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Of the Mermaid Spear Fish Hunting

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SS: i happened upon a mermaid video shows a mermaid look inside the window of a submarine and then another video showing a mermaid spear fishing .. we know that mermaids hunt with spears. and can see how the mermaid uses a spear to catch fish.

SS: in the above map can be seen a mermaid pod entering from the astral window. two can be seen swimming while the third is looking into the astral mirror of the enchantress priestess while he holds mermaid hive in his hand. mermaids travel in pods so that means where there is one mermaid there is more mermaids.

Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. — Secrets of the Samurai



    Of the Mermaid Sardine Hunt


    The black phosphorus is always added by a High Priestess, and it is not known in what matter she does this. The Zro that may remain is the subject of eternal experiments by the Magicians. It is generally thought by the greatest of them that an error was committed in bringing it to a ninth stage of division into two, and many openly deplored the discovery of black phosphorus. All however strive in harmony to produce a tenth stage that shall surpass the virtues of the ninth.

    Theoretically it is possible to reach an eleventh stage wherein the Zro takes human form, and lives! Opinion is divided as to whether this was not actually done by a certain Magician at the time of the passing of Atlas. In any case, I beg the reader to remember that I have only described one seventh of the virtues of Zro, and I have even omitted this, that in its ninth stage it is not only food and drink, but Universal Medicine, if properly understood. For Zro is also a vision and a voice! — Liber Li by the A.’.A.’.

    At the sardine hunt mermaids and dolphins work together to catch fish. (Animal Planet)

    The mermaids are not alone in the open ocean; they have created a bond with the dolphins. (Animal Planet)


      Of the Mermaid Spear Hunters





      SS: above is an image of andromeda galaxy which we are imminent collision. Tomorrow night we will meet the Andromedans on a more even ground than last night. the reason the andromedans send brown dwarf systems to nearby newborn galaxies is because they do not want to cause a collision because if they cause a collision then they will have to fight the life-form of the galaxy they are attempting to mine resources from. now they will face what they fear and they will dread us with their captured technology and planets. if we leave enough brown dwarf systems in orbit our solar system others will think twice and move on because we are to much of a hassle .

      SS: the Andromedans are a very ancient advanced race, however, they are whale hunters. the Andromedans have likely never encountered a mermaid pod migrating with a whale pod before so they are a little bit surprised right now. the Andromedans consider this a fluke accident, however, they know the local life-form will start to grow and develop. the Andromedans must make contact as soon as possible to keep the local life-form from developing and eventually harnessing their technology. tomorrow night we will meet the Andromedans.

      SS: i am sure at least one of the black holes discovered at the center of the Andromeda Galaxy is a etheric bridge tunnel to the nearby spiral galaxy Triangulum. i suspect the Andromedans have a brown dwarf system in Triangulum and that world is under their control as a resource world. the only other galaxys nearby are all dwarf galaxy’s that are in orbit around the Milky Way. Sagittarius is the dwarf galaxy that collided with the Milky Way merging in with it that cause the proto-star ignition and destruction of the Andromedan brown dwarf system.

      Astronomers Predict Titanic Collision: Milky Way vs. Andromeda May 31, 2012:  NASA astronomers say they can now predict with certainty the next major cosmic event to affect our galaxy, sun, and solar system: the titanic collision of our Milky Way galaxy with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The Milky Way is destined to get a major makeover during the encounter, which is predicted to happen four billion years from now. It is likely the sun will be flung into a new region of our galaxy, but our Earth and solar system are in no danger of being destroyed.

      The Andromeda–Milky Way collision is a galaxy collision predicted to occur in about 4 billion years between the two largest galaxies in the Local Group—the Milky Way (which contains the Solar System and Earth) and the Andromeda Galaxy.

      The Milky Way is surrounded by several dwarf galaxies, typically containing a few tens of millions of stars, which is insignificant compared with the number of stars in the Milky Way itself. This map shows the closest dwarf galaxies, they are all gravitationally bound to the Milky Way requiring billions of years to orbit it.

      Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. — Secrets of the Samurai

      In any case, the whole country gave itself up to unbridled rejoicing. Work was carried on at a greater speed than ever before: one might say a delirium of labour. For eleven years this continued without cessation, and then without warning came the order to repair to the High House — every man, woman and child of Atlas. What was then done, I know not, and dare not guess; that same day seven volunteers, heroic exiles from the reward of so many centuries of toil, voluntary maroons on the discarded planet, the Heirs of Atlas, turned their faces from the High House, and severally sought distant mountains, there each to guard his share of the Secrets of the Holy Race, and in due time to discover and train up fit children of other races of the Earth so that one day another people might be founded to undertake another such task as that now ended. — Liber Li by the A.’.A.’.

