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Of the Northern California Earthquake


SS: not going to say anything about this earthquake right now. saving this for now we might need to come back to this earthquake in the future. california looks like it was once partly under water and the mountain range was once the coastline.. it could be that way again someday .

Questions and Answers About California Earthquake Aug 24, 2014, 5:23 PM ET A magnitude-6.0 earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area early Sunday. Scientists say it was the largest earthquake to hit the region in 25 years. The quake struck at 3:20 a.m. about 6 miles from the city of Napa and reportedly lasted between 10 and 20 seconds. Here is a look at some of the basic questions about the science behind the quake that has shaken so many in California.

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook northern California on August 24, causing power cuts to over 10,000 households in Napa County. Dozens were taken to Queen of the Valley hospital with injuries, and three people were reportedly in critical condition following the disaster that was reported to be the area’s strongest earthquake in 25 years. Napa’s Pet Food Express posted the following footage on August 24, showing the inside of their local store during the earthquake. Pet Food Express said they were matching the first $10,000 worth of donations made at all their stores for Napa County Animal Shelter, in order to help out with lost pets, and displaced people needing temporary housing for their pets, following the quake. Credit: YouTube/Pet Food Express/Storyful

A magnitude-6.0 earthquake shook northern California early on Sunday morning, August 24, causing power cuts to over 10,000 households in Napa County, about six miles from the epicentre. The quake reportedly struck four miles northwest of American Canyon. This video shows the earthquake shaking a home in the San Francisco suburb of Hercules. Credit: Camille Freking/Storyful



    Of the Concepcion Volcano Caribbean Scorpion Earthquake





    SS: an earthquake has happened near the Concepcion Volcano. it is a deep quake. notice in google maps that they are using clouds to hide the enchantress priestess, the mermaid pod, and the scorpions. down below can see map of the mermaid enchantress priestess so can see her in the above images too. the central america quake is near the carribean scorpion scar.

    SS 04-20-14 UPDATE: so what is really going on with the americas western coast and the PNG region ?? we see that there are quakes on the western oast which are being pinged in new guinea and back and forth the quakes are rocking. i do not believe these are quakes being caused by mahabharata harmonics earthquake weapons. we are in an eclipse window until at the very earliest after first week of may. however we did see south america and los angeles quakes ping each other starting three weeks before the lunar eclipse.

    Earthquake hits near Solomon Islands 12 April 2014 An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 has hit near the Solomon Islands, but there have been no reports of major damage or casualties. The undersea quake was registered at a depth of 29km (18 miles), 100km (60 miles) south-east of Kira Kira.

    Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 hits Nicaragua, no damage reported April 12, 2014 Managua:  A strong earthquake hit southwest Nicaragua on Friday, the second in as many days, shaking buildings in the capital Managua and as far away as San Jose in Costa Rica, but there were no immediate reports of damage. The 6.6 magnitude quake, which was also felt as far as El Salvador, struck 15 miles (24 km) south of the town of Granada, near the country’s Pacific coast, at a depth of 86 miles (138.6 km), the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.

    7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Acapulco, Mexico, Shakes Buildings In Capital April 18, 2014 MEXICO CITY (CBS SF) — A powerful magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook southern Mexico, rocking buildings all the way to the nation’s capital Friday morning. The epicenter is in the state of Guerrero, north of the resort town of Acapulco. The quake struck at 7:27 a.m. Pacific Time.  The initial magnitude was reported as 7.5 before the U.S. Geological Survey downgraded the quake.

    7.8-magnitude quake strikes near Papua New Guinea Saturday April 19, 2014  An earthquake with a magnitude 7.8 was recorded off Papua New Guinea on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake, at a depth of six miles, hit southwest of Panguna. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said a tsunami warning was in effect for Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

    A painting of a Nicaragua lake is seen hanging from a wall inside a home damaged by an earthquake in Nagarote, Nicaragua, Friday, April 11, 2014. Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega declared red alert Friday after an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude on the Richter scale that shook the country on Thursday and left one dead, hundreds of houses damaged and thousands of people affected . (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

    A fisherman throws a net on Xolotlan Lake in Managua March 17,2014. REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas (NICARAGUA – Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT)

    Fisherman catch fish at Xolotlan Lake in Managua March 17,2014. REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas (NICARAGUA – Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT)




      Of the Is It or Is It not Mahabharata Iquique Earthquake Part Two





      SS: looks like in Iquique the 5% chance that the previous quake was a fore shock happened. i think possible problem is that los angeles pinged the last Iquque quake and quakes do tend to ping each other from very long distances. i have watch that phenomena all the time. there are some significant things happened during these quakes but i won’t go into all that now. i personally would not be in LA until a couple to three weeks after the eclipses. eclipse earthquake generally happen one or two weeks before or after an eclipse.

