SS: this is not the first time we have seen this phenomena with the earth’s magnetic field. we saw this same phenomena in june 2009, however there was no solar wind stream like there is this time . so we need to figure out if this is caused by an external cause such as the sun or if this is something going on internally inside the planet . the magentosphere is projected by the earth’s core and is affected by magma .. we know this from studying the african superplume where the magma there twists and warps the magnetosphere .. so we need to figure out what is causing this warping of the magnetic field on a planetary scale that we are seeing here .

SS: i have a theory this phenomena is caused by non-polarized geomagnetic vortexes of energy that swirls up from the deep earth and causes the warping we are seeing .. it’s the heating of the earth’s core causing magma to expand and begin to push its wat to the earth’s surface .. it is the magma beginning to rise up that is causing the geomagnetic vortexes .. we see these at volcanic hot-spots .. the problem here is the scale of these geomagnetic vortexes .

SS: the above images show the warping of the magnetic field. the images below show the normal magnetic field:

SS:this image below was taken june 2009 when there was no solar wind buffeting the magnetosphere at all, click the image to see the full view: