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Of the Venusian Rare White Whale Calf



SS: ok now this is synchronicity right here .. i see this a lot so i am not surprised by it ..two days before the venus occultation there was a dead whale found in the occultation path, and now two days after the venus occultation we find a very rare white albino whale .. in fact the only other albino whale i am currently aware is near australia and is protected.. and this one is just a baby calf . it should be watched and protected . fines should be levied against those who harass the white whales.

SS: this is another reflections and shows how the astral light is neutral .. on one hand we saw a dead right whale but now we see a newly born rare albino calf whale .. depending on ones alignment the astral light could be a bad omen, or if tuned with ” soul of earth ” it could be a good omen . i have always said that the secret order is neutral and will utilize both sides of the pole to achieve objectives .. this is the dual nature of the astral light as it is non-polarized singularity that is polarized by the etheric . the moon is the reflection of the astral light venus.

SS: i think there is also something to learn, that sometime we must wait to see how something develops to get the full picture than to jump immediate conclusions what is happening . i notice that some are better at this than some others .. . click the map below for the full view:

The Sphere of Space and The-Lord-Of-Wind (Vayu): Between the earth and the sky , abode of the sun, in the intermediary sphere, or sphere of space. the dwelling place of the subtle beings whose king is the lord of the wind, Vaya. Just as fire, the devourer, was the mouth of the gods, wind is their breath. In the Upanishads, Vayu appears as the cosmic life breath, The Mahabharata calls him the life breath of the world, the universal “spirit”, impeeler of life and of the living. Vayu is also the substance and the essence of speech.  The name vayu comes from the root va “to blow”.

Vayu is the purifier, the first to have drunk the ambrosia, the soma. He is an explorer, the messenger of the gods, the leader of sacrifices. Vayu is also called the “wanderer” (Vata), “the one without whom one dies” (Marut), “the one by whom one lives” (Anila), “the cleanser” (Pavana). In the Vedas Vayu is the friend of Indra, the thunderbolt,  and ride with him in a chariot of gold which is drawn  by a thousand horses and which can reach the sky. Vayu is pictured as a strong and powerful white man riding a deer. He holds a bow and arrows. All his attributes are white. Vayu is the father of the hero Bhima and of the monkey Hanuman. He is the king of the celestial musicians.

A rare albino Southern Right Whale calf (L) surfaces next its mother off the coast of the Valdez Peninsula in Argentina’s Patagonia region, September 13, 2010. REUTERS/Maxi Onas (ARGENTINA – Tags: ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT)

A couple watches a rare albino Southern Right Whale calf off the coast of the Valdez Peninsula in Argentina’s Patagonia region September 13, 2010. REUTERS/Maxi Onas (ARGENTINA – Tags: ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT)


    Dead Whale in Venus Occultation Path

    VENUS AND THE MOON: Around the world on Sept. 11th, sky watchers marveled as Venus and the Moon converged for a beautiful close encounter. In South Africa, it was a full-fledged occultation. “The Moon passed directly in front of Venus, completely covering the planet,” reports Kerneels Mulder.

    SS: the moon and venus are attributed to the astral light .. there was an occultation of venus in virgo . above is an image taken from giza plateau of the moon and venus, see all the images here. click the starmap below for full view:

    SS: a dying whale was seen right in the occultation path . this does not seem to be a very good omen . see a map of the occultation path here .. due to connection to astral light i am thinking this may be connected with the approaching hartley tear drop .. click map below to see full view:

    A dying southern right whale lies off Itapiruba Sul beach after efforts to help it back out to sea were suspended, in Santa Catarina state September 9, 2010. Workers from the Projeto Baleia Franca, or Southern Right Whale Project, suspended the attempt to refloat the whale, which measures nearly 16 meters (52.5 feet) and weighs between 40 and 50 tonnes, after veterinarians declared it in a state of shock with its health rapidly deteriorating, according to the organization. REUTERS/Projeto Baleia Franca/Handout (BRAZIL – Tags: ENVIRONMENT ANIMALS)

      Lunar Occultation of Venus

      LUNAR OCCULTATION: Yesterday, sky watchers in parts of Africa, the Middle East, India and southeast Asia witnessed a spectacular lunar occultation of Venus. “People were awestruck and ‘frozen to their feet’ at the park where we watched the event,” reports Armando Lee of San Miguel by the Bay, the Philippines. He took this picture using a Canon 350D at the prime focus of a 5-inch Orion telescope:

      Venus disappeared for more than 40 minutes behind the lunar disk, but the long absence wasn’t the attraction. It was the transitions into and out of eclipse that really impressed onlookers. “Ingress looked like a diamond ring – Tiffany style – while egress looked like an eruption on the crescent Moon!” says Lee.

      ss: i will see if i can update this with a skymap soon.. kinda been busy lately so maybe i can if i get some extra time. it is always good to know where in the sky the event occurred .

      The planet Venus is visible on top of the Moon over Quezon City, north of Manila, Philippines on Sunday, May 16, 2010. The rare occurrence is called the Venus planetary occultation by the thin crescent Moon. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

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