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Of the Sao Paulo Aquarium Mermaid


A woman dressed as mermaid wearing a Santa Claus hat performs to students from inside a tank at the Sao Paulo Aquarium December 17, 2014. According to organizers, the performance aims to narrate about the myth and legend of mermaids. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker (BRAZIL – Tags: SOCIETY)

Visitors wave to a woman dressed as a mermaid wearing a Santa Claus cap as she performs from inside a tank at the Sao Paulo Aquarium December 17, 2014. According to organizers, the performance aims to narrate about the myth and legend of mermaids. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker (BRAZIL – Tags: SOCIETY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

A visitor waves to a woman dressed as a mermaid wearing a Santa Claus cap as she performs from inside a tank at the Sao Paulo Aquarium December 17, 2014. According to organizers, the performance aims to narrate about the myth and legend of mermaids. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker (BRAZIL – Tags: SOCIETY)



    Of the Mermaid Spear Fish Hunting

    scorpion__priestess_full copy




    SS: i happened upon a mermaid video shows a mermaid look inside the window of a submarine and then another video showing a mermaid spear fishing .. we know that mermaids hunt with spears. and can see how the mermaid uses a spear to catch fish.

    SS: in the above map can be seen a mermaid pod entering from the astral window. two can be seen swimming while the third is looking into the astral mirror of the enchantress priestess while he holds mermaid hive in his hand. mermaids travel in pods so that means where there is one mermaid there is more mermaids.

    Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. — Secrets of the Samurai



      Of the Atlantean High House Stargates




      SS: the above skymaps show two connecting regions in the sky. they show the ‘Mayan Hunab Ku’ region which is the direction of the core of the Milky Wat galaxy where at least one black hole resides. It is from this direction that interstellar winds push space dust into the inner solar system. The ‘Mayan Hunab Ku’ is made up of several constellations. The main three constellation that make up this region are Scorpio, Sagitarius, and Ophichus. I add several more constellations to this region; Centaurus, Lupus, and Norma.

      SS: the ‘Mayan Hunab Ku’ region is a stargate. It is one of two regions that the ecliptic (the path the sun and moon appear to travel as the earth rotates around the sun) and the Milky Way intersect. Since the first stargate is located in the Beehive Crown that the Milky Way travels from to reach the ‘Mayan Hunab Ku, then we can see in the Milky Way road before entering the “Mayan Hunab Ku’ stargate is the constellation of Norma which “Norma Jean” is the priestess mermaid enchantress.

      SS: there are two guardians that guard the stargate entrance. these are Sagittarius the archer and Centaurus the spear wielder that is piercing Lupus the wolf. as we travel northward through the stargate we will enter into the Summer Triangle which it is called by people in the northern hemisphere since it is seen by them in the summer, however it is called the “Northern Triangle” since the southern hemisphere does not see it in the summer.

      SS: in the above starmaps and the earth map below them we can see that the Summer Triangle is mirrored on the side of the planet earth .. secret order axion “As Above So Below” .. the Northern Cross which is the constellation of Cygnus the swan is the reflected at the Samurai Mermaid with the comet head on side of our plant who is looking into the astral mirror behind the priestess enchantress mermaid seen below.

      SS: the Milky way run North to South because earth is not really part of the Milky Way galaxy but rather the Sagitarius Dwarf galaxy… this is the reason that the ‘Mayan Hunab Ku’ stargate is the direction of Sagittarius because on the other end of the Milky Way blackhole is the Cygnus X-1 blackhole in the constellation Cygnus in the Summer Triangle. the secret order captured the Milky Way blackhole that was their connection to Andromeda when we destroyed the Martian Brown Dwarf System. that is why mars is destroyed and we have four gas giants and moons everywhere with spaceships and other artifact.

      SS: the blackhole stargate is pointing in the direction of the Cygnus X-1 blackhole in the Summer Triangle following the road of the Milky Way through the stargate assuming one can make stargate passage. the only way to make stargate passage at this stargate is that the ‘scalar potential’ must be tuned with ‘Soul of Earth’ or the Centaurus pierces Lupus the wolf.. the Centaurs are the guardians of the Hunab Ku stargate… and the Northern Triangle is the atlantean high house the home of the crescent-ed inner sun polestar Vega. 

