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Of the ‘Mountian of Spirits’ Lusi Sidoarjo Mud Volcano




SS: the new german theory has always been my theory that the earthquake caused the indonesian mud volcano eruption that has been ongoing for years .. eight full years now this mud volcano has been erupting .. this was the first original catastrophe caused by the use of mahabharata harmonics weapons caused damage to the earth’s core .. the weapons were being used during a very severe solar maximum that was causing earth’s core to heat up as the sun kept interacting heavily with the earth’s magnetosphere ..

SS: using the mahabharata weapons during this period caused the earth’s core to heat even more as subterranean crystal was melted down to the core. a giant super=plume of volcanic material developed under indonesia and the end results was this giant mud volcano suddenly erupting all the time and an active region of volcanos and earthquakes erupting near super-volcanoe toba. i have theorized in the past that the mud-volcanoe is connected with toba and the super-plume that has developed under indonesia.

SS: this mud volcano and indonesian plume all happened before year 2007.. the backfire effects caused by the use of mahabharata harmonic earthquake weapons was proven at this point. this is important point because it shows that i had already proven that the use of mahabharata harmonics earthquakes weapons backfired into catastrophes long before the pedophile penguin church had told everyone it was ok to use them on his behalf and caused a catstrophe in the gulf region of the usa and a catastrophe in japan. both catastrophes did not have to happen.

Indonesia Volcano: These ‘Humbling’ Pictures Show The ‘Mountain of Spirits’ Erupting  31/05/14 This is the incredible and “humbling” moment a massive plume of ash spewed an estimated 12 miles into the sky as a volcano erupted in Indonesia.

New study ignites debate over Indonesia’s mud volcano Jul 22, 2013 The new research, by a team led by Stephen Miller at the University of Bonn in Germany, suggests the eruption was caused by the 6.3-magnitude earthquake that occurred two days earlier near Yogyakarta. “We conclude that the Lusi mud eruption was a natural occurrence,” they write. Even though the two events were some 250 kilometres (125 miles) apart, the rock formation at Sidoarjo has a shape and structure that acted rather like a lens, amplifying and focussing the wave of seismic energy from Yogyakarta, according to their computer model. The jolt of energy would have liquefied the source of the mud, causing it to be injected into a fault connected with a deep hydrothermal system. This superheated blowout feeds the eruption today, goes their theory.

Australian airlines forced to cancel flights due to a volcanic ash cloud from Indonesia’s Sangeang Api volcano resumed flying on Sunday as the plume cleared. Manager of the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre Emile Jansons told Reuters, that “With the volcano continuing to erupt, we can still see a significant amount of ash around the volcano at the moment.” Jansons said, the volcano is sustaining an weak eruption and the ash cloud above it is reaching just 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) above sea level, compared to 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) on Friday. (Wochit)

Statues, called “Survivors” created by Indonesian artist Dadang Christanto, are erected at the site that has been overwhelmed by mud oozing from a mud volcano, in Porong, East Java, Indonesia, Thursday, May 29, 2014. The statues were installed to commemorate the 8th year since the mud volcano began erupting which some scientists blamed on oil and gas exploration company Lapindo that was drilling near the source. The mud has displaced villages and forced the evacuation of thousands. (AP Photo/Trisnadi)


    Indonesian Mud Volcano Continues Fourth Year



    mud volcano in indonesia continues to expand as it reaches it’s fourth consecutive year .. they say it was caused by drilling but i am not convinced .. there was an earthquake nearby the day before the accident and the whole region was very active with volcanos erupting .. i think it may be part of the new super plume pushing up in the indonesian region . i will update this blog with the mud volcano research page soon . here is the first update webpage of the earthquake that occurred in the active indonesian region in 2006 just before the accident. here is the second update which is the indonesian mud volcano research page .

    Indonesia mud volcano still spewing sludge four years later 2010-05-28 13:45 PORONG, May 28 (AFP) – Four years after it erupted from the well of a gas company linked to one of Indonesia’s richest men, the mud volcano known as “Lusi” is still spewing its toxic sludge over Java’s countryside. All attempts to plug the geyser have failed and new spouts are opening up, threatening to destroy more villages, homes and livelihoods in the East Java district of Sidoarjo. The mud lake is so huge — seven square kilometres (almost three square miles) and 20 metres (66 feet) thick — it is now visible from space, and geologists say “Lusi” could continue gushing sludge for centuries.

    An aerial view of the Lapindo mud volcano and the mud it has spewed in proximity to surrounding villages in Porong, Sidoarjo district, on East Java. (Photo courtesy: AFP)

    An aerial view of the Lapindo mud volcano and the mud it has spewed in Porong, Sidoarjo district, on East Java. (Photo courtesy: AFP)


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