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Of the Fukushima Radiation Monitoring Stations




SS: new research has emerged proving that the fukushima radiation catastrophe is being lied about and covered up. in the above images can see a japanese government radiation counter and just below it is a gieger counter next to it reading twenty times higher radiation reading. the japanese government is downplaying the catastrophe and so is the usa government by not monitoring at all. ignoring the catastrophe and covering it up is making the catastrophe much worse.

SS: thinking about what they said in the video about the butterfly mortality rate increased second generation and worsened in third generation. that means that ignoring fukushima means that pretty much all other missions will be harder to accomplish like for instance mission to mars. i think in this fukushima coverup that people should think for themselves and consider that the governments are not telling the truth about fukushima .

SS: it is obvious that noone has intentions to address this catastrophe because there is a tower there about to collapse ronto one or two of the reactor buildings that are already damaged and no one is doing anything about it.. that means we are all on our own and if no one talks about it then everyone will keep ignoring it while it keeps getting worse. somebody should send a robot or something to fukushima and fix the tower before it crashes into the reactors. the way things are going none is going to want to be reborn into this solar systems world anyways for at least 26000 years.

Fukushima in Fish May 29th, 2014 Wind Euler is with the group MamaBears Against Nukes in Arizona. In April, she spoke to a community group in Santa Cruz County about exposure to low levels of radiation. Eating contaminated fish, Euler says, carries more risk than swimming in lightly contaminated water. “Maybe eating one fish, might not hurt,” she says. “But if you keep on eating fish and keep on eating fish, you get a chronic internal exposure. And that’s where the danger lies.”

Mako Oshidori in Düsseldorf “The Hidden Truth about Fukushima” Wednesday, May 28, 2014 This is a chimney called a “stack” behind Units 1 and 2. There are various issues all over Fukushima Daiichi NPP, but this is one of the places that I consider the most dangerous. It is 120 m tall. In December 2013, it was discovered the highest radiation level, 25 Sv/h, at the bottom of the stack. It’s not micro- or milli-sievert, but it’s 25 Sievert. and humans cannot go near it. The problem gets worse. TEPCO discovered deformities on 4 sides at 60 of the 120 meter height. That is shown in this photo.


    Of the Secret Order Emergency Radiation Monitoring Suit



    SS: in the above picture is a cheap radiation protection suit .. i bought this because of some events that have happened over the weekend and i am kinda not have time to waste right now. this is not really a radiation suit but it will provide enough protection for me to go to california and get some readings from some beaches there .. a real radiation suit would cost me $1500 to on up to about $2500 to $3000 and i don’t believe i need that much protection atm just to go to california beaches. i only require protection from radioactive bucky balls which is a particle. i will take all other precautions .

    SS: i am going to be looking for a respirator mask to go with this cheap outfit. hopefully i can find one local. worst case scenario i can pick one up at home depot for $30 used in painting but i hoping to find a better one somewhere.. i am thinking i should be in california this weekend or next weekend .. sometime soon anyways to get readings. i want to get reading before march because march was the predicted date for the radiation wave arrival in southern california. i think the wave is arriving now as radioactive bucky balls were likely what was detected recently on the san francisco beach. radioactive bucky balls travel very well in water and fly through the air 300km inland.

    SS: if anything crazy happens to me during this time then i think everyone will know that it was because someone doesnt like my research. we have to fend for ourselves people.. the obama admin is not monitoring the pacific and i think it is important that we monitor the beaches. the federal government under obama has not told everything what they could be doing to detox radiation from their bodies. a radioactive particle enters your body it does not cause cancer immediately. it will stay lodged in the cell wall and radiate for a long period which over that long period of time can cause the cell to mutate into a cancer cell.

    SS: however i have discovered a few years ago how to remove a radiation particle from the body and how to do some other things. people in california who have been exposed to radiation does not mean you absolutely have to get cancer. however, that is not obama’s plan to save or protect the american people. he gave you health insurance because they want you to get cancer. you become profit for the cancer center of your choice and keep your doctor if u want too while the NSA decides what treatment you are eligible for through the usb port of your wireless keyboard and mouse.