      Wormholes are just quantum entangled black holes, says new research December 5, 2013 Both quantum entanglement and wormholes share a very important property: They appear to be linked through some kind of dimension or medium that we can’t yet discern. With quantum entanglement, two particles can be separated by an infinite amount of space, and yet they still seem to be able to communicate their quantum state instantly, much faster than the speed of light. Wormholes, if they exist, would bend the fabric of spacetime to allow faster-than-light travel between two arbitrary points — just like entangled particles.

      How Quantum Entanglement Works (Infographic) April 08, 2013 In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. The phenomenon so riled Albert Einstein he called it “spooky action at a distance.” The rules of quantum physics state that an unobserved photon exists in all possible states simultaneously but, when observed or measured, exhibits only one state. Spin is depicted here as an axis of rotation, but actual particles do not rotate. Entanglement occurs when a pair of particles, such as photons, interact physically. A laser beam fired through a certain type of crystal can cause individual photons to be split into pairs of entangled photons. The photons can be separated by a large distance, hundreds of miles or even more.

      MAYAN BEE GOD The Bee image of a flying god has to be related to a stinging element. Ophiuchus has a blocky appearance with a pointed roof. It has two extra areas on each side where the radishes appear to fit. The area on the left stretches out into the Milky Way, just about where there is a break in the star formation. It gives the appearance of bees either coming or going from a hive. This alone is not very convincing. The two places that use a bee-god image most prominently are near the sea coast at Tulum, and in the Mississippi area of the US.

      There is still another point which should be considered. It is in the Maya Puuc area, that a bee god becomes very important, more important than God L. In the Mississippi area, also, there are references to a “bee” god, but the Inca have no such designation for this “god.” Ophiuchus has a square frame with a pointed roof-like top and two side flanges (where the radish images seem to reside). On the left side, the wider flange (as the North of the Equator view) connects at the top with the Milky Way, where there is a break in the star trail. With this version, or artistic representation, the constellation has the appearance of bees coming into or leaving a hive. In spite of the lack, the Inca version of a god is shown as a serpent holder with a pointed hat which appears to fit into top of the Ophiuchus constellation. Also, the coat of arms of the Inca shows a serpent that is attached to each side of the royal headband (almost as earrings).

      “In the pre-Columbian Andes, the Milky Way was styled a river (‘mayu’) or, less frequently, a road (nan). It was the route traveled by both the gods and the spirits of the dead in order to reach the world of the living.” (Sullivan, p.49)

      Vega has been extensively studied by astronomers, leading it to be termed “arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.”[11] Vega was the northern pole star around 12,000 BCE and will be so again around the year 13,727 when the declination will be +86°14′.[12] Vega was the first star other than the Sun to be photographed and the first to have its spectrum recorded. It was one of the first stars whose distance was estimated through parallax measurements. Vega has served as the baseline for calibrating the photometric brightness scale, and was one of the stars used to define the mean values for the UBV photometric system.

      Pole Star: While other stars’ apparent positions in the sky change throughout the night, as they appear to rotate around the celestial poles, pole stars’ apparent positions remain virtually fixed. This makes them especially useful in celestial navigation: they are a dependable indicator of the direction toward the respective geographic pole although not exact; they are virtually fixed, and their angle of elevation can also be used to determine latitude.



      SS: in the above starmap shows the first ‘Stargate Orion’ and the ‘Beehive Crown’ .. the ‘Stargate Orion’ is the region above orion’s upright hand that holds torch of the astral light .. as can see by the sun in the starmap that the sun and the moon both travel through this stargate along the ecliptic .. ‘Stargate Orion’ is the first stargate where the Milky Way galaxy intersects with the ecliptic. it is reached by traveling from Furnace of the Phoenix through river Eridanus to the feet of Orion and then through the three star’s of the pharaohs belt that the giza pyramids are aligned to which is the path of the gods to immortality reach the astral light.