      SS: the usgs reported the quake at a depth of 20.1km or 12 miles deep.. in my experience researching mahabharata harmonic earthquake weapons i have found that these weapons affect around 10km to 12km deep. i am not going to commit completely to these depths for harmonic weapons strikes but that is around the depths of the harmonics weapons quakes i have found to be the case.

      SS: here is another something about mahabharata harmonic earthquake weapons .. they almost always strike in one earthquake .. i have not see a harmonics weapon ‘fore-shock’ .. the weapon is used and the quake happens. in this case we are looking at a 6.7M fore-shock earthquake two weeks prior to the 8.1M earthquake. i have not seen a fore-shock precede a harmonic weapons strike. this one would be the first one if it were one. i have seen other earthquakes and phenomena happen after a harmonics weapons strike.

      SS: i think we should be ready in case of another big quake through the month of april for the following reasons. first because Iquique and los angeles have pinged each other within one week. the next reason is because i always give a one week window before and after an eclipse for eclipse earthquake. the next eclipse is in three weeks the upcoming lunar eclipse and this is followed by the solar eclipse two weeks later. this means we are in eclipse earthquake window all of april and until at least the first week of may. we have already seen much earthquake activity leading into this eclipse sequence so just to be alert and safe we should have a heightened awareness especially in southern california.

      SS: btw i want to take a moment to mention that the earthquake section of this website is much more extensive than it seems to be at this moment. there is much earthquake phenomena recorded in this archive. i will go through and fix it here very soon. i have some other work to do in other categories as well. it is a matter of having the time from all the different things i am doing all the time.  thanks for your patience.

      Iquique, Pisagua, Tarapaca, Arica Under Evacuation Orders After 8.3 Temblor Off Chile Coast April 1, 2014 Iquique, Tarapaca, Arica, and Antofagasta are among the areas and cities under evacuation orders after a 8.3 magnitude earthquake hit about 50 miles off the coast of Chile on Tuesday night. There’s a tsunami alert for all of Chile, Peru, and Ecuador after the earthquake, and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center warned that Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama could also be in trouble. A 6-foot tsunami already hit Pisagua, Chile as of 8:04 p.m. ET, the center said. Iquique has also recorded a 5.6 foot tsunami.

      Tsunamis create mysterious atmospheric waves: Scientists October 15, 2010 “The tsunami very effectively generates atmospheric gravity waves, and because they’re fast, those waves can effectively travel to the upper atmosphere,” said Michael Hickey, a physics professor and associate dean at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. As the atmospheric waves travel upward, they get larger. “Because the atmosphere decreases in density as you go up, the air molecules can move much farther without bumping into each other,” Galvan explained, adding that as the wave travels through thinner and thinner material, the larger its oscillations can get.

      An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.2 struck in the Pacific Ocean near the northern coast of Chile on Tuesday. (ABC 7 News Screengrab)

      Firefighters battle a blaze started after an earthquake and tsunami hit the northern port of Iquique April 2, 2014. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 8.2, struck off the coast of northern Chile near the copper exporting port of Iquique on Tuesday evening, killing six and triggering the tsunami that pounded the shore with 2-meter (7-foot) waves. REUTERS/Hector Merida (CHILE – Tags: DISASTER)


        Of the Is It or Is It Not Iquque Mahabharata Earthquake





        SS: guess what everybody .. on sunday an earthquake happened. it happened in south america. is it a mahabharata strike or a natural astral light earthquake ?? well i have another question .. how much difference does it make ?? problem with mahabharata weapons is that they backfire every single time. that is because the astral light is amped. mahabharata strikes in south america most usually always melt subterranean quartz crystal which heats the earth’s core and we see it manifest in volcanic eruption all around the ring of fire and indonesian region. during my research and investigations of these weapons this was one of the things that i discovered.

        SS: is this a mahabharata strike ?? it’s possible it is a shallow quake  of only 12 miles deap. i wont say that every single earthquake that is shallow is a mahabharata weapons strike, however, i think 10km to 20km is a footprint .. i have many examples that i have researched and investigated. if this was a mahabharata strike it wouldn’t matter because it was followed in sequence instantly the next day by a small shaker in los angeles. considering schwassmann-wachmann in full outburst atm an instant reply to a mahabharata strike would not surprise me because i have recorded such phenomena before.