    SS: 10-08-14 UPDATE: i have been slowly acquiring more equipment. i recently purchased a respirator with P100 filters and i have upgraded my laptop from an dual core windows vista to a much more beefy laptop for field work. once i have enough equipment i will consider field research. as soon as i have completed some field research i will update my new book “Of the Obama Mahabharata Catastrophes” to the next revision edition. i know i am missing some time and data but i am getting hardware as fast as i can. i have to try to survive the trip to in a hostile environment..

    Radioactive buckyballs from Fukushima invade California beaches Sunday, June 17, 2012 The tiny, stout buckyballs – which resemble soccer balls – are said to have been formed when water hit the super-heated, primarily uranium-oxide, fuel in the damaged reactors at Fukushima. “In this goo buckyballs are formed, loaded with uranium and able to move quickly through water without disintegrating,” said the report.

    “Southern California is still getting hit by Fukushima radiation at alarmingly high levels that will inevitably increase as the main bulk of polluted Pacific Ocean water reaches North America over the next two years,” he asserted.

    A Radioactive Nightmare Scientific studies from the United Kingdom and Europe show that sea water infused with radiation of the sort spewing out of Fukushima can travel inland from the coast up to 300 kilometers. These mobile poisons include cesium-137 and plutonium-239, the latter with a half-life of 24,400 years.



      Of the Radioactive Missouri Snow



      SS: another radiation monitoring station in missouri tested snow and found that radiation in the snow. if the radiation is in the snow then it is also in the rain . this is what happens when you pretend a catastrophe didnt happen . the sad part about these catastrophies is they did not have to happen. radioactive snow is not a democracy, it is something else entirely.  radioactive beaches is not democracy . just because the penguin church could tell everyone to use mahabharata weapons on his behalf doesnt mean that it is ok that we now have radioactive snow and radioactive west coast beaches .

      SS: i think that we should be looking at these catastrophies much more serious than we have.  i already suspected this and i have been telling everyone to avoid the rain and the snow. it has been an emergency for the past three years while fukushima has been completely ignored. i bought a new radiation monitor below because i was going to go test california beaches and test rain water and stuff but seems these two guys have already confirmed my suspions and therefore i don’t need go california or go test snow now . which btw this person has a different type of gieger counter than mine below .. his has to take ten minute samples and divide by ten while mine reads real-time monitoring, timed readings require software to log and graph the measurements .

      Fukishima fall-out fears as DOUBLE the normal amount of radiation is found in Missouri snow and San Francisco beach busts safety levels prompting investigation 7 January 2014 A beach in San Francisco contains five times the safe levels of radiation fueling concerns that Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant’s crisis is impacting areas across the country. It comes just days after radiation readings were found to be double the normal amount in Missouri’s recent snowfall. According to YouTube user, DutchSinse, who posted a video of him taking the Geiger readings in St Louis, the findings mean that ‘small particles of radioactive material are indeed coming down in the precipitation. Past tests show around 30CPM in the same spot on a nice day with no precipitation’.

      Understanding the Weather’s Water Cycle The atmosphere takes up water from out of the warm, salty ocean and delivers it cool and fresh to the land through precipitation of storms. The chilling cold of winter stores it in the mountains as snow and ice. The warming spring brings some of it down the rivers and into the lakes. Over the following days and months and many years, the fresh water flows back to the salty sea. One way or another, all of the water you drink — and everything else you drink — and all of the food you eat depends on the storms, recent storms or storms of the distant past. Figure 1 illustrates the basics of the water cycle.

      Start Thinking Fukushima January 9, 2014 If we want to keep our community safe from the effects of this tragedy, we need to remind the world that we are watching and paying attention and that we will not simply stand by as our world deteriorates. Think something, write something, say something or do something, just don’t ignore the fact that one day, safely surfing or even walking the beach at UCSB may be nothing but a bittersweet memory.



        Of the Radioactive San Francisco Beach






        SS: this is a guy with a radiation detector walking towards a beach in san francisco california .. the first screen grab shows him on a path walkiing towards the beach and he is reading 40 and 50 on his detector .. this guy thinks that is normal but i am not convinced because i think the normal world wide background radiation is around .009 .. it will fluctuate in that area unless of course you are near a radiation hot zone like a san francisco beach. without a radiation reading before the radioactive wave hit the beach then the truth is we don’t know that 40 or 50 is really normal .. he has a different detector than me as mine reads as … normal or not as he nears the beach and walks along the beach the radiation detector goes crazy climbing as high as 152 .. we can see people out on the beach enjoying the radiation .. they having a good time they think .