      SS: the ‘Beehive Crown’ is the astral light and it is those tuned with the astral light are tuned with the beehive reach astral light beehive consciousness because only the bees can travel this road. the bees travel the Milky Way south to the ‘Mayan Hunab Ku’ stargate .. the bees must pass through the “Norma” who “Norma Jean” is the MU1 Scorpion mermaid priestess wearing the ‘Beehive Crown’ seen upon the side of the earth.

      SS: the reason we are seeing these things reflecting like that is because it is the soul of earth and this is the ‘soul of earth” solar system. we are seeing the reflections are the way we can percieve something that is mufti-dimensional which our solar system and sun are mufti-dimensional.. we see mermaids on the side of the planet and they are coming through in that stargate and doing whatever it is they doing like a crashed in socom team. there are two branes here that collided but one them is already disconnected from it’s andromedan source.

      SS: the mermaids are mufti-dimensional .. that means they can exist in more than one dimension at the same time and we can see they are inter dimensional travelers. they possess and wield the powers of the astral light .. the earthquake that is mermaids in motion.. the natural one anyways .. it is the mermaids who are seen on the side of the planet therefore it is their planet.. the andromedains apparently have no technology or abilities to fight against mermaids as can be seen from last night they got owned.

      SS: 12-05-13 UPDATE: i have added a new image of marilyn monroe that i accidentally ran into today .. it is from a teashirt .. the mermaids are not fallen angels as we can see in the above earth maps. they come in through an astral window of their own accord. those mermaids are swimming and are on a mission. thoth and/or quetzecoatl never fell into anything. they descend and ascend on their own powers.. the wings ?? well the northern triangle is made up of constellations of Cygnus (Swan), Aqulia (Flying Eagle), and Lyra (descending or swooping eagle or vulture). the bird clan.. the mermaid enchantress is of the atlantean high house..

      PRAESAEPE A cluster of stars better known by the name the “Beehive Cluster”, or the Latin equivalent, Praesepe, which not only means a “hive” but also a “Manger”, or “Crib”. The name Beehive derives from the appearance of a swarm of stars in a dance of activity. In Orphic teaching, souls were symbolized by bees, not only because of the association with honey but also because they migrate from the hive in swarms, since it was held that souls ‘swarm’.

      Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations The Ancient Egyptians’ knowledge of geometry and Precession is clearly demonstrated on the Nermer Plate. The centre point is the tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown. Line One is through the Club. Line Two bisects the Crown. This creates four angles each of 90 degrees. Line Three is the horizontal at the tip of the Crown. Line Four is the vertical through the tip of the Crown. Already the formation of angles of 30 degrees can be observed. The tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown becomes a dot within a circle; the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for Ra and the concept of Precession. It is the pinnacle of the Axis Munde around which the heavens appear to revolve. (See Part 5) A revolution through the heavens of twelve 30-degree segments can take one year or, in the case of Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac, 25920 years. The division of the heavens into twelve 30-degree segments gives the appearance of a starburst. A further division into 15-degree segments creates the 24-hour day.

      The Ring Nebula (also catalogued as Messier 57, M57 or NGC 6720) is a planetary nebula in the northern constellation of Lyra.[5] Such objects are formed when a shell of ionized gas is expelled into the surrounding interstellar medium by a red giant star, which was passing through the last stage in its evolution before becoming a white dwarf.

      The Veil Nebula is a cloud of heated and ionized gas and dust in the constellation Cygnus. It constitutes the visible portions of the Cygnus Loop (radio source W78, or Sharpless 103), a large but relatively faint supernova remnant. The source supernova exploded some 5,000 to 8,000 years ago, and the remnants have since expanded to cover an area roughly 3 degrees in diameter (about 6 times the diameter, or 36 times the area, of the full moon).




