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Of the “Flat-lined” White T-Tauri Sol Star




SS: our sun has flat-lined.. our sun is supposedly in the middle of a solar maximum but i am not sure this is called a solar maximum since the only time the sun really sends out any big flares is when comets are near it like we just saw last month .. whenever a comet is not near the sun we see some c-flares and a rare occasional m-flare .. our last solar maximum were days of solar storming x-flares and an rare y-flare.

SS: the sun turned white during the last solar maximum. before the last solar maximum the sun was yellow and you could look right at the sun but after the last solar maximum the sun turned white and now you cant even look in the general direction of the sun it is so bright. this brightening of the sun is caused by space dust that is pouring into the inner solar system through the mayan hunab ku region by celestial winds being emitted by the milky way galaxy core.

SS: that is why the sun is flat-lined now because space dust is collecting on the suns surface. my personal opinion is that i think the sun is preparing for a periodic t-tauri phase episode. space dust collecting on the star’s surface means two things and probably both .. solar nova followed by t-tauri flaring episode. the initial nova i think a high probable possibility of an asteroid impacts on earth which could cause volcanic reactions.

SS: NASA maintains their theory that there is no connection between comet causing the sun to solar flare.. yet as clearly we can see the sun is now quiet again after the two sungrazers plunged into the sun last month. i have already cleaved several of NASA theories. so if NASA is upset then you know why. lol.

SS: as scary as some might think the truth is like our “white sun” is that this truth exposes a lot of the bullshiat that is out there so that people can make informed decisions.. some people this is scary like to NASA i think it really scares them because they know.. however for some people like perhaps some politicians who this kind of truth might hinder their personal crusades like those attempting to trample our gun rights and other liberties that make us exceptional.

SS: what always amaze me during previous solar cycle was how everyone would be out sunbathing at the beach as these massive coronal ejections would plow into the earth. want to get cooked ?? go sunbathe in x-flare storm.. i think the suns plasma radiation might affect DNA too although i think it might affect DNA in a positive way. in case you did not know that DNA can be healed. and higher levels of DNA can be activated by production of certain proteins in the body. by tuning “soul of earth” a person activates higher DNA which is “Beehive Consciousness” and this grants passage through the solar stargate.

ALL QUIET ALERT: With the Sun’s disk almost completely devoid of sunspots, solar flare activity has come to a halt. Measurements by NOAA’s GOES 15 satellite show that the sun’s global x-ray emission, a key metric of solar activity, has completely flatlined:

The sun is seen over the euro sign landmark next to the head quarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) prior to the ECB’s monthly press conference in Frankfurt, September 5, 2013. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach (GERMANY – Tags: BUSINESS)

Hardly had the pinnacle of Atlas melted into the sea behind them, than the “catastrophe” occurred. The High House and the column beneath it, with all the inhabitants of Atlas, shot from the Earth with the vehemence of a million lightnings, bound for that green blaze of glory that scintillated in the West above the sunset.

Instantly the Earth, its god departed, gave itself up to anguish. The sea rushed unto the void of the column and in a thousand earthquakes Atlas, “houses” and plains together were overwhelmed forever in the ocean. Tidal waves rolled round the world; everywhere great floods carried away villages and towns; earthquakes roocked and tempest roared; tumult was triumphant. For years after the catastrophe the dying tremors of the Event still shook mankind with fear.[29] And the eternal waves of the great mother rolled over Atlas, save where Earth in her agony thrust up gaunt pinnacles, bare masts of wreckage to mark the vanished continent. Save for its heirs, of whose successors it is my highest honour to be the youngest and the least worthy, oblivion fell, like one last night in which the Sun should be forever extinct, upon the land of Atlas and its people. — Liber Li by the A.’.A.’.

A piece of an asteroid, about 2 feet in diameter and weighing over 100 lbs., entered Earth’s atmosphere above the Georgia/Tennessee border. NASA released video of the event. (CBSTV Videos)

Radar images of asteroid 2005 WK4 were obtained on Aug. 8, 2013. The asteroid is between 660 – 980 feet (200 – 300 meters) in diameter. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSSR)

The asteroid 2013 QR1 (in center) is seen against star streaks in this image captured by the Virtual Telescope Project on Aug. 23, 2013. The asteroid was discovered on Aug. 16 and is about 250 meters wide. (Virtual Telescope Project/Gianluca Masi )



    Of the Pole Star Vega Pole Star Sciences

    SS: polestar vega is located in the summer triangle and is the brightest of all the polestars.. their is only one passage to the summer triangle .. this one passage is through orion stargate and the courtyard of the mayan hunab ku … we know what a black hole is gravity .. to form a gravity scalar potential required to make passage must be tuned to “soul of earth” to form a full looped scalar potential that is not bound to the brane .

    SS: vega is the polestar of consciousness and it is a beehive consciousness . the polestars polaris and thuban rule laws of polarity and non-polaritized vortex energy .. my polestar sciences smoothe out the chaos of quantum theory since the quantum must follow these three polestar laws .. it is not really chaotic at all .. my secret order polestar sciences are laws that are applied to hyper-dimensions which there are two that have collided forming one .