        SS: i was planning to go to san diego and los angelas to get beach readings with my new radiation detector seen below like this guy .. i am going to change my mind about going to california beaches until i have a gas mask capable of blocking radioactive buckeyballs and a full radiation suit. unfortunately the guy in the video is not wearing any protection. i have bought some paper cloth type masks to wear at the beach but i think that is not adequate protection. the radiation wave is obviously hitting the western united states beaches now. it was predicted to hit in march and if that prediction is true we could see some serious radiation problems in california. i believe the western coastline of the usa and canada will have to be evacuated . i say it should be but our govy has the obummer admin who has done nothing about eather of the catastrophes . it is WEAKNESS to pretend a catastrophe has not happened and to do nothing.

        SS: i have become very blunt about exposing this catastrophe now because i believe the pedophile church who is responsible for this catastrophe should pay for his crime. the penguin church convinced people using religion to use non-conventional weapons to cause “earthquakes” on his behalf. the penguin church told them he gave them permssion to use them while i was warning them of the backfire damage they have ALWAYS caused to the earth. my research of ten years prior from about year 2000 proved that the mahabharata weapons usage was causing instability to the earth’s core and had already recorded several incidents including methane mine blowouts. jim jones convinced people to drink poison in the name of his god and his religion .. david koresh convinced people to allow him to have sex with their children because he fooled them to believe he was jesus and because he was jesus that made his pedophilia ok. today we watch this very same thing happening as the penguin church convinced people who wield powerful weapons to use them and they backfired resulting in two epic disasters that so far have gone mostly ignored. and along with his pedophile ring try to convince us that pedophilia is ok.

        SS: i think the western us coastline will have to be evacuated. we cannot have hollywood in the middle of a radioactive hotzone. it is time for hollywood to move inland. we not going to have any more movies soon because everyone will be sick.. and soon any movies we have will be about the time before fukushima when the pacific ocean was alive with life . the penguin church holed up in his parent guest room convinced the usa and the russians both to use a non-conventional weapons that has backfired as i warned they would .. and i warned that the backfires were becoming worse each time which indeed they did become much much more worse.

        SS: i am say again that i believe it is becoming time to consider evacuating the western usa and canada coastlines. the major world powers are going to have to put aside bullshiat interests long enough to deal with this catastrophe. fukushima needs to be stabilized. massive research is needed into radiation sciences to find a way to neutralize radioactive particles. this is a world wide emergency. if the obama admin will not step up and at least TRY then i believe we need raise a leader who will TRY. i am tell you a secret about bardo power and being tuned with “soul of earth” is to TRY . if you are tuned with “soul of earth” and you TRY then you will succeed.

        SS: 01-17-14 UPDATED: i believe what was detected on the california coast was likely radioactive bucky balls. they are coming in the main bulk of the radioactive wave is now arriving on the western usa coastline.. bucky balls travel 300 km’s inland from the sea through the air .

        SS: 01-27-14 UPDATE: more tests are now being done by citizen research finding radioactive beachs all up and down the west coast.. in the new surfer’s beach video below they are talking about “30” as the norm background radiation there.. they are talking in ‘counts per minute .. my geiger counter below reads in uSv/h .. that is the difference in the radiation detectors and the numbers they are talking .. here is a map of background radiation in uSv/h around the world ..

        SS: the reporter is standing just south of los angeles and he report the background radiation is twice normal.. basically that means los angeles beaches are twice normal radiation on jan 14.. and a crazy 370 cpm in san francisco .. this suggests the bucky balls have not yet arrives los angeles and san diego .. people in these areas were to leave the area now they could avoid the bucky balls that will accompany the radiation wave. the first sign has been seen further north in san francisco ..  i think leaving now while we get more readings this year is a wise move .. move inland at least more than 300km which is the range of airborne ‘bucky balls’ and hope it does not get worse as time progresses as some have been telling us.

        Fukushima radiation hits San Francisco! (Dec 2013) Published on Dec 24, 2013 This shocking video was taken December 23rd 2013 with a quality Geiger Counter south of Pacifica State Beach (Surfers Beach) California. Background radiation reading is 30 CPM. Near the ocean it’s 150 CPM. The moister coming from the ocean waves seems to be what makes the Geiger Counter jump up 5X. This is not normal at all. More thorough readings need to be done. Where is the useless government/media? Thanks to for originally publishing this video.