        Of the “Mermaid Who Saw in the Mirror” Samurai




        SS: now we are at the basics of the “samurai” meaning “to serve” .. although for me it also means the “Mermaid who saw in the mirror” that is eatched into the side of the planet with the priestess mermaid and two other swimming mermaids .. they enter through the astral stargate .. the mermaid samurai serve the astral light and the “laws of varuna” .. the mermaid samurai rely upon their own bardo during a fight .

        The samurai (or bushi) were Japanese Warriors. The word samurai comes from the Japanese Verb saburai, which means to serve (someone). In the past, there were many different Classes of people in Japan. “Samurai” were members of the important Military Class before Japanese society changed in 1868.

        In it’s ancient form, the title of ‘samurai” had once been assigned to leaders of the armed clans in the North, and in a slightly modified form, , to the warriors of the aristocratic clans attached to the imperial gourt during the Muromachi period. Contracted phonetically into “samurai”, the term was extended to denote all warriors who were permitted to wear the long and the short sword in the service of a lord, and was more specifically and correctly translated as “one who serves”. — Secrets of the Samurai


          Of the Fountain Valley California Starbucks


          Starbucks to Invade Colombia, Home of Juan Valdez, the Iconic Coffee Man  September 7, 2013 “Starbucks can use economies of scale to reduce costs. They know what consumers like and do a lot of innovating,” said Carlos Rojas, president of the Colombian Coffee Exporters Association. “I think the people at Juan Valdez should be scared.”

          The Starbucks logo hangs on a window inside a newly designed Starbucks coffee shop in Fountain Valley, California August 22, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Blake

          A barista pours a drink at a newly designed Starbucks coffee shop in Fountain Valley, California August 22, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Blake (UNITED STATES – Tags: FOOD BUSINESS)

          A barista puts whipped cream on a drink at a newly designed Starbucks coffee shop in Fountain Valley, California August 22, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Blake (UNITED STATES – Tags: BUSINESS FOOD)



            Of the Copenhagen Little Mermaid Birthday



            100 girls jump in the water behind Copenhagen’s landmark “Little Mermaid” on August 23, 2013 as the statue celebrates her 100th birthday. (AFP Photo/Nikolai Linares)

            The monument of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark (Relax News)

            100 girls form a “100” in the water behind Copenhagen’s landmark “Little Mermaid” in Copenhagen, on August 23, 2013 as the statue celebrates her 100th birthday. Perched on a rock in the water just off the star-shaped Kastellet fortress near the city’s harbour, the small bronze-skinned sculpture has become a Danish icon. (AFP Photo/Nikolai Linares)


              Of the Alchemical Area 51 Mermaid Base





              SS: what does the secret order know about Area – 51 you wonder ?? maybe more than most let’s have a closer look at the above maps that i am presenting we can see what Area – 51 really is and why the us air force decided to build an underground bunker base there .. the first might might be confusing due to the broken flyflot cross that appears at the borders of the four corners states .. everyone always associates the flyflot cross to the nazi germans and yet here the usa has it’s own flyflot cross which i call “The Bent Flyflot” due to it’s arizona arm being bent . this flyflot cross existed during world war two and is still there today so this must mean that not only the nazi’s understand the occult significance of the flyflot cross but so does the usa. 

              SS: each arm of the flyflot cross represents an element, utah is earth due to its salt which is attributed to element earth and one of the three primary alchemical principals.  colorado caloric is element of fire, airizona is obviously element of air, and that leaves new mexico as element of water. the flyflot cross represents the polarization of matter from the non-polarized .. all of physical existence that we perceive could not be without polarization which is ruled by the polestar polaris.

              SS: in the zone of the air element is the phoenix that rises from its ashes. the phoenix is an alchemical symbol and is seen in the sky as the constellation of the Phoenix (Furnace) at the base of the River Eradinus that leads to the Orion Stargate (astral light) .. las vegas is the polestar of Vega which rules over beehive consciousness .. it’s constellation is seen in the Northern Triangle which is reached by traveling the river Eradinus to the Orion Stargate and then following the milky way to the mayan hunab ku beehive region or our galactic center which is where the bees enter and leave the Northern Triangle.. all of this from the Phoenix to Vega represents the non-polarized energy of the polestar Thuban rising to the swan egg of Cygnus in the Northern Triangle causing the decent of the Eagle.

