: a life-time in this 3D sinkhole is on about two seconds in the other dimension .. so the billions of years literally is tomorrow night .. 1. squash the grand conspiracy, 2. colonize mars so that we will have a two planet solar system, 3. claim all martian technology for the secret order, 4. search for brown dwarf orbiting our solar system and use martian technology to colonize defend it too. we grow and advance the soul tonight the stronger more advanced we will be tomorrow night .

        This NASA Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) mosaic of ultraviolet images obtained in 2003 shows the large galaxy in Andromeda, Messier 31. Our galaxy is on a collision course with its nearest neighbor, Andromeda, and the head-on crash is expected in four billion years, the US space agency NASA said on Thursday. (AFP Photo/NASA)

        ESA Herschel space observatory image of Andromeda (M31) using both PACS and SPIRE instruments to observe at infrared wavelengths of 70 mm (blue), 100 mm (green) and 160 mm and 250 mm combined (red). Image released Jan. 28, 2013. ESA/Herschel/PACS & SPIRE Consortium, O. Krause, HSC, H. Linz

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