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Of the Diamond Encrusted Skull

Prominent works produced by controversial British artist Damien Hirst. (AFP/Graphic)Prominent works produced by controversial British artist Damien Hirst. (AFP/Graphic) Artist Damien Hirst of Britain poses with his work at an art gallery in Hong Kong. Hirst was unveiling his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong entitled “Forgotten Promises”. (AFP/Mike Clarke)

A diamond-encrusted platinum skull by British artist Damien Hirst is seen in this undated handout file photograph released in London June 1, 2007. The skull has been sold to an investment group for the asking price of $100 million, a spokeswoman for Hirst’s London gallery White Cube said on August 30, 2007. REUTERS/Prudence Cuming Associates/Handout/Files

    Of the Quetzal Amazon Priestess

    SS: this reminds me of a quetzal bird .. the male quetzal birds will go into long dives and won’t pull up until the very last minute for the female quetzal birds .. which the secret oder of viracocha teach that they enter the world through windows .

    SS: in polestar technologies it is the polestar thuban ” the serpent power ” of the earth that is the non-polarized vortex of energy that rises up that causes the descent of consciousness or the soul represented by the polestar vega ” the swooping eagle ” .. it is the pyramid builder soul .. it is the pyramid builder soul that grants the power and this is only gained, obviously, by being tuned with ” soul of earth ” which is all based on science facts ..

    “Closed loops of strings do exist .. and one kind is responsible for gravity and is called a graviton. Because the closed loop has no loose ends to tie down it can escape to higher dimensions thus making it appear weaker than the other forces of nature ..”

    SS: when the ” scalar potential ” of mind is in tune with the ” schumann resonance ” the waves cancel each other and cause the full loop gravitron which is the ” serpent power of the earth ” that ascends so that the ” consciousness ” descend from the summer triangle of cygnus the swan ( serpent power raised via path of moon is passified ), aquila the flying eagle, and lyra the lyr where polestar vega ” the swooping eagle ” or “vulture star” resides .

    SS: it is the pyramid builder consciousness that causes the priestess beehive queen to manifest. however we also know must remain tuned with ” soul of earth ” since we have seen past phenomena related to priestess not tuned with ” soul of earth ” and when she returned back to ” soul of earth ” .

    THUBAN = Past Polestar = Non-Polarized Vortex of Energy ( Serpent Power of the Earth )
    POLARIS = Present Polestar = Polarized Energy ( Positive Negative; Darkness Light; etc )
    VEGA = Future Polestar = Consciousness ( Gravity; Pyramid Builder Soul )

    1646a. djed en tem ir nefer ka ro ma re pon imi en Telekinesis will happen because the Telekinesis Star has said, relating to Pepi II, “see to the Adept Mouth who is among us, The Adept Mouth is served by all the Pyramid Builders, because of orders from the Telekinesis Star as their chief.

    1646b. djui ef n shem en iob en en ef so that when he (the Adept Mouth) calls upon us (the Pyramid Builders), we will go, and we will unite for him,” The Adept Mouth will know that the Set of Nine Pyramid Builders will only descend upon earth once every 26,000 year precessional cycle of the earth’s spin axis, and so he will not call upon it to do that more often.

    458a. {djed medu} sebesh pet onekh sepedet en unis is onekh za sepedet {Whenever said is the solitary Word sah}, so that the Blue Void will cause-a-gleaming, so that the Sirius-like-Eye will live-visibly (for an Atlantean is a living one, a son of the Sirius-like-Eye),

    458b. uob en en ef pesedjeti it will be because the bilateral-Microcosm (in his spine) has originated-Soul-control for him 458c. em mesekhetiu ikhem sek in the analogous Adze-Star, the Inner Polestar — The Pyramid Texts by THOTH : Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara

    Artwork at the Art Mere Art Pere with CORZO event benefiting The LIVESTRONG Foundation on Thursday Sept. 23, 2010, in Los Angeles.  (Casey Rodgers /AP Images for CORZO) Earthly art : A woman clad in bodypaint poses in a hall in the University of Arts during the 5th World Body Art Encounter in Caracas Oct 14, 2010. (AFP/Miguel Gutierrez)

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