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Ancient Greeks Saw Comet Halley between 466 and 468 BC

Ancient Greeks spotted Halley’s comet 09 September 2010 A CELESTIAL event in the 5th century BC could be the earliest documented sighting of Halley’s comet – and it marked a turning point in the history of astronomy. According to ancient authors, from Aristotle onwards, a meteorite the size of a “wagonload” crashed into northern Greece sometime between 466 and 468 BC. The impact shocked the local population and the rock became a tourist attraction for 500 years. The accounts describe a comet in the sky when the meteorite fell. This has received little attention, but the timing corresponds to an expected pass of Halley’s comet, which is visible from Earth every 75 years or so.

SS: this article shows that the ancients were watching comets long before jesus was supposedly born .. of course we already knew that because the saqqara pyramids were built 2667 – 2648 BC and these were the first to have recorded on their walls regarding the pyramid builders .. the ancient egyptians called the comets ” bulls of the sky “:

” Hail to you, you four winds of the sky, the bulls of the sky! I tell you your names, the names which I give to you! I know that you were brought to birth and that you came into being before men were born or gods existed, before the birds were trapped or the cattle lassoed, before there were bound up the jaws of Mtrt, daughter of the Morning Star, before there was created the need for any quarryman of sky or earth. ” — Pyramid Texts

SS: well the ” bulls of the sky ” were here before the gods of men because they were in existence when the sun was not even yet a sun but still a protostar . because these comets were in orbit around the protostar and did not get pushed out to where they are until the protostar ignited into our sun .  this was long before the gods of this world were even a thoughform .

SS: we saw in a previous blog that it is the astral light that causes universes,  galaxies and solar systems to form . these bulls of the sky are also the astral light because it has different forms . below is a map depicting how the ancient mayans would have seen comet halley during one of it’s apparitions even before the greeks above .. click the map to get the full view .

    of the horse mounts of the hartley teardrop ..

    SS: my previous blog was so big that i left out some of the starmaps which can be seen in the hartley rose and cross teardrop research page . however these white horses are a very important part of the hartley tear drop . the reason being is because hartley entered through pagasus and will exit through monoceros the unicorn . why is it so important ?? well because at it’s peak hartley will rendezvous with the moon in the orion stagte region . this is precision timing of both these objects meeting at the same time in the orion stargate .

    SS: the pegasus come from the greek myth regarding persues and the slaying of the medusa head in which from the neck sprang pegasus .. algol in perseus is also known as ” queens eye ” . now the father of greek myth is Hermes and Hermes is the same person as THOTH .. so the multiple gods myths trace back to the egyptians .

    SS: the recent CLASH of the TITANS movie ( click link to see trailer ) released during previous O2 beestinger was closest to ” queens eye ” shows the pegasus myth ..

    hartley entered through pegasus

    hartley and moon in orion stargate

    hartley and moon inside the orion stargate

    SS: anytime we see a star and the moon this is the silver star . the orion stargate is the upright torch of the lightbringer lightbearer, the astral light . the astral light is attributed to the moon and venus, or the moon and star . these ” bulls of the sky ” always cross the ecliptic and when they do the moon always rendevous precision timing like we saw in july the beestinger arrive precision timing to be just left of the sun during the easter island eclipse .

    hartley leaves through monoceros the unicorn

    Mounted Samurai
    Only high-ranking samurai warriors were allowed to fight on horse-back. more on Mounted Samurai here.

    SS: according to the pyramid texts found in the walls of the unas and teti pyramids at saqqara the pyramid builders manifest once every 26,000 years cycle, this is also found on the egyptian beehive crown narmer plate . when the pyramid builders manifest a soul descends into them . these souls are called astral light loas and they mount . some egyptian pharoahs were known to have more than one soul and unas was one of these . there are macro wasphive pyramid builders and micro beehive pyramid builders . and together these rebuild atlantis .

    Shall such high purpose fail of emulation, such achievement and example not excite us to like striving? Then let Earth fall indeed from her high place in heaven, and mankind be outcast forever from the Sun! Men of Earth! Seek out the heirs of Atlas; let them order you into a phalanx, let them build you into a pyramid; that may pierce that appointed which awaits you, to establish a new dynasty of Atlanteans to be the mainstay and mainspring of the Earth, the pioneers of their own path to heaven, and to our lord and Father, the Sun! And he put his hand upon his thigh, and swore it. — liber li by A.’.A.’.

    SS: in 2002 a super nova exploded in monceros and created this rose supernova. this is star v838, i have more data archived and will add more about this supernova soon .

      NEW RESEARCH – Are All Religions Really the Same Religion ??

      The text above the three heads of the gigantic winged serpent reads:

      netjer oa up djenehuii sab shut

      The gigantic (serpent) god which opens left and right wings, dappled of feather.

      SS: Seperate Religions Research Page: this is a new work in progress. we will begin to expose the fraud that all religions are the same one religion. this is not TRUTH. because we know that christianity teaches ONE GOD. it is the first commandment. other religions teach there are MULTIPLE GODS and that there is a path for man to become an Immortal GOD. there is a clear seperation between religions and this research will go into the detail of the sciences to prove this fact. i will update this page all day today since it is my project atm. and we will bring this page back to the front when it is updated . i have also added a link to the links because this is a work in progress and will become very complex as we expose the FRAUD. the problem is that we have those who actually spread deception and lies and make claims that are simply not the TRUTH . this research will begin to expose this FRAUD .

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