              SS: this brings us to Area 51 which is only a few miles north of las vegas.. in the first satelite image we can see Area 51 and i have highlighted the interesting points that this is a merman here that appears to be operating  a computer system of some kind. and groom lake appears as a giant head. we can see why the us air force chose this site for their top secret base. however that is only the start of the mysteries of Area 51  which i study all this Area 51 one stuff back in the 90’s. i have even visited the Lil Alien Inn where i obtained another satellite image seen at the bottom.

              Area 51 acknowledged in information released by CIA August 16 2013  LOS ANGELES (KABC) — For the first time ever, the CIA is acknowledging the existence of Area 51, the super-secret Cold War test site in the Nevada desert. So is the government set to share a never-before-seen treasure trove of space alien photos and films? Area 51 is a heavily guarded military base roughly 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

              The Plieades are the central group of the system of sidereal symbology. They are situated in the Neck of Taurus, regarded in astronomy as the central group of the system of the Milky Way, and in the kaballah and in eastern esotericism, as the sidereal septenate born from the first manifested side of the upper triangle, the concealed triangle. The Plieades (Alcyone especially) are thus considered, even in astronomy, as the central point around which our universe of fixed stars revolves, the focus from which and into which the divine breath, MOTION, works incessantly during the Manvantara.

              The Secret Doctrine also teaches us that everything in the universe, as well as the universe itself, is formed (created) during it’s periodical manifestations – by accelerated MOTION set into activity by the BREATH of the ever-to-be-unknown power (unknown to present mankind, at any rate) within the phenomenal world.” — The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky

              The Primum Mobile: “Beginning of Whirling Motion” The Swastika symbolizes Whirling Energy, the Initiation of all Magical Force. The Lamp is not a weapon; it is a light shining from above which illuminates the whole work.”– 777 by Aliester Crowley




              SS: the merman is only part of this mystery .. because i had the picture from the Lil Alien Inn i looked at my image in all directions and when i flipped the image i found some more interesting things. when viewed from 180 degrees a giant skull and bones appears. and this is not your average skull. this skull has a computerized brain, a satellite, and a laser eye .. the laser eye stands out more in the earlier 1968 satelite image than these. the satellite was an upgrade appeared at Area 51 in later satellite images. and this skull is holding the “Torch of the Astral Light” or “Orions Torch”.

              SS: why does this appear here where there is a natural formation of a merman with groom lake head and an astral torch ?? well i do not believe in aliens are here visiting earth. until i see an alien standing in front of me then i don’t believe they are here. back in the 90’s i saw a triangle with balls of light in center and in each corner hovering over north phoenix. i have the newspaper clipping from the light that was seen. i happen to have a pair of binoculars at the time and me and my friend sat for about thirty minutes watching this thing until a black helicopter flew over and scared it away. i do not believe it was aliens. it could have been a hologram. triangles have been reported seen parked at area 51 hangars in a popular sciences article. if it is true i am not sure.. aliens no.. merman yes. we can see the merman with our own eyes etched into the planet at Area 51. because i was born at Nellis AFB i always laugh how no one has actually proven i was born or whether i came through a tunnel connected to Area 51. i always laugh and say that is where i landed Area 51 runway.

              SS: below is a scanned image of the picture i bought at the Lil Ale Inn.. the skull can be seen much more clearly. above the astral light is a lake called Papoose Lake .. it appears as a sitting jaguar, or even an sitting oxen .. closeup images of this lake reveal a cobra snake in the belly of this lake .. cobras attribute to egyptian king uraeus which is non-polarized celestial energies .