        SS: backfires cause the most amount of damage and therefore one would not want to get hit by a backfire. the reason is because that when a rogue wave is suddenly vibrating in the etheric the astral light source will respond with a wave that is exactly opposite from peak to trough and thus cancel out the rogue wave that is not connected to a source. since the astral light is connected to a source it will continue to vibrate in the etheric. this is why backfires cause the most amount of damage. i have already explain all this many times.

        SS: now the penguin church pedophile ring will lie to advance his own interests. the penguin church has already caused two massive catastrophes that is affecting everybody in a negative way because he lied and told everyone including the russians that it was ok to use mahabharata weapons on his behalf. now look backwards and see bad decisions were made because was inspired by some pedophile who lied and caused backfire catastrophes.

        Powerful Earthquake Hits Chile, 100,000 People Evacuated  March 17, 2014 In the meantime, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) which had earlier issued a bulletin saying that there was no threat of a tsunami, issued a subsequent bulletin that said that sea level readings indicate that a Tsunami was indeed generated. The bulletin adds that the tsunami “may have been destructive along coasts within 200 km of the earthquake epicenter”. In case no major waves are observed two hours after the quake, it also told the local authorities to assume that the threat has passed.

        Is 4.4 jolt an end to Los Angeles’ ‘earthquake drought’? March 17, 2014 Monday’s earthquake was followed up by seven smaller temblors, with two registering as magnitude 2.5 or greater, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The seven quakes all occurred about five to six miles northwest of Westwood, with a magnitude 2.5 temblor hitting at 10:07 a.m. Most of the aftershocks were magnitude 1.3 or smaller, according to the USGS. Monday’s quake struck the northern edge of the Santa Monica Mountains, an area that has not seen much recent seismological activity. “The location is somewhat surprising. It’s within the Santa Monica Mountains. We have not seen seismicity in it in recent times,” Hauksson said. “It has been dormant for quite some time.”

        Where exactly was the L.A. earthquake? March 17, 2014 If you plug that into Google Maps, you get a cul-de-sac on the north side of the Santa Monica mountains. That cul-de-sac – the 16000 block of Meadowcrest Road – is at the far western edge of Sherman Oaks. Had the epicenter been another block or so to the north, west or south, it would have been in Encino.


        03-28-14los_angeles_earthquake copy



        SS:  UPDATE 03-29-14: lasts night earthquake in los angeles was a very shallow earthquake. we have some discrepancy of how shallow the quake really was. in the above map we can see the preliminary depth was 1.9km which is about 1 mile deep. vin scully reported it at .06 km deep which is less than a mile.. and then later the depth was recorded at 7.5km deep .. so which depth reading is the real depth reading ??

        SS: my policy is always go by the first readings because in my experience the usgs changes their magnitudes and numbers after the quake after they have thought about it. when a quake initial hits the usgs will throw out a magnitude and numbers and then after they see the damage will either raise or lower the magnitude. here we seen the depth be changed after the initial reports. the depths of an mahabharata harmonic earthquake weapon is around 10km to 12 km or 6 and 8 miles. northridge quake was 19 kms or 12 miles deep.

        SS: usgs would likely tell us that the two california quakes in this blog are not related. however they are related. i think we are seeing the start of an earthquake swarm. first a deep quake in santa monica mountains followed only days later with these la habra quakes . maybe having two quakes this close together raises the percent chance of these being fore-shocks ?? maybe the 4.4M was the fore-shock of the 5.1M ?? what is the percent chance we will see another earthquake in la ?? maybe we should prepare for another earthquake in la to be on safe side .

        More Than 100 Aftershocks in Los Angeles Area After 5.1 Quake 03-28-14 Tonight’s earthquake is the second in two weeks, and reminds us to be prepared,” Garcetti said in the statement. Metro Los Angeles tweeted that trains would slow for inspections of tracks and equipment and riders should expect delays. Meanwhile, rides at Disneyland in Anaheim were shut down following the quake after visitors reported getting stuck on the Matterhorn ride. The USGS said the quake was 5 miles deep.