        Nuclear Power Plant Shows Less Radiation Levels Than Surfer’s Beach Jan 14, 2014 Infowars makes a shocking discovery as the radiation levels at Surfers Beach are found to be 7 times higher than one working nuclear power plant in Diablo Canyon and one decommissioned plant in Humbolt Bay.

        Radioactive buckyballs from Fukushima invade California beaches Sunday, June 17, 2012 The tiny, stout buckyballs – which resemble soccer balls – are said to have been formed when water hit the super-heated, primarily uranium-oxide, fuel in the damaged reactors at Fukushima. “In this goo buckyballs are formed, loaded with uranium and able to move quickly through water without disintegrating,” said the report.

        “Southern California is still getting hit by Fukushima radiation at alarmingly high levels that will inevitably increase as the main bulk of polluted Pacific Ocean water reaches North America over the next two years,” he asserted.

        A Radioactive Nightmare Scientific studies from the United Kingdom and Europe show that sea water infused with radiation of the sort spewing out of Fukushima can travel inland from the coast up to 300 kilometers. These mobile poisons include cesium-137 and plutonium-239, the latter with a half-life of 24,400 years.



          Of the New Secret Order Radiation Monitoring Station



          SS: today arrived a new research device for the secret order .. a mazur intruments prm 9000 gieger counter .. this gieger counter is more sensitive and therefore can be used to detect radiation in food .. goiwever it cannot be sent up in an air balloon. this is a ground only radiation detector. the secret order will now be taking radiation readings.

          SS: i am thinking that soon i will visit southern california, san diego and los angeles, to get radiation readings .. i will also be testing las vegas, however, due to circumstances i will be testing los angeles first and then sand diego .. i will taking readings within the city in at least two places, readings also from at least two beaches, sea water samples taken and tested, food samples taken and tested. i will be taking samples of rain water and testing . and then sometime next year i will return to those same places and take more samples and readings .

          SS: of course i will do this for las vegas and phoenix as well . we are going to get some real data and those who follow my blogs will know these readings.. this prm 900 can take readings over a period of time and upload to my pc or laptop so we can graph those readings and find the averages .. i am working on finding some other software beside using excel that is compatible with this radiation detector to plot more graphs. i have some homework to do to get my new radiation monitor station up and running.

          SS: we are going to get some real data and i won’t sweep anything under the rug. people who want to know the truth will know the truth . because i feel that if a person has the truth then they can make more informed decisions .. i think a person would not choose to live in a house if they knew their was abestos danger in that house. they might if they didn’t know but provided that they know have a more freedom to make informed decisions ..

          SS: i believe that fighting cancer starts long before a person ever gets cancer .. pretending like becoming profit for federal govy through taxes and them not paying u social security in exchange for u to suffer and become profit for healthcare and the cancer treatment centers is a good thing is how a low-iq pedophile thinks. i call it like i see it and i see a system that leads to darkness and death. and i don’t mean for the cancer victims either.

          SS: UPDATED 11-14-14: i have upgraded the radiation monitoring station with an additional ‘Inspector USB’ gieger counter with wipe test plate. I did this for accuracy and redundancy. Both of the radiation detectors come with internal ram so they can store data that can be uploaded to excel spreadsheets via usb cable. the ‘observer software’ seen on my laptop show’s real time data and is set to alarm at 100cpm (i am using mr/hr in the above but it still records cpm in the white box below). i think i have a reliable monitoring station now which i will use to gather data for my of the obama mahabharata catastrophes book..

          The GeigerGraph software is especially useful for monitoring environmental radiation, alerting you to any elevated levels relative to your typical background count.  The software issues an audible and visual alert whenever the CPM exceed a user set desired level.  For example, the picture below shows the program first monitoring background radiation, but then halfway through the test period, issuing a visual alert because some radioactive “event” caused the radiation counts to exceed the user set Alert Level of 100 CPM.

          GeigerGraph for Networks This program, which gives one access to the wildly popular Radiation Network, is a more powerful version of GeigerGraph, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share Radiation data in real time over the Internet, and to monitor that data through a Radiation Map and a series of Remote Graphs.  Here is a picture of the Main Screen, with detailed description below:




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