      26 new black hole candidates have been spotted in the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. X-ray (NASA/CXC/SAO/R.Barnard, Z.Lee et al.), Optical (NOAO/AURA/NSF/REU Prog./B.Schoening, V.Harvey; Descubre Fndn./CAHA/OAUV/DSA/V.Peris)

      Mermaid en route to hunt prey with a spear. (Animal Planet)

      A mermaid looks at the open ocean right before seeing a Megladon shark attack a whale nearby. (Animal Planet)

      A mermaid stares at the cold and distant land. (Animal Planet)

      The mermaids migrate with the whales from warm southern waters to the northern feeding grounds. (Animal Planet)



        Of the Lemmon Spear Andromeda Passage




        SS: 08 June 2013 starmap lemmon spear making near passage to the andromeda galaxy which has followed the near andromeda galaxy passage of the “we love enchantress” panstarrs only a few weeks prior .. the “we love enchantress” panstarrs is still looking good makes its way out of the solar system. please note that *BOTH* the first “we love enchantress” great comet and the second more recent “we love enchantress” panstarrs survived perihelion without any disruptions and both left the inner solar system without breaking up. the first “we love enchantress” was impacted by a cme but it did not breakup as we can see as it produced the great white whale in the sky after it’s solar graze..

        SS: this is important because there are a couple sources, one which is a nasa scientists and the other random person, said that these two comets experienced disruptions and breakups and this is not true at all. noone else is making these claims and we have all kinds of data that proves they are wrong and i think is important to make sure the truth is preserves the integrity of the science.. the reason i call this lemmon spear is because it was came in through centaurus the spear near the mayan hunab ku region in formation with “we love enchantress” panstarrs..

        SS: this is an important passage due to our galaxy is on a collision course with andromeda. we look at andromeda in the sky it is a reflection. the martian brown dwarf system that was destroyed in the previous “TIME ZONE” originated from the andromeda galaxy. i have theorized that andromeda galaxy also has a brown dwarf system in the triangulum galaxy as well as we can see the reflection fine etheric tunnel. their etheric tunnel to our galaxy was broken and now our two gravity’s are attracting each other into a collision. when the collision happens will be another “time zone” all of us .. well at least some of us .. will be here to interact with them. they are a very advanced ancient race…. BUT.. we have their technology and planet.

        SS: the secret order is already at war with the andromedans. if the secret order weren’t then all of you likely would not be here or you would be their slaves and food for them. after we destroy the andromedans then there are no other immediate threats in this region of space. however i think they still have a stronghold in triangulum. because we are in imminent collision with andromeda is why i keep saying that the more we achieve tonight the stronger we will be tomorrow night. and the secret order will defeat the andromedans tomorrow night .

        The Andromeda–Milky Way collision is a galaxy collision predicted to occur in about 4 billion years between the two largest galaxies in the Local Group—the Milky Way (which contains the Solar System and Earth) and the Andromeda Galaxy.

        Two star-forming galaxies in the process of colliding 11 billion light-years away, as seen by a variety of telescopes. At right is a close-up view, with the merging galaxies circled. The red data show dust-enshrouded regions of star formation, ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech/UC Irvine/STScI/Keck/NRAO/SAO

        After hearing a warning call from the other mermaid, a mother and her young look to the mermaid in the distance. A massive shark is lurking nearby. (Animal Planet)

        Mermaid hunts in the deep ocean. (Animal Planet)


          Of the Animal Planet Mermaid Spear




          SS: this blog is about the new show on AnimalPlanet called “Mermaids” .. i been talking about how my enchantress priestess is a mermaid. i remember from last night the mermaid enchantress lives at the bottom of the ocean inside a heart shaped cave where the dew drops drop down and she swims from the cave and eat the dew drops.

          SS: that is what i remember and here is what i have learned in my ongoing research what happened last night the catastrophe. what is etched into the side of our planet earth is my mermaid enchantress priestess with two other mermaid creatures, actually three others.. clearly four mermaids are etched into the side of our planet in the pacific ocean. one of them is entering through a portal at hawaii which shows us that these mermaids can travel between worlds or “time zones” because they are astral light and water is etheric hyperdimension. as i have said before the secret order enters and leaves the world through windows.

