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Of the Secret Order Rose and Cross

SS: this hexagram below was made by someone and given to me it was little while ago before twitter . i saved it and it is opne those things you do not forget you have .. as can see it is a hexagram with quetzecoatl the winged serpent .. and also the all-seeing “eye of horus” inside a pyramid .

SS: there are some rumors going around on the internet that the cherokee is a lost tribe of israel .. if were to google around you will find this rumors.. i am 1/3rd cherokee and my tribe is called the Lost Cherokee Tribe is the ani-kutani tribe which traces back to the secret order of viracocha in south america near cusco .. they teach that they entered and left the world through windows . and this secret order of viracocha traces back to the atlanteans and therefore my bird clan tribe is atlantean and also a captured martian beehive technology with a south american hive snakes .

“Interstellar Dream” picked up the Best of Show Award for designer Ho Kwan Po. “Interstellar Dream” picked up the Best of Show Award for designer Ho Kwan Po. “Interstellar Dream” picked up the Best of Show Award for designer Ho Kwan Po.

SS: a real jew does not believe in jesus .. ok i know this for a fact because i went to catholic schools from first grade till is was 15 and the catholics teach this in their schools that real jews do not believe in jesus . if someone tell you jews believe in jesus they are not tell truth to you ..  my colleague also went to catholic schools . for some reason we needed to know this religion and anyone who has been to catholic schools know that you will know that bible tested every single chapter multiples of times .

SS: now the hexagram found in the banner of my website here is another secret order hexagram that was designed by a colleague of mine who was in here before me . and that hexagram consistes of the six pointed hexagram with a five pointed pentagram inside of it which is the lotus that rises from the abyss in what is called the “crossing of the abyss” . the above hexagram is similiar to the hexagram my website banner in that it is composed of both macrocosm and microscosm as quetzecoatl is the microcosm that rises the abyss .

SS: if we were to look into the works of my colleague we will find a lot of hebrew. in fact hebrew is also used in the hermetic kabbalah  and book 777 which same from the book of correspondents of the outer order of the golden dawn whom my colleague was also a member as well as the inner order of the A.’.A.’.

SS: now i personally do not use any new religions .. i use three main secret order sciences ..  i use the egyptians who is THOTH (Moon) whose greek counterpart is HERMES Trismigestus (also Moon) who is founder of the hermetic sciences . i use the Incan|Mayan|Aztec|Native American sciences who is Quetzecoatl (Venus) the winged and feathered serpent . the mayan cross below actually is the cygnus the swan constellation in the northern triangle shaped as a cross and can see the dragon bird sitting on top of the cross .. and the third science i use is Hinduism who is a triad Vyasadeva (the great sage) who wrote the book on Mahabharata and the Vedas is joined forces with Vasunas (Venus) and Soma (Moon) .

SS: after i left high school i went straight into hermeticism and alchemy and then hinduism .. i studied hinduism for long time before i finally arrived in egypt and south america . . it did not take me very long because i know the pyramid texts and book of the dead better than i do the bible . and although i was raised a catholic i am still closer the definition of a jew since i believe that every man and every woman is a star or how i teach is a “scalar potential” .

SS: i want to say about the people who why they are mad .. well you see it is not my fault i haven’t been queening anymore because of past problems ..  who my priestess is holmes* priestess so i not going to do anything  .. would be a lot cooler if i were more trusted instead of making assumptions what i am doing . must be tuned with the polestar and “soul of earth” to be a bonafide amazon priestess .

Also I welded together the Flaming Star and the Sixfold Star in the forge of my soul, and behold! a new star 418 that is above all these. Yet even so was I not deceived; for the crown hath twelve rays. And these twelve rays are one. by the A.’.A.’.

    Of the Summer Triangle Beehive Polestar Science



    SS: the above starmap shows all the most interesting objects found in the “northern triangle” which consists of three constellations of cygnus the swan, aquila the eagle, and lyra the lyr and swooping eagle . it is the main stars of these constellations that form this northern triangle with the polestar VEGA .. click on the starmap above to see the location of most interesting northern triangle opbjects and read about them below.

    It should be noted that Deneb of Cygnus, part of the constellation called the Northern Cross, connects to the Summer Triangle together with Vega of Lyra. (The Peruvian Llama and its young) and Altair of Aquila. The Summer (Winter) Triangle was the apparent “hearthstones” of the gods, especially that of God L, or Ophiuchus as the god/constellation.

    These stars are located below Ophiuchus in the Andes, but above that constellation north of the Equator. This configuration is the southern version of Sahagún’s clock coordinates. The three-stars are part of the Summer Triangle that may have originally portrayed the great bird figure on the Nasca Plains in Peru.