    SS: i have already proven that the galaxy blackhole that is located in the mayan hunab ku region is under secret order control due to the destruction of the martian brown dwarf system .. this is why we are in a collision with the andromeda galaxy because when their brown dwarf system was destroyed it closed their connection . those martians have no idea what happened to them it is some accident and it is strategically important to them to arrive as soon as possible before the local life form can evolve using own technology and discover and harness theirs. problem for them is it wasn’t a freak accident and all of their technology belongs to the secret order .

    Thy meanest Foe is the Inertia of the Mind. Men do hate most those things which touch them closely, and they fear Light, and persecute the Torchbearers. Do thou therefore analyse most fully all those Ideas which Men avoid; for the Truth shall dissolve Fear. Rightly indeed Men say that the Unknown is terrible; but wrongly do they fear lest it become the Known.  —Liber Aleph by the A.’.A.’.

    Think also, o my Son, of this Image, that if two States be at Peace, a Man goeth between them without Let; but if there be War, all Gateways are forthwith closed, save only for a few, and these are watched and guarded, so that the Obstacles are many. —Liber Aleph by the A.’.A.’.

    For our Master Hermes Tresmegistus hat written at the Head of His Tablet of Emerald this Word: That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above, for the Performance of the Miracle of the One Substance. How then, if these be not alike? If the Substance of Thee be Two, and not One? And herein is the Need of the Confession of a pure Heart, as is written in the Book of the Dead. —Liber Aleph by the A.’.A.’.

    Learn then of me the Secret Mystery of Illusion, and how it Worketh, and other Holy Law that is its Nature, and of thine Action therein; for this is an Arcanum of the Wisdom of the Magi, and proper unto thee that dwellest in the Land of Understanding. —Liber Aleph by the A.’.A.’.

    Vega (α Lyr, α Lyrae, Alpha Lyrae) Vega has been extensively studied by astronomers, leading it to be termed “arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.”[11] Vega was the northern pole star around 12,000 BC and will be so again around the year 13,727 when the declination will be +86°14′.[12]

    A pole star is a visible star, preferably a prominent one, that is approximately aligned with the Earth’s axis of rotation; that is, a star whose apparent position is close to one of the celestial poles, and which lies approximately directly overhead when viewed from the Earth’s North Pole or South Pole. A similar concept also applies to other planets than the Earth. In practice, the term pole star usually refers to Polaris, which is the current northern pole star, also known as the North Star.

    Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a large asteroid belt around the bright star Vega, as illustrated here at left in brown. NASA/JPL-Caltech

    This artist’s concept illustrates an asteroid belt around the bright star Vega. NASA/JPL-Caltech

      Of the Asteroid Collision

      SS: earlier this year an asteroid collision occurred in the beehive crown . the difference between a comet and an asteroid is the difference between direct light and reflected light. the comet being venus is the direct light while the asteroids are reflected light like the moon the reflects the astral light we see the reflection of the collision .

      SS .during this schwassman-wachmann 1 was in a decade bright outburst and the chili pacific-wide tsunami also occurred .. this collision sorta reminds us of the myth of marduk and tiamat collision myth. here below is starmaps showing the position of the asteroid collision in the beehive crown ( i have uploaded with a higher rez map now ):

      Hubble captures aftermath of asteroid collision 13 October 2010 An international team of astronomers has observed what happens after asteroids crash together. Using Hubble to study the aftermath of one such collision over five months, they watched a strange, comet-like debris trail slowly evolve as the collision site orbited the Sun. This research gives clues about how asteroids behave when they collide, and how the fall-out from these impacts contributes to the dust that pervades the Solar System.

        UPDATE: 2010 Jupiter Impact

        2010 research page is now online .. when you read the my research it becomes clear that this was an asteroid impact rather than a comet impact .. the absence of a debris cloud and this object did not follow a cometary orbit over the poles and plunge into southern hemisphere like the last two comet impactors but rather followed an orbit around the equator and plunged in at around the equator . the flash in the above picture is about the size of one of jupiters moons as compared in the research page . this was an asteroid impact .  forum discussion

        Mysterious Flash on Jupiter Left No Debris Cloud 06.16.10 Detailed observations made by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have found an answer to the flash of light seen June 3 on Jupiter. It came from a giant meteor burning up high above Jupiter’s cloud tops. The space visitor did not plunge deep enough into the atmosphere to explode and leave behind any telltale cloud of debris, as seen in previous Jupiter collisions.


          Amateur astronomers Anthony Wesley of Australia and Christopher Go of the Philippines
          have independently observed an impact event on Jupiter. The strike occurred at 20:31 UT on June 3rd and produced a bright flash of light in the giant planet’s cloudtops:

          “I still can’t believe that I caught a live impact on Jupiter,” says Go, who has made a must-see video of the event.

          “There were no visible remains at the impact point for the next half hour or so, until sunrise put an end to the imaging,” says Wesley.

          The nature of the impactor is presently unknown. It might have been an asteroid or a comet. In either case, a dark and cindery debris field is expected to develop around the impact point; that’s what has happened in the aftermath of previous

          Jupiter impacts. Professional and amateur astronomers are encouraged to monitor Jupiter in the hours ahead, and stay tuned for updates.

          Update: Anthony Wesley has pinpointed the impact site at Jovian latitude minus16.1o, and central meridian longitudes CM1: 300o, CM2: 33.8o and CM3: 210.4o.

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