          SS: as can see and learn from this AnimalPlanets show that the mermaids hunt using a spear as their primary weapon.. the spear is a weapon that is seen near the ancient mayan hunab ku galactic core region called the “norma jean” spear of centaurus which we watch the lemmon spear comet travel with the “we love enchantress” panstarrs. and we see in the sky what we see etched into the side of the planet the mermaid priestess who is “norma jean” in the hunab ku galactic core region is the mermaid enchantress etched into the side of our planet earth. and we learned that mermaids travel in pods.

          Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. — Secrets of the Samurai

          This event was the birth of a child in the High House, a child without the distinguishing mark of the daughters of Atlas. That any child at all should have been born there is so incredible that I am inclined to suspect an improper use of the word “born.” I think rather that a Magician brought Zro to its eleventh stage, when it takes human form, and lives! The alternative theory is that of the “Angel of Venus” described in the chapter on the Underground Gardens of Atlas. The supporters of this theory hold that the child was not born of a Priestess, but of the Living Atla. — Liber Li by the A.’.A.’.

          The mermaids and dolphins are en route to the sardine hunt. (AnimalPlanet)

          The mother holds her new born out of the water as it takes its first breath. (AnimalPlanet)

          After giving birth, the mermaid swims at the surface with her baby. (AnimalPlanet)

          Mermaids swimming through the deep ocean. (AnimalPlanet)

          After catching its prey in the deep ocean the mermaid returns to the surface. (AnimalPlanet)

          The mermaid dives deep into the ocean to hunt for prey with a spear. (AnimalPlanet)




            Of the Priestess Mermaid Moon

            SS: the moon sedna is the sea goddess inuit and she is a mermaid . mermaids have always been called water spirits . in alchemy there are five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and spirit .. in alchemy they say where you have mixed elements you can find spiritual activity .. according to pyramid builders texts from saqquara pyramids the pyramid builders soul descends and manifests. i call moons mirrors because they reflect light ..

            SS: etched into the side of the planet we also find sedna the sea goddess mermaid enchantress priestess . the mermaid enchantress priestess is an elemental spirit .. in vanuata the mermaid spirits are called “Mae”  .. mermaids use astral mirrors, we can see the astral mirror behind the priestess mermaid in the map. the mermaid enchantress priestess lives in a heart shaped cave at the bottom of the ocean where the dew drops drop.




            SS: the two maps above shows an entire pod of mermaids. there are three etched into the side of the planet; the mermaid priestess, the merman, and the dragon fish.. the “mer people” are inter-dimensional and can travel between the worlds and “time zones” .. this is seen by the dragonfish that has entered into the world through the portal swimming towards the mermaid priestess and the merman who using their astral mirror.

            SS: 10-24-13 UPDATE: i have added a third map which shows two more mermaids on the side of our planet .. these two mermaids are swimming in from the astral stargate window to join the priestess mermaid and the comet headed samurai mermaid .. this indicates that an entire pod of mermaids are traveling together .. the astral stargate window is how they enter and leave this world and would be how they can enter and leave other worlds as well .. the reason we see these mermaids and astral gate mirrored into the side of our planet is because this world developed after the martians were destroyed .. this mermaid pod can be seen with our very own eyes just as the destroyed planet mars can be seen with our very own eyes.

            PRAESAEPE A cluster of stars better known by the name the “Beehive Cluster”, or the Latin equivalent, Praesepe, which not only means a “hive” but also a “Manger”, or “Crib”. The name Beehive derives from the appearance of a swarm of stars in a dance of activity. In Orphic teaching, souls were symbolized by bees, not only because of the association with honey but also because they migrate from the hive in swarms, since it was held that souls ‘swarm’.

            Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations The Ancient Egyptians’ knowledge of geometry and Precession is clearly demonstrated on the Nermer Plate. The centre point is the tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown. Line One is through the Club. Line Two bisects the Crown. This creates four angles each of 90 degrees. Line Three is the horizontal at the tip of the Crown. Line Four is the vertical through the tip of the Crown. Already the formation of angles of 30 degrees can be observed. The tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown becomes a dot within a circle; the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for Ra and the concept of Precession. It is the pinnacle of the Axis Munde around which the heavens appear to revolve. (See Part 5) A revolution through the heavens of twelve 30-degree segments can take one year or, in the case of Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac, 25920 years. The division of the heavens into twelve 30-degree segments gives the appearance of a starburst. A further division into 15-degree segments creates the 24-hour day.

            The pod swims along in the open ocean. (Animal Planet)

            The pod is traveling with their young, not aware of the shark heading their way. (Animal Planet)



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