        Magnitude-5.1 Earthquake Shakes Orange County Friday, March 28, 2014 A magnitude-5.1 earthquake centered near La Habra in northern Orange County struck at 9:09 p.m. Friday and was felt in San Diego County. The U.S. Geological Survey originally estimated the quake to be a magnitude-5.3. Two minutes after it occurred, a 3.4-magnitude quake struck again in La Habra. Several small aftershocks followed in La Habra and neighboring Brea, according to the Geological Survey. The magnitude-5.1 quake was felt throughout Southern California. Besides San Diego County, it was felt in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

        WATCH: Vin Scully Narrates Moderate Earthquake During Dodgers Game March 28, 2014 BREA (CBS13) — A 5.1-magnitude earthquake has hit Southern California, north of Anaheim, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake struck at 9:09 p.m. had a depth of about 1.2 miles. Reports from the scene say the quake lasted about 10 seconds and was over with.

        A 4.4-magnitude earthquake, centered in the Santa Monica mountains, was felt across a 150-mile stretch of southern California. It was the largest quake to hit the Los Angeles area in five years, but it caused no major damage. Ben Tracy reports.

        Egill Hauksson a Caltech Seismologist talks about an early morning earthquake during a news conference at Caltech in Pasadena, Calif, on Monday, March 17, 2014. The pre-dawn quake rolled across the Los Angeles basin on Monday, rattling residents from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach but causing no reported damage. The quake’s magnitude was 4.4 and it was centered 15 miles west-northwest of the downtown civic center, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. (AP Photo/Nick Ut )

        Water bubbles up through the pavement along Gilbert Street just south of Rosecrans in Fullerton Friday night March 28, 2014 following an 5.1 earthquake. Police closed off the street as crews placed cones around the area. (AP Photo/The Orange County Register, Mark Rightmire)

        Water bubbles up through the pavement along Gilbert Street just south of Rosecrans in Fullerton Friday night March 28, 2014 following an 5.1 earthquake. Police closed off the street as crews placed cones around the area. (AP Photo/The Orange County Register, Mark Rightmire)


          Of the Marilyn Monroe California Mermaid Earthquake




          SS: as can see an earthquake has happened on the coast of northern california.  the reason for the marilyn california mermaid image is because i had just found this image on a shirt i bought only few days before so i found it interesting. magnitude 6.9 is fairly large and could have done some serious damage .. it was almost 50 miles deep so this deepness may have prevented any damage. we could suspect a mahabharata weapons strike however  i think most mahabharata strikes are not deep earthquakes. like fukushima for example was 6.2 miles deep. watch out for sneaker waves as comet schwassman-wachmann was in outburst during this earthquake.

          SS: i want to use this moment to talk about scientist who who lie.. these scientist might study science but they are not true scientist because they lie to cover up things to protect people who cause catastrophes rather than not lie so that the people have freedom to make decisions based upon knowledge.. and this is the reason why i continue to expose many of these lies and coverups. we have an election this year and the democrats want to run on climate change by having big over night parties while they totally neglect the two largest climate change catastrophes this world has ever seen . the democrats dont want to run on their gun control and obamacare because they know both are very unpopular .

          Sneaker wave generation by wave interference This animation of wave interference was put together by Troy Nicolini to illustrate how sneaker wave conditions can lull you into a sense that the waves aren’t too big and you are safe. ten to twenty minutes can pass with only modest wave activity and then suddenly a series of much bigger waves arrive. You need to watch the surf for at least 20 minutes to get a good feel for the full range of wave activity.

          No damage or injuries are reported after a 6.9 magnitude quake struck off the coast of Northern California. Anthony Mason reports. (CBS This Morning Screen Grab)

          A sign warns of deadly sneaker waves on the beach at Redwood National Park in Northern California. The sign notes that four deaths from sneaker waves have occured on that beach alone since 2004 (the picture was taken in 2013). (Andrea Thompson )


            Of the Puerto Rican Scorpion Earthquake



            SS: this earthquake has followed the recent scorpion tail volcano eruption .. this might be connected with the haiti quake which if it is then those two might be foreshocks for the big one coming .. this scorpion “scar” region is a region of a massive mega-earthquake that twisted the land here and cause some land to rise. at one time north america and south america were combined until they were ripped apart in a violent mega earthquake. it likely caused a shift in the pole of the earth and possibly the speed of rotation of the entire planet. blavatsky stated that during these large upheavals that entire continents sunk into the sea and arose from the sea.

            SS: 01-15-14 UPDATED: regarding the dead whale they sometimes are seen beached before earthquakes. the whale was probably already sick before it was attacked. a few weeks ago we saw a bunch of beached pilot whales in monroe florida. an earthquake did indeed follow the beached whales. the beached whales do not always appear near the quake. just before the indonesia boxing day earthquake several whales beached in new zealand.

