SS: the secret order has another white buffalo experiment .. white buffalos have full-looped “scalar potentials”  .. we can identify the experiment because the white buffalo father was struck by lightening one week before the white buffalo was killed and lightening is connected with schumann resonance.. a full looped “scalar potential” has different properties than a “scalar potential” bound to the brane . a full-looped “scalar potential” graviton will enter the sun and pass through the open stargate . the two sunspots both appear ringed like picture below both the mother and the white buffalo entered the sun together .. i think this shows that the white buffalo interaction caused his mother to  form full-looped “scalar potential” ..also in this blog a new white buffalo has been born .. i try to keep track of when these white buffalos come in and when the leave .. i think why we are seeing so many white buffalos and white whales is because the stargate is open .

Shall such high purpose fail of emulation, such achievement and example not excite us to like striving? Then let Earth fall indeed from her high place in heaven, and mankind be outcast forever from the Sun! Men of Earth! Seek out the heirs of Atlas; let them order you into a phalanx, let them build you into a pyramid; that may pierce that appointed which awaits you, to establish a new dynasty of Atlanteans to be the mainstay and mainspring of the Earth, the pioneers of their own path to heaven, and to our lord and Father, the Sun! And he put his hand upon his thigh, and swore it. — Liber Li by A.’.A.’.

Stellar Flare Blasts Exoplanet June 28, 2012: The scientists conclude the atmospheric variations occurred in response to a powerful eruption on the planet’s host star, an event observed by NASA’s Swift satellite.  The stellar flare, which hit the planet like 3 million X-flares from our own sun, blasted material from the planet’s atmosphere at a rate of at least 1,000 tons per second.

Grand jury subpoenas issued in Hunt County buffalo deaths 03 July 2012 11:13 AM Arby Little Soldier found the body of Lightning Medicine Cloud, who had been slain, at the Lakota Ranch just west of Greenville on April 30 and the body of his mother, Buffalo Woman, the next day. A criminal investigation into the deaths involving multiple agencies has been under way since that time.

Lakota and Others to Gather for White Buffalo Naming Ceremony July 4, 2012 In the rolling meadow below Mohawk Mountain in the northwest corner of Connecticut, a white buffalo baby trots alongside his massive mother, his whiteness highlighted against her dark brown winter fur that is still molting in the summer heat.The white buffalo or bison—Tatanka Ska in the Sioux language—was born June 16, at 1 p.m. on Peter Fay’s Mohawk Bison ranch in Goshen, Connecticut.

A rare white buffalo walks in a corral after a Native American naming ceremony was held in Greenville, Texas Wednesday, June 29, 2011. The buffalo, named Lightning Medicine Cloud, was born to the Texas herd last month and holds a special place in Native American culture. (AP Photo/LM Otero)