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Of the Southern California Suncruiser Fireball









SS: an astral nuke bomb has hit southern california .. that suncruiser was coming in closer for a reason and then headed back to the sun after delivering it’s astral nuke bomb .. this all happened as saturn made passage above the sun .. the suncruiser appears to be about the size of a large moon or small planet. maybe about the size of mercury . it took about 24hrs for the astral nuke to manifest after seeing the suncruiser at its closest point to the earth. and it took only four hours for the suncruiser to return to the sun from that closest point to the earth.

SS: this is not the first sighting of the suncruiser.. the first time i seen the suncruiser was in 1999 S1 Linear .. i have seen it many times ever since .. the suncruiser enters and leaves through the solar stargate.. i think it is a guardian of the stargate . if we look at the mayan hunab ku we do see a centaur guarding the gate that shoots arrows. another centaur guardian that uses a spear. this might indicate that there are at least two of them . that is their reflections in the ecliptic mirror . something destroyed the martians and i think these suncruisers have something to do with it . the suncruiser does not appear to be one scared when delivering it’s salutations astral nuke. we need to try remember that the earth is closer to the sun than is mars and that the andromedans had an entire spaceship fleet.

BREAKING: Large Meteor Reported Over Southern California Skies  Published on Nov 7, 2013 A large meteor was reported to Southern California Weather on Wednesday evening by a few people. After the Facebook post, a number came in to continue talking about it. This bright mysterious flash likely was a meteor. Reports are still coming in.

Southern California sky, and Twitter, light up with reported fireball, most likely meteor November 7, LOS ANGELES — A fireball that lit up the night sky and social media was likely a meteor streaking across the sky, forecasters said. Southern Californians from Santa Barbara to San Diego reported seeing bright lights Wednesday night.

Video: Fireball engulfs mechanic draining fuel as scrap metal firm is prosecuted 31 Oct 2013 Mr Roberts, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, sustained severe burns to his hands, legs and nose in the fire, and he has not been able to return to work since the incident. He said: “I still remember the noise of the petrol fumes igniting and a wave of blue flames engulfing the pit. The pain was instant and intense.

The court was told Douglas Valley Breakers should never have allowed fuel to be drained into inspection pits, where vapours could accumulate, and it should have made sure there were no ignition sources nearby, such as electrical equipment.


4a. djed medu in nut nekhebet uret merii pu teti za
Whenever breathed is the Word sah bound-for the Gigantic, Opened-up, Blue-Void (mother), so that such a beloved one will Teti be, a son,

4b. redi en en ef akheti sekhem ef im esen heru akheti is
Telekinesis will happen because the double-Horizon-point has been set-in-place for him (6 inches before the brow), so that he will have power in it, like Second-Sight of the double-Horizon-point,

4c. netjeru nebu djed esen bu mao pu merii etj pu teti mem mesu etj
so that all the Pyramid Builders, they will say, “Such is Reality, so that such will be your most beloved, Teti, among your children,

4d. setep zau her ef djet
so that one (the Blue-Void mother) will choose to guard in-charge-of him eternally.”

The Pyramid Texts from the Pyramids of the Desert Plataeu of Saqqara

Dozens of Orange County residents called 911 when they saw a green light streak across the sky Wednesday night. KCAL9’s Stacey Butler reports. (CBS Los Angeles Videos)

A streak of light flashed across the sky and left thousands of people wondering what it was. (KSWB – San Diego Screen Grab)


    Of the Cleveland Tennessee Lunar Fireball




    SS: an explosion of light happened over cleveland tennessee on the 28th august 2013.. the skymap shows the moon was near stargate orion constellation of orion the archer in alignment with comet temple. anytime we see the moon and star that is the secret order. comet ISON was very near the Beehive Cluster. “we cleave the illusion to reveal the truth” –SS .