            Puerto Rico earthquake shakes northern coast Jan. 13 (UPI) — The U.S. Geological Survey reported Monday that a strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit the northern coast of Puerto Rico in the early hours of the morning, one day after the four-year anniversary of the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck nearby Haiti. The epicenter of the quake hit about 60 miles northwest of the capital San Juan, north of Hatillo.

            UPDATED: 30-foot sperm whale washes ashore in Boca Raton, partially eaten by sharks Jan 10, 2014 BOCA RATON, Fla. — A large dead sperm whale washed up on a beach near Spanish River Boulevard Friday morning. The 30-foot whale appeared to have been attacked by sharks floating off shore before the tide washed it in. Police have closed a section of Spanish River Park. A crowd of people gathered on the beach say they saw lots of sharks in the water before the whale came ashore.

            Similarly, there is one exception it is the utterance of the ‘Name’ which it is death to pronounce. This word was constantly in their mouths; it is “Zcrra”, a sort of venomous throat-gargling. Hence, possibly the Gaelic “Scurr” “speak,” English “Scaur” or “Scar” in Yorkshire and the Pennines. “Zcrra” is also the name of the “High House,” and of the graven image referred to above. — Liber Li by A.’.A.’.


              Japan Mega-Quake Update: Earth Shifted Shortens Day Again







              SS: how many of these earth shifting time speeder up quakes ?? this is the third mega-quake to do this ..last year chili quake shifted the earth’s and also sped up time by 1.26 microseconds and 2004 indonesia tsunami earth shift sped up time by 6.8 microseconds . see the previous japan mega-quake tsunami blog here . elow we are looking at the powerful tsunami wave as it propagates across the entire pacific ocean ..

              How the Japan Earthquake Shortened Days on Earth 13 March 2011 The massive earthquake that struck northeast Japan Friday (March 11) has shortened the length Earth’s day by a fraction and shifted how the planet’s mass is distributed. A new analysis of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan has found that the intense temblor has accelerated Earth’s spin, shortening the length of the 24-hour day by 1.8 microseconds, according to geophysicist Richard Gross at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

              The 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile last year also sped up the planet’s rotation and shortened the day by 1.26 microseconds. The 9.1 Sumatra earthquake in 2004 shortened the day by 6.8 microseconds. And the impact from Japan’s 8.9-magnitude temblor may not be completely over.The weaker aftershocks may contribute tiny changes to day length as well.

              Japan earthquake shifted Earth on its axis March 12, 2011 Friday’s magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan shifted Earth on its axis and shortened the length of a day by a hair. Already, just over 36 hours after the quake, data-crunchers had determined that the temblor’s force moved parts of eastern Japan as much as 12 feet closer to North America, scientists said — and that Japan has shifted downward about two feet.

              Volcano erupts in Southern Japan 03-13-11 TOKYO—Japan’s weather agency says a volcano in southern Japan has resumed eruptions of ash and rocks as the country struggles with the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in the north.

              Was Japan’s volcano eruption linked to its earthquake? March 18, 2011 The Shinmoedake volcano on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, 950 miles from the epicenter of last week’s magnitude 9 earthquake, spewed ash and rocks up to 2.5 miles into the air March 13. The volcano had erupted Jan. 19 and several times afterward, most recently Feb. 1. Its re-eruption just two days after the massive temblor prompted many to wonder whether the quake could have triggered that event.

              Whirlpools are seen following a tsunami and earthquake in Iwaki city, Fukushima Prefecture, March 11, 2011. The biggest earthquake to hit Japan since records began 140 years ago struck the northeast coast on Friday, triggering a 10-metre tsunami that swept away everything in its path, including houses, ships, cars and farm buildings on fire. REUTERS/YOMIURI(JAPAN – Tags: DISASTER)  JAPAN OUT.

              A massive tsunami sweeps in to engulf a residential area after a powerful earthquake in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan March 11, 2011. The biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years struck the northeast coast on Friday, triggering a 10-metre tsunami that swept away everything in its path, including houses, cars and farm buildings on fire. A tsunami warning has been issued for the entire Pacific basin except for the mainland United States and Canada following a huge earthquake that hit Japan on Friday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. REUTERS/KYODO (JAPAN – Tags: DISASTER IMAGES OF THE DAY)  JAPAN OUT.

              Minamisanriku town is submerged after Friday’s strong earthquake-triggered tsunami in Miyagi prefecture, northern Japan, Saturday, March 12, 2011. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)

              Earthquake-triggered tsumanis sweep shores along Iwanuma in northern Japan on Friday March 11, 2022. The magnitude 8.9 earthquake slammed Japan’s eastern coast Friday, unleashing a 13-foot (4-meter) tsunami that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland.  (AP Photo/Kyodo News) JAPAN OUT


              APTOPIX Japan Earthquake

              Japan Earthquake

                Of the Japan MEGA-QUAKE Tsunami



                SS: click the above map to see the position of the earthquake tsunami . this map will be updated soon with the 8.9 megaquake, however this did occur at the same place as the earlier 7.2M fore-shock . this was really big two tsunami in a row hit same place after release of songs.

                SS: this the first whirlpool vortex tsunami i ever seen, we are seeing the reflection of the huge oscillation gravity wave that has been generated in the ether . see the linked story below in regards to these tsunami generated gravity waves ..

                SS: currently being edited .. this mega-quake happened at the neckguard of the merman .. neckguards are standard samurai armor .. there are images below of a mask and neckguards ..

                Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits northern Japan March 8, 2011 (AP)  TOKYO – A 24-inch (60-centimeter) tsunami reached the coastal town of Ofunato, in Iwate prefecture, with other towns reporting smaller waves reaching shore about 30 minutes after the quake. “We have confirmed that small tsunami have come up on the shores, but we have no reports of damage at this point,” said Shinobu Nagano, an emergency and disaster response official in Iwate. “We are still trying to determine the impact of the quake.”

                Huge Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Off Japan’s Coast Published: March 11, 2011 TOKYO — A devastating tsunami hit the coast of northeast Japan on Friday in the aftermath of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake about 80 miles offshore, killing at least 15 people and injuring dozens. The earthquake triggered widespread power blackouts, and countries across the Pacific Ocean, from Russia to South America, including Hawaii and the west coast of the United States, braced for tsunami waves.

                Television images showed waves of more than 12 feet roaring inland. The tsunami drew a line of white fury across the ocean, heading toward the shoreline. Cars and trucks were still moving on highways as the water rushed toward them. The floodwaters, thick with floating debris shoved inland, pushed aside heavy trucks as if they were toys, in some places carrying blazing buildings toward factories, fields, highways, bridges and homes. The spectacle was all the more remarkable for being carried live on television, even as the waves engulfed flat farmland that offered no resistance. The force of the waves washed away cars on coastal roads and crashed into buildings along the shore. Television footage showed a tsunami wave bearing down on the Japanese coastline near the community of Sendai.

                Huge whirlpool created after Japan quake March 11, 2011  A massive earthquake has hit the north-east of Japan, triggering a tsunami and a huge whirlpool. Dramatic footage of the whirlpool was taken by a helicopter, as the BBC’s Humphrey Hawksley explains.

                Japan Earthquake


                Tsunamis create mysterious atmospheric waves: Scientists October 15, 2010 “The tsunami very effectively generates atmospheric gravity waves, and because they’re fast, those waves can effectively travel to the upper atmosphere,” said Michael Hickey, a physics professor and associate dean at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. As the atmospheric waves travel upward, they get larger. “Because the atmosphere decreases in density as you go up, the air molecules can move much farther without bumping into each other,” Galvan explained, adding that as the wave travels through thinner and thinner material, the larger its oscillations can get.

                In this image taken from NHK television, smokes rise from houses in Soma, Fukushima, northern Japan Friday, March 11, 2011 after an earthquake. Japan was struck by a magnitude-8.8 earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday, triggering a 13-foot (4-meter) tsunami that washed away cars and tore away buildings along the coast near the epicenter. (AP Photo/NHK) JAPAN OUT, TV OUT,

                Houses are swept by water following a tsunami and earthquake in Natori City in northeastern Japan March 11, 2011. A massive 8.9 magnitude quake hit northeast Japan on Friday, causing many injuries, fires and a ten-metre (33-ft) tsunami along parts of the country’s coastline. There were several strong aftershocks and a warning of a 10-metre tsunami following the quake, which also caused buildings to shake violently in the capital Tokyo. A tsunami warning has been issued for the entire Pacific basin except for the mainland United States and Canada following a huge earthquake that hit Japan on Friday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. REUTERS/KYODO (JAPAN – Tags: DISASTER IMAGES OF THE DAY) JAPAN OUT.

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