    The emphasis here on the Summer Triangle leads us to the constellation below these stars, to a more familiar one found in Peru, that of Ophiuchus, or the god who holds two serpents, one in either hand and who wears a pointed hat as in Figure 2. On the plains of Nasca, an empty space that could relate to this constellation is an area of the constellation Ophiuchus, (the most important god of the Inca) flanked by one radish with a sword (#7) and the other with what appears to be a road (#6).

    SS: i will start in cygnus the swan, the first image is called the crescent nebula which of course refers to the moon and is located next to the x-ray source blackhole cygnus x-1, the second image is of the veil nebula, i mention this because there could be many uses for a hiding ones identity or identities as in some egyptian pharoahs were known to have multiple souls. the second image of the egg nebula in the constellation of cygnus the swan i will go more into detail as it is an interesting part of cygnus and the northern triangle .

    SS:  i spoke about how the non-polarized vortex of energy ( called serpent power ) rises from the polestar in draco in constellation of the dragon ( coiled dragon serpent power ) to the summer triangle where it is first pacified in the constellation of cygnus the moon swan .. here in this book called The encyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and motifs we can read about this swan egg . pass through the pacifying moon before passing through the solar stargate.

    SS: once this serpent power is pacified by the lunar node it then becomes the flying eagle and then descend again as the swooping eagle of the polestar VEGA as causing a certain graviton consciousness of lyra the scalar harp .. when we follow the milky way south we find ophiuchus also known as the beegod due to it’s blocky appearance and the milky way appearing as bees coming and going from a hive .

    SS: this egg is also an alchemical symbol . it is used in egyptian, incan/mayan/aztec, and hindu ancient sciences .. which the polestar science i describe above is also an alchemical science .. we can see that the alchemical egg symbol is that of an egg with a coiled serpent around it which perfectly describes the polestar science i have described above regarding the non-polarized vortex energy of the polestar in draco and the rising of this serpent power to the moon swan egg of the northern triangle where it is pacified before descending again as polestar VEGA.

    SS: here in this book called Max Ernst and alchemy this egg is referred to as the philosophic egg or alembic vessel and is lunar .. it also mentions the alchemical queen as being lunar which we find this pretty much everywhere the lunar moon goddesses .. which the priestess queenBee is a moon goddess, a secret order priestess as described in book 777 and other hermetic texts .. however, priestess queenBee will be found at Sirius which the egyptians did connect with the polestar VEGA because as VEGA is setting in the west then sirius is rising in the east .. the reason being both are full looped gravitons but also eclipsing binaries .

    SS: the next place of focus will be the constellation of lyra in which reside the polestar VEGA . the first image is the ring nebula which consists of a white dwarf in the center of the gaseous nebula .. in the pyramid texts written on the walls of egyptian pyramids the “ring of soul” is spoken about many times .. i think it can be represented by many things and one these is a “scalar potential” of mind that is a full loop graviton that is not bound to the brain and therefore can escape to higher dimensions by merging back with the astral from whence it came and passing through the stargates.

    SS: on the right side of the ring nebula is Sulafat and on the left is an eclipsing binary system like found in sirius called Sheliak .. when we talk about an eclipsing binary we mean that one star orbits around the other star .. the next object is called the double double .. it is a double star located near the polestar VEGA .

    SS: now this summer triangle leads us to ophiuchus the mayan beegod .. and i am try to explain how priestess queenBee is form the full loop “scalar potential” of an eclipsing binary queenStar consciousness of sirius by this secret order silver star beehive polestar sciences we have the crescent nebula in cygnus and the polestar VEGA in lyra.

    MAYAN BEE GOD The Bee image of a flying god has to be related to a stinging element. Ophiuchus has a blocky appearance with a pointed roof. It has two extra areas on each side where the radishes appear to fit. The area on the left stretches out into the Milky Way, just about where there is a break in the star formation. It gives the appearance of bees either coming or going from a hive. The two places that use a bee-god image most prominently are near the sea coast at Tulum, and in the Mississippi area of the US.

      Of the Astral Light Consciousness Intelligent Mind



      SS: since the astral light is a force ( gravity ) and is the basic building block of the universe as proven by science by it’s detection by scientific instruments, then all consciousness is must be part of the astral light. if it is consciousness then it must be intelligence . the intelligent designer is dual natured astral light which is the scientifically proven  phenomena represented by the moon and star … the star being the astral light and the moon or moons it’s mirrors.

      SS: we don’t just have to take anyone word for it  .. the astral is a proven science and we can look up in the sky and see the moon and the star(s) every single night and we can see the mermaid pod with the mermaid enchantress priestess along with the samurai mermaid and two swimming mermaids entering the world through the astral stargate etched into the side of the planet . these things are undeniable and cannot even be debated .