    MAJOR FIREBALL EVENT, UPGRADED (AGAIN): NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office has upgraded its estimates of a major fireball that exploded over the southeastern USA around 2:30 AM on August 28th. Lead researcher Bill Cooke says “the fireball reached a peak apparent magnitude of -16, about 20 times brighter than a Full Moon, and cast shadows on the ground. This indicates that the meteoroid had a mass of more than 110 kg (240 lbs) and was up to a meter in diameter. It hit the top of Earth’s atmosphere traveling 25 km/s (56,000 mph).” Watch the movie, then read more about the fireball below:

    Varuna presides over the relationship of man with the gods. He is the ruler of the “other side”, of the invisible world. The sudden favor of the gods and the elements, their unaccountable cruelty, cannot be understood. The behavior of Varuna, who rules over the invisible, cannot be foreseen; hence he appears a dangerous lord, a despot. “He is the owner of the magic-power (maya) through which forms are created. He represents the inner reality of things, higher truth, and order in their transcendent aspects, beyond the understanding of man. His absolute power is felt during the night and in all that is mysterious, while man-made laws, represented by Mitra, rule the day.  — Varuna (the Coverer or Binder), The Mysterious Law of the Gods : The Gods Of India



      Of the Russian Sonic Boom Shock Waves Fireball

       SS: a massive fireball entered the earth’s atmosphere friday morning in russia causing sonic boom and shock waves .. it was the largest sonic boom shock waves i ever seen since it blew out windows .. here is a video of some office people being shock waved .. here is another video shows the force of the shock wave bomb .. these shock waves are traveling into the etheric .. this has happened as the “we love enchantress” panstarrs comet advances toward lunar solar graze next month, only weeks away.

      SS: this may be a precursor of what is coming .. later this year when the great comet ISON passes near the earth will pass through it’s debris trail .. it is possible that we will see several more of the fireballs accompanied with sonic booms and shock waves traveling into the etheric . NASA says they think is an asteroid. well we know where it is at the bottom of that lake chebarkul.

      Meteor shower over Russia sees meteorites hit Earth MOSCOW: February 16, 2013 – 12:24AM A meteor shower has rained down on central Russia, sowing panic as hurtling space debris exploded in the air, blew out windows and injured dozens of people. The Russsian Emergencies Ministry reported a meteoroid exploded in the skies above the Urals region, sending a shock wave that shattered windows. “A meteorite (sic) disintegrated above the Urals, partially burning up in the lower atmosphere,” the local office of the national emergencies ministry said in a statement.

      What appears to be a meteor trail over eastern Russian is seen in this image released Feb. 15, 2013, by the Russian Emergency Ministry. The meteor fall included a massive blast, according to Russian reports. Russia’s Emergency Ministry

        New Mexico Fireball

        RIPPING FIREBALL: “There was a rippingly fine fireball over north central New Mexico on April 5th at 01:50 am MDT,” reports amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft. “Signals from distant radio stations bounced off the meteor’s trail as it shredded the ionosphere. Here is a movie I made with the radio echo in stereo at two frequencies. The full radio reflection lasted more than two minutes.”

          Hartley Teardrop Fireball!

          SOUTHWESTERN FIREBALL: Last night (Sept. 21st) around 09:01 pm MDT, a dazzling fireball glided across the skies of New Mexico and west Texas. “We’ve been getting a lot of calls in the newsroom about an object – maybe a meteorite – falling from the sky,” says Peter St. Cyr of KOAT TV in Albuquerque. An all-sky camera outside Santa Fe caught the object in flight.

          “It took 23 seconds to cross the sky and was nearly as bright as the full Moon,” says Thomas Ashcraft, who operates the camera. “The fireball made a sonic boom loud enough to be heard inside above fan noise and household din. At first I thought it was thunder.”

          SS: if u want to see the fireball movie you will have to click the link above, the research page below needs some updating soon, and below are links to past blogs:

          The Hartley Rose and Cross Teardrop
          of the horse mounts of the hartley teardrop
          Hartley Teardrop racing by Andromeda

          SS: view the hartley teardrop research page here .. if we were looking in the sky we would see the moon in aquarius, the moon and a bright fireball ( seen in picture above ), and hartley teardrop racing by andromeda .. sonic booms from these fireballs are interesting phenomena because there is definitely a shock-wave associated with it.. sonic boom coming out of aquarius .. click the skymap for full view:


            NEW MEXICO FIREBALL: Dawn came early to New Mexico on Saturday morning when a brilliant meteor exploded near Santa Fe. “It turned night into day,” says amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft who recorded the fireball using an all-sky video camera: must-see movie. The movie’s soundtrack is the signal from a 61 MHz forward-scatter meteor radar also operated by Ashcraft. Ghostly echoes from the meteor’s debris continue long after the meteor itself explodes. Listen again.

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