              Twelve Alligator now holds the staff of Venus, the Morning Star, the Bringer of Dawn. The possession of such objects confers status, authority, and the right to rule. (Brennan, p. 67)

              The tupayauri, defined by Holquin as “the royal sceptre, staff, royal insignia of the Inca,” was the symbol of Imperial authority among the historical Incas. Tupa means royal in Quechua, while yauri is the Aymara word for copper. (p.127)

              “In the pre-Columbian Andes, the Milky Way was styled a river (‘mayu’) or, less frequently, a road (nan). It was the route traveled by both the gods and the spirits of the dead in order to reach the world of the living.” (Sullivan, p.49)



                Of the Mermaid Sardine Hunt


                The black phosphorus is always added by a High Priestess, and it is not known in what matter she does this. The Zro that may remain is the subject of eternal experiments by the Magicians. It is generally thought by the greatest of them that an error was committed in bringing it to a ninth stage of division into two, and many openly deplored the discovery of black phosphorus. All however strive in harmony to produce a tenth stage that shall surpass the virtues of the ninth.

                Theoretically it is possible to reach an eleventh stage wherein the Zro takes human form, and lives! Opinion is divided as to whether this was not actually done by a certain Magician at the time of the passing of Atlas. In any case, I beg the reader to remember that I have only described one seventh of the virtues of Zro, and I have even omitted this, that in its ninth stage it is not only food and drink, but Universal Medicine, if properly understood. For Zro is also a vision and a voice! — Liber Li by the A.’.A.’.

                At the sardine hunt mermaids and dolphins work together to catch fish. (Animal Planet)

                The mermaids are not alone in the open ocean; they have created a bond with the dolphins. (Animal Planet)


                  Of the Mermaid Spear Hunters





                  SS: above is an image of andromeda galaxy which we are imminent collision. Tomorrow night we will meet the Andromedans on a more even ground than last night. the reason the andromedans send brown dwarf systems to nearby newborn galaxies is because they do not want to cause a collision because if they cause a collision then they will have to fight the life-form of the galaxy they are attempting to mine resources from. now they will face what they fear and they will dread us with their captured technology and planets. if we leave enough brown dwarf systems in orbit our solar system others will think twice and move on because we are to much of a hassle .

                  SS: the Andromedans are a very ancient advanced race, however, they are whale hunters. the Andromedans have likely never encountered a mermaid pod migrating with a whale pod before so they are a little bit surprised right now. the Andromedans consider this a fluke accident, however, they know the local life-form will start to grow and develop. the Andromedans must make contact as soon as possible to keep the local life-form from developing and eventually harnessing their technology. tomorrow night we will meet the Andromedans.

                  SS: i am sure at least one of the black holes discovered at the center of the Andromeda Galaxy is a etheric bridge tunnel to the nearby spiral galaxy Triangulum. i suspect the Andromedans have a brown dwarf system in Triangulum and that world is under their control as a resource world. the only other galaxys nearby are all dwarf galaxy’s that are in orbit around the Milky Way. Sagittarius is the dwarf galaxy that collided with the Milky Way merging in with it that cause the proto-star ignition and destruction of the Andromedan brown dwarf system.

                  Astronomers Predict Titanic Collision: Milky Way vs. Andromeda May 31, 2012:  NASA astronomers say they can now predict with certainty the next major cosmic event to affect our galaxy, sun, and solar system: the titanic collision of our Milky Way galaxy with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The Milky Way is destined to get a major makeover during the encounter, which is predicted to happen four billion years from now. It is likely the sun will be flung into a new region of our galaxy, but our Earth and solar system are in no danger of being destroyed.

                  The Andromeda–Milky Way collision is a galaxy collision predicted to occur in about 4 billion years between the two largest galaxies in the Local Group—the Milky Way (which contains the Solar System and Earth) and the Andromeda Galaxy.

                  The Milky Way is surrounded by several dwarf galaxies, typically containing a few tens of millions of stars, which is insignificant compared with the number of stars in the Milky Way itself. This map shows the closest dwarf galaxies, they are all gravitationally bound to the Milky Way requiring billions of years to orbit it.

                  Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. — Secrets of the Samurai

                  In any case, the whole country gave itself up to unbridled rejoicing. Work was carried on at a greater speed than ever before: one might say a delirium of labour. For eleven years this continued without cessation, and then without warning came the order to repair to the High House — every man, woman and child of Atlas. What was then done, I know not, and dare not guess; that same day seven volunteers, heroic exiles from the reward of so many centuries of toil, voluntary maroons on the discarded planet, the Heirs of Atlas, turned their faces from the High House, and severally sought distant mountains, there each to guard his share of the Secrets of the Holy Race, and in due time to discover and train up fit children of other races of the Earth so that one day another people might be founded to undertake another such task as that now ended. — Liber Li by the A.’.A.’.

                  26 new black hole candidates have been spotted in the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. X-ray (NASA/CXC/SAO/R.Barnard, Z.Lee et al.), Optical (NOAO/AURA/NSF/REU Prog./B.Schoening, V.Harvey; Descubre Fndn./CAHA/OAUV/DSA/V.Peris)

                  Mermaid en route to hunt prey with a spear. (Animal Planet)

                  A mermaid looks at the open ocean right before seeing a Megladon shark attack a whale nearby. (Animal Planet)

                  A mermaid stares at the cold and distant land. (Animal Planet)

                  The mermaids migrate with the whales from warm southern waters to the northern feeding grounds. (Animal Planet)



                    Of the Lemmon Spear Andromeda Passage




                    SS: 08 June 2013 starmap lemmon spear making near passage to the andromeda galaxy which has followed the near andromeda galaxy passage of the “we love enchantress” panstarrs only a few weeks prior .. the “we love enchantress” panstarrs is still looking good makes its way out of the solar system. please note that *BOTH* the first “we love enchantress” great comet and the second more recent “we love enchantress” panstarrs survived perihelion without any disruptions and both left the inner solar system without breaking up. the first “we love enchantress” was impacted by a cme but it did not breakup as we can see as it produced the great white whale in the sky after it’s solar graze..

                    SS: this is important because there are a couple sources, one which is a nasa scientists and the other random person, said that these two comets experienced disruptions and breakups and this is not true at all. noone else is making these claims and we have all kinds of data that proves they are wrong and i think is important to make sure the truth is preserves the integrity of the science.. the reason i call this lemmon spear is because it was came in through centaurus the spear near the mayan hunab ku region in formation with “we love enchantress” panstarrs..

                    SS: this is an important passage due to our galaxy is on a collision course with andromeda. we look at andromeda in the sky it is a reflection. the martian brown dwarf system that was destroyed in the previous “TIME ZONE” originated from the andromeda galaxy. i have theorized that andromeda galaxy also has a brown dwarf system in the triangulum galaxy as well as we can see the reflection fine etheric tunnel. their etheric tunnel to our galaxy was broken and now our two gravity’s are attracting each other into a collision. when the collision happens will be another “time zone” all of us .. well at least some of us .. will be here to interact with them. they are a very advanced ancient race…. BUT.. we have their technology and planet.

                    SS: the secret order is already at war with the andromedans. if the secret order weren’t then all of you likely would not be here or you would be their slaves and food for them. after we destroy the andromedans then there are no other immediate threats in this region of space. however i think they still have a stronghold in triangulum. because we are in imminent collision with andromeda is why i keep saying that the more we achieve tonight the stronger we will be tomorrow night. and the secret order will defeat the andromedans tomorrow night .

                    The Andromeda–Milky Way collision is a galaxy collision predicted to occur in about 4 billion years between the two largest galaxies in the Local Group—the Milky Way (which contains the Solar System and Earth) and the Andromeda Galaxy.

                    Two star-forming galaxies in the process of colliding 11 billion light-years away, as seen by a variety of telescopes. At right is a close-up view, with the merging galaxies circled. The red data show dust-enshrouded regions of star formation, ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech/UC Irvine/STScI/Keck/NRAO/SAO

                    After hearing a warning call from the other mermaid, a mother and her young look to the mermaid in the distance. A massive shark is lurking nearby. (Animal Planet)

                    Mermaid hunts in the deep ocean. (Animal Planet)


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