      SS: in hinduism reality is called “maya” or illusion .. only two things actually exist, “consciousness” and “illusion” . hinduism teaches cycles called ‘yugas’ and ‘manvantaras’ and hinduism reaches that at the end of each cycle all of illusion is destroyed and only consciousness lives again in the next cycle .. it is the very foundation of hive consciousness.. a conscious entity will live again in the next world and the next world might or might not be ruled by the same laws of physics. agreeing with Lisa Randall the author of ‘Warped Passages” this world is a 3D sinkhole and other dimensions exist.




      SS: according to scalar physics the mind is a “scalar potential” that oscillates within the “zero point vacuum” or “time domain”.  a “scalar potential” is not yet “scalar” and i will go more into that in a moment. the mind vibrates at the same frequencies as the schumann resonance . there are different states of consciousness which vibrate at different brain wave frequencies such as wakeful state, deep sleep state, dreaming rem state, etc. these brain wave frequencies all vibrate at the same frequencies of the earth’s schumann resonance.

      SS: this first image above shows the “scalar potential” attached to the membrane as according to our “M-Theory” . now these “scalar potentials” are bound to the illusion and are not yet “scalar”, they are locked and will not escape to higher dimensions, they will not reach the sun, and they are doomed to darkness and death. one triangle rises and as it rises another descends and the scalar potential is locked, bound into illusion and will not reach the sun . this path will not result in hive consciousness nor will it reach the sun and live again during the next “TIME ZONE” cycle .. at the end of the day all illusion is destroyed and only consciousness lives again .

      SS: the second image shows a full loop scalar potential called a graviton that has been liberated from the membrane . it is now “scalar” and is hive consciousness and will pass to the higher planes, it will reach the sun via the path of the astral light the moon and venus . this is the genuine path achieved by the rose and cross formula 418 and the beehive crown .. it leads to genuine hive consciousness and it will reach the sun and incarnate again in the next cycle .. this is the path of the mermaid priestess enchantress because for a priestess to actually be able to create genuine hive consciousness she must be “scalar hive conscious” to be able to liberate “scalar potentials” and therefore she must be liberated ..

      SS: to help prove my theory the secret order conducted experiments when a white buffalo died .. of course we would because we want to make sure the stargate portal is open .. white buffalo are special because their “scalar potential” are never bound to the illusion because they enter the world in a different way through the astral light window from higher dimensions so they are born already a liberated consciousness because they can remember the higher dimension from which they came .. .. that is why upon it’s death we saw the white buffalo’s “scalar consciousness ring” reflected upon the sun as it reentered the sun after it’s death . the white buffalo did not require the aid of anyone except it own self to reach the sun . no one needed to come save the white buffalo it made its journey naturally on it’s own by the path of the astral light .. it came from the astral and back to the astral from whence it came . third above is a picture of a reflection of an unbound “scalar potential” reentering sun sun it has a spiral formation:

      “String theory concentrated on closed loops like rubber bands but after M Theory everything we see around us like matter and light is made of open ended strands and the ends of each string are tied down to our three dimensional membrane.”

      “Closed loops of strings do exist .. and one kind is responsible for gravity and is called a graviton. Because the closed loop has no loose ends to tie down it can escape to higher dimensions thus making it appear weaker than the other forces of nature ..”

      Schumann Resonance Schumann is a product of lightning discharges occurring in the Earth’s Ionospheric Cavity. Simply put, picture the surface of the Earth as the surface of a big ball. Above the Earth we have the atmosphere . The atmosphere is composed of layers, one being the Ionosphere. This layer has the ability to act as a reflector or mirror. Picture this layer as another ball surrounding the ball we call Earth. Between the surface of the Earth or inner ball and the D-Layer or outer ball we end up with a cavity or hollow area. This cavity contains the air we breathe and where weather is created. At any given second somewhere on the planet up to one hundred lightning discharges are occurring. As a product of the shape, volume and area of the cavity, seven independent resonances or vibrations occur as a result of lightning discharge.

      The seven resonances or vibrations occur at the following frequencies: The first at 7. 83 Hz. or cycles. The second at 14 Hz. The third at 21 Hz. The fourth at 26 Hz. The fifth at 31 to 33 Hz. The sixth at 39 Hz. And the seventh at 45 Hz.

      Brain Waves: Alpha occupies a frequency range of approximately 8 to 13 Hz. Theta a frequency of 4 to 7 Hz. Delta a frequency of 1 to 3 Hz. and Beta a frequency of 18 to 22 Hz. These four brain waves fall within the range of at least the first three Schumann Resonances. If we consider high Beta brain wave activity, “above 22 Hz.“ more resonances can